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My daughter’s First Bra

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Yesterday, I took my darling daughter, Lexi to get her first fitted bra, she just turned 11 a week ago.

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It was with some excitement on both our parts, that I took her into town after school to the lingerie store, I favored (Victoria Secrets no less) for her fitting.

I had already made an appointment with my favorite assistant a few days ago, a lovely young woman named Anna, who usually served me when I was shopping for sexy underwear. She had a warm and friendly manner about her, which seemed to ease Lexi a bit as she showed us into her spacious cubicle.

“Now then Lexi, I need you to strip down to the waist please,” Anna said to my daughter, and with a reassuring smile from me she did so. Removing her blouse and training bra to bare her upper body to us. As I placed her clothes neatly on the bench seat, I admired her blossoming young body, her breasts were perky and pert and topped with quarter sized areolas with pink nipples.

“Oh yes, my dear,” Anna said and smiled as she looked at my daughters golden-tan chest, “You’re well past training bras now; I’d say at a guess you are a 32 A.”

“The other girls will be so jealous!” Lexi chuckled, “Nobody else is that big yet.”

“It was the same when I was your age,” I chuckled, as I watched Anna unroll her tape measure, “All the girls wanted to develop breasts and I beat them all to it!”

“It’s a rite of passage, and clear proof that you’re not a little girl anymore,” Anna said, as she got Lexi to lift her arms up in the air as she started to measure her, “It’s the desire to say to the world look at me, I’m a woman.”

At first, I thought it was my imagination, but as Anna talked away, I could see that she wasn’t just measuring my daughters’ perky little tits, she was copping a feel too! Her fingers were stroking the soft smooth flesh and teasing Lexi’s nipples, and I could clearly see that Lexi was enjoying it. She was breathing harder, and she was starting to fidget as Anna became more brazen about what she was doing.

Then Anna was standing behind Lexi, whose arms were back down, and she was looking at me boldly as she was reaching around and openly playing with my daughter’s tits. It was one of the hottest things I had ever seen!

“For a girl so, young you seem to have very sensitive nipples,” she murmured into Lexi’s ear, “Does this make you hot and itchy down there?”

“Yessssss….” my darling daughter sighed, as Anna rolled her nipples between her fingers, making them swell and harden, as Anna maintained eye contact with me; I felt rooted to my seat and unable to tell Anna to stop what she was doing. I’ve never had any sexual feelings towards Lexi before, and I hadn’t thought about lesbian sex in years, but this was making me hot and itchy too.

“I can help you with that,” Anna softly moaned into Lexi’s ear, and I watched as her right hand slid down my daughter’s tummy, then inside the waistband of her skirt. My little girl moaned loudly and closed her eyes as Anna’s hand clearly found its target inside her panties. With her free hand, Anna deftly undid Lexi’s skirt, and I watched in amazement as it slid to the floor around her ankles, giving me a clear view of her hand moving inside my daughter’s pretty pink panties.

I was frozen to my seat as I watched this woman masturbate my 11-year-old daughter, and I shivered with lust and shame as I realized that I wanted to see Anna’s fingers in Lexi’s pussy. I wanted to see my daughter’s little slit getting all red and slippery! It was not to be though, as my daughter’s cotton panties obscured the view, but I could clearly see that Anna’s middle finger kept slipping up inside her, and my pussy juices were starting to soak through my thong.

“I want you to come for me Lexi,” Anna softly said to my daughter, as she held her tight and fingered her. “Just let go and come for me sweetheart.” Lexi was whimpering and shaking with pent-up pleasure as Anna expertly fingered her little pussy to the point of no return, and there not two feet from me. I witnessed my little angel being given an orgasm, a veritable knee-trembler, “Ooooohh My… Yesssss… Mmmmoooohh” as she tried to muffle her cries of joy,

I watched in silent awe as Anna let Lexi come back down from that glorious peak, before pulling her hand from her panties and sitting her down on the bench next to me.

“Rest and recover while I sort your mother out,” Anna told her, before moving to stand in front of me, holding out her hand. The one with the glistening wet sticky fingers. As if under a spell, I opened my mouth and let Anna slip those fingers between my lips, waiting while I licked and sucked my daughter’s pre-teen juices from them. I felt ashamed at what I was doing, but at the same time I felt wonderfully naughty, dirty and excited, causing visions of Lexi and myself 69ing to fill my mind and make me moan.

Anna dropped to her knees between my legs, and smiled at me, as she pulled my skirt right up to expose my sodden thong stretched over my shaven mound. I groaned with pleasure, as she rubbed my pussy through the wet material, finding my rock-hard clit. I was fully aware that my young daughter was sitting right beside to me, and was watching everything with great interest… it all just made me even hornier.

As Anna dropped her face to my crotch, I spread my legs as wide as I could, wanting her to have the best possible access to my drooling cunt. I was playing with my tits through my top, as Anna pulled my thong away from my slit and lapped at it broadly. Making me gasp with pleasure, and my darling daughter gasp with delight… she was really enjoying the show!

Anna was clearly a pro at eating pussy… if her treatment of mine was anything to go by. I was soon quivering and moaning as she licked and sucked on my pussy-lips and clit, licking up my copious juices as they oozed from me. My daughter had her hand in her panties, and was slowly pleasuring herself as she watched her me being eaten out. Then it dawned on me, that those evil thoughts I was having, might actually come to fruition… God, I was fantasizing of having sex with my own daughter!

I was getting wetter and wetter, and I could feel my orgasm quickening; Anna knew what was coming, and as she thrust two fingers up my cunt, she sucked and chewed on my clitty. I was doing my best to keep my cries and gasps of pleasure as quiet as possible, but it was hard, as this was clearly going to be the best come, I’d had in a long time!

Lexi came to the rescue in an unexpected way; she moved in close to me, pulled my face to hers and sealed her lips to mine in an intense kiss! Well, I came; oh boy I came! Lexi had her tongue in my mouth as my pulsating pussy muscles gripped Anna’s invading fingers, and my swollen clit throbbed between her lips as I struggled to breath, I was caught between the two of them as I wildly climaxed.

When at last I was spent, and Lexi broke away from me, Anna rose from between my thighs, smiling as she wiped my juices from her lips, this time offering her sticky fingers to my daughter. I watched with lust, as Lexi eagerly and happily sucked her own mom’s cum from those fingers, and I knew that this was but a foretaste of things to come, so to speak. The three of us didn’t say too much over the next few minutes, as we sorted ourselves out and made ourselves more presentable before stepping back out into the shop.

We all spent the next ten of fifteen minutes having a great time choosing not only ordinary underwear and bras for Lexi, but also buying her (and myself) some very erotic and sexy lingerie, because we both knew what we’d be doing later on. I gave Anna a large tip for her outstanding work, and in return, I got her phone number. I Promised her that I would be calling to arrange a home visit, so that she could see Lexi in her new undies… and out of them too.

THE END…. or maybe not
Comments and feedback are always appreciated.

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    Jessy I marvel at how visual your writing is. I loved that sexy Anna was the catalyst for bringing daughter and mother to cunt crushing climaxes.

    I loved your disclaimer, please count me as a super fan of your writing, which makes me, a “Morally Deprived Pervert of the Highest Order or a MDPHO!

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      She must be well developed for her age…. they are so unaware of their sexuality at that age… so pliant and available for the right sister to show her what pleasure is all about… what a good sister you are.

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      [email protected]

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