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Debbie a cheating hotwife

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I was fucked, cucked and shared as often as possible and frequently between my singular relationship with each young man, especially by my husband’s cousin, Rex.

I am Debbie M. I am a secret hotwife. During the time of my husbands, (at the time, my boyfriend), kinky ways I was convinced by Shane (my husbands’ middle name), to let his two best friends in college (Sam and Rex), and his cousin from Missouri, Trig, to fuck me, at first, only when we were all together in his dorm room, for three years, and after six months in the first year Shane wanted me to be a fuck buddy for each of them, which I did reluctantly until it became common place and regular for me. I was fucked, cucked and shared as often as possible and frequently between my singular relationship with each young man, especially by my husband’s cousin, Rex.
I dated and shared my sexuality with four young men, daily, and as often as possible, the lines between who my actual boyfriend was, were blurred. I developed feelings for all of them, but could never admit my true feelings for them to Shane, because of his unrestrained jealousy, where he would fuck me in his rape fantasies, while he had me repeat how I wanted to be fucked by each of his friends, as I said there names as he mercilessly raped me, I loved it immensely, but he would constantly contradict himself, both sexually, and emotionally. Shane begged me to let his friends fuck me, it was Shane that begged me to become a “fuck buddy” for his friends while developing relationships with them to become a girlfriend to each of them, including his young cousin, Rex. Nevertheless, I acquiesced to his will, after graduation and after Shane’s graduation, he proposed and I said, “yes.” I still had three years to go until I finished college, so that means that I had been a shared girlfriend since the 10th grade, being fucked repeatedly and regularly by four men, while still being shared by even more of their friends, within my individual relationships with each lover as they would use me to pleasure, individually, each of their own personal friends, meaning that I had been used and fucked by over 34 men regularly, from month to month for three years. Understanding my situation and also appreciating my situation, I would like the readers to understand a little about the history of why I’m a cheating hotwife.
I loved and still love my husband, but he allowed me to have a very loose sex life with his family member and a few of his buddies, it is obvious, as Rex would point out to me one night, that I would become accustomed, if not addicted to having sex frequently, and by many men, not just one man, and he was right. I accepted my boyfriends’ engagement, but continued to let Rex fuck me, as we never stopped dating and being fuck buddies. Shane moved in with his parents and began to save money, as he worked in our nearby, local city, I won’t say where. I was accepted to the same university, and lived in the girls dorm of Tandy Hall, and was assigned a perfect room in the left hall, of the Mezzanine, where I was never disturbed, intruded upon or spied on by other students, so Rex and I practically lived together seven days a week, and continued our personal arrangement of being his shared girlfriend, so most of his friends would fuck me as a whore, not as a girlfriend, so I was used and shared and never developed feelings for any of them, because I never dated any of them privately. I saw Shane only two or three times a month, and spent all of my vacation and holidays with him, but by the time Rex left to get an amazing job, in a close by state, he set up a weekend orgy for me where 6 college boys had access to my mouth,pussy and ass, at will. It was beautiful and amazing and one of the most memorable sexual interludes of my life. Rex convinced me to date until I find a young man that I liked emotionally and was extremely sexually attracted to. I cried at the loss of him, because I grew to love him, because he was the first lover I’d ever lived with, cooked for, bathe with and cared for as a husband and it lasted for two constant years, I loved and still love him, so I did cry, but I agreed, to please him, and said, ” I’ll date and find someone, if you tell me that it turns you on, but you have to say it, you have to tell me that it turns you on and that I should be a whore for you.” He gave me a long and a well respected answer, that comforted me, as we both agreed for me to play the role of a whore for him, as he and I would spend the next two days choosing my lover. I chose quickly, as I saw a young black student, that I thought was on the football team, but was actually a track star, he was gorgeous and I expressed my lust for him to Rex, he smiled and agreed.
It took three months for me to seduce Brian, the black track star, he was 6′ 6″ and looked like an Adonis, I on the other hand, am a 163 lb, 5′ 2″ white woman and at the time super curvy and was more of a super Pawg, a white girl with the body of a Latin woman (I’m still super curvy, but with less weight). Brian and I developed a public friendship, and a secret love affair. Brian, was a gentleman and still is, but because of the racial separation at the university, he wasn’t comfortable about having a public relationship with me, so that’s why we were private. I exclusively dated Brian and slept with him for two and a half more years, as Rex had to move to Europe and Shane had to travel between NYC, Chicago and Dallas. Shane and I spoke every week, as I lied to him about my fidelity, and no longer spent holidays or vacations with him, due to his constant traveling, which overlapped my school schedule. I would tell Brian after a few months the truth about me, in every honest detail. He was a little jealous but turned on. Brian was the best lover I ever had, and he fucked me for hours, and pleased me sexually, to full completion. I learned to squirt, to love anal, and enjoy to full meaning of why men feel the way they do, sexually, about the woman they love, and I was floored, because most women don’t feel the same way or think the same way about those things.
Brian and I have an amazing love affair, but he married a racially mixed black girl from our university, I won’t write her name, she is half Japanese and extremely beautiful and sexy, but doesn’t have my full bodied curves, which is his sexual preference both visually and sexually. I was devastated after his acknowledgement of her, but I had, at one time, everyone fucking me, and I was promised marriage to another man, so I understood that he needed to have a life with a woman that was all his, and not being shared. Through my ignorance and slight racism, I really thought that blacks were more sexual, more kinky and more sexually promiscuous, but I was so, so, so wrong! Brian and I fucked constantly, but he was more moral and ethical about our sex life, in every way. Nevertheless, we both married other people, and he has three boys with his wife and I’ve had no luck in having children. My marriage is lacking, as my husband is usually away and has, over the last 6 years, impregnated three women and has 4 children by them. We’ve worked through his infidelities, but I decided to keep my past infidelities to myself, because I know that he would justify his infidelities because of me, so I just keep everything to myself, and since the first month of telling me about the birth of his last child, only because his lover gave the house a call and I answered, I decided to seek out Brian and reconnect as lovers, and if not, at least as friends. Brian’s marriage was lacking and he admitted that I was his preference in many ways, but he wouldn’t cheat on his wife, so we began a two month friendship, as he advised me to be as faithful as I could be to Shane, and that I should sleep with Rex because he was already familiar with the situation and he was already a former lover, and I should do it only if I couldn’t wait or couldn’t control my sex drive.
I did start seeing Rex again, and we fucked, and fucked and fucked. He started visiting us at every barbecue, and every family function and we sneaked away to enjoy each other. We got an apartment together just outside of town, actually four towns away where we got back to our past sexual proclivities. In 2014 to 2016 Rex and I picked up where we left off and he was fucking me like a prisoner just released from jail. Rex didn’t share me because of time, as his wife began to demand more time from him, but during that time Brian stepped in without missing a step, as his wife was moody and would deny him sex, often. His wife never did anal, and said that she would never do it, and to hammer the nail in the coffin he hadn’t had sex in 8 months, plus he complained about being the only one asking for sex, so when he called me, we spoke for over two hours on the phone, I eventually invited him over and we spent the night making love, when he expressed his love for me and I to him. We started our affair that night and have never stopped. I’ve kept my extra apartment and I’ve given Brian every sexual fantasy, even ones that he’s never had before. We date as boyfriend and girlfriend, we act as husband and wife where we even wear wedding rings. I’ve been his whore, his prostitute, his daughter where I call him daddy. He gets his regular dose of anal from me, daily. I talk dirty to him as a regular form of our conversation, so he never has to ask his wife for sex again, which he hasn’t done from the time he’s been back with me. I am a submissive and love to please my men, I get off on it, and it fulfills me sexually. Brian’s gift from me, the weekend of his birthday, was a surprise lesbian show for him, with a Tinder date, who was a 19 year old married freshman girl, who got married on her eighteenth birthday but secretly hid her bisexuality from her husband, but needed her itch scratched from time to time. This started a permanent kink for him to see, as I ate pussy like a real lesbian. She was a regular for me, and since we lived close to each other, we began to see each other as a couple and we would date for all of 2016 until Brian and Tammy talked about expanding my bisexuality to new heights, so since I preferred being a bottom girl, we started having weekend lesbian orgies regularly as Brian was asked to participate and I agreed, and he became the only man, getting as much lesbian pussy as only most lesbians get. Brian was happy, and really learned to enjoy being a bad boy with me and my girlfriends. So he changed a lot, sexually, and I get all the rough sex I can handle. I don’t have to beg Shane to fuck anymore, I just leave it alone, and Brian no longer asks his wife for sex, and when she asks him, he often turns her down, just to get back at her, I love it!
I enjoy being Brian’s lesbian girlfriend, it’s a new step for me that I’ve enjoyed till this very day. It’s something that we’ve decided to never give up, and it’s a regular part of our sex life. Tammy has since moved to another state but still comes to visit from time to time, however, I am always tongue deep in pussy for my baby, so he can watch how much of a whore I can be for him. I’ve even found a young 18 year old lesbian, who’s into bestiality with her two dogs, as she’s allowed them to fuck her since she was fourteen. I was into her as a recent convert to my own bisexuality, she is tall, curvy and a sexual dynamite with endless energy, and she really turns me on as she stares into my eyes while tongue fucking me, she’s a sexual goddess. We devour each other daily and she and Brian fuck constantly, it’s an on going affair and I’m enjoying my new found lesbianism, while having a man to fuck on the side.
Anyway, Shane has fucked me 4 times in four years, Brian has fucked his wife twice. I know that Shane is fucking two other women, for sure, so I don’t mind because I have Brian and he’s given me the kinkiness and love that I need, plus, I’ve finally gotten symptoms of pregnancy, after riding Brians’ 13″ cock and yes, his cock is unusually large and thick. I have lots to write about and will give updates if people respond, thanks for reading.

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    I enjoyed reading your story. Great Life.

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    Loved it I could do that
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    This is really interesting,and puts me really in the mood

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    Now that’s hot πŸ”₯ πŸ”₯! Need more of your story and the lesbian dog fucker!

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    This brought back so many memories of my life and my wife (Debbie) some good some bad, nice still.

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    Well Debbie that is great but your story I would really love to know her you still looking for you so make a beautiful woman I would love to go to the greatest really love To hear from you my cock is so fucking hard thinking of you as a fucking whore or a prostitute

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    isnt that wow , i like it

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    Oh my god, this is partially my life, I love your story, it’s definitely my truth, the only thing that is different is that I’m fucking my husband’s youngest brother Brad and his buddy from New Jersey regularly for the past two years and they are both white, but pretty much everything else is the same, WOW, it’s like you stepped into my life. Oh is Rex or Trig your husband’s cousin?

    • Anonymous ID:11av8zgx49j

      Thanks for the hit. I made a mistake during my corrections and forgot to change the names, I am very sorry to you and anyone else who reads it, but Rex is my husbands’ cousin and Trig was one of his best friends in college, so in the beginning of the first paragraph I screwed up, so sorry. I am going to journal a few of my experiences with Brian and Rex over the next few weeks when I have the time.