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My Coach rapes me

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Coach(32) had his way with Me(12) in the schools locker room after soccer practice

So this happened about 3 ago I was about 12 and I used to go to soccer practice during the day my coach was really touchy he was about 32, he liked to watch us change he made us all get naked in front of him because he wanted to see if we were men yet and sometimes I’d see him smelling our underwear i never said anything because I wanted to be his favorite player

So it was one afternoon we had just finished practice and we were all running into the locker room I was the last on and coach was behind me as I’m running in he grabs me by my waist and and hotdogs his cock in between my ass cheeks

I looked at him and he says it was an accident I said it was ok and ran into the showers at the school we went too the shower room was divided into smaller separate shower rooms with a shower, toilet, sink, door and the door even had a lock

The coach was the only one who had a key to open our shower doors sometimes without warning he’d open our shower doors and stand there and watch us shower and talk a bit this time was different he went around and told all the boys to leave 30 minutes early but he didn’t tell me I was still in the shower when I realized I was alone

I told myself that I’d finish the shower and leave and I was soaping you my body the coach open my shower door and walks in and says that he must have forgotten to tell me that class ended early I was embarrassed because I was getting hard and I tried to hide it but I couldn’t he said that “it was normal for young boys” and said that “I shouldn’t be embarrassed” then he said “see I’ll even pull mine out to make you more comfortable” I was about to say it was ok but then he pulls out he’s almost 10 inch cock

He wasn’t even completely hard it was swinging in front of my face I wanted it so bad he started to say that I was his favorite player and that he liked watching me shower and that he loved smelling my underwear he walked over to me and got under the water his dick was literally hanging on my shoulder

I was soft but hard at the same time, hot and dripping pre-nut I was getting on my chest I went to wash it off and he said “let me do it” he then started to rub my chest he got down on his knees and started to rinse me off he was tall so when he was on his knees we were almost face to face he we locked eyes then he started to kiss me I pushed him away and tried to run but he held me by my waist and threw me into the wall

He got up and locked the shower door I was still on the floor and he picked me up and put me on the toilet on my back so my head was hanging of the side he said “ whatever happens to you is your fault” and that I was a fag for getting hard with another guy he then shoved his cock in my throat all of it I felt it deep in my chest and he raped my throat in and out it was so hard and hot I couldn’t breathe but he didn’t care after what felt like forever he came into my throat I felt his hot load pour into my stomach it was salty and musty I was so scared

At that same time my aunt was calling me since I lived with her she used to pick me up she said that she had to get out of town and asked my coach if I could stay with him for a while he looked at me and said yeah he hung up and I got off the toilet and got dressed we walked out into the parking lot it was empty except Coaches van I tried to run but he grabbed my foot and I fell face first onto the floor he started to drag me into the back of his car car as I was screaming and crying he got into the drivers seat and slammed to door he looked at me and said “don’t try anything funny you heard your aunt your my fag for the week” I was till crying but I soon fell asleep

I woke up in a bed my arms and legs were tied up to the bed posts and I started scream
Coach ran in and put a ball gag in my mouth so I couldn’t say anything he said that i was his bitch he got under me and started to eat my ass I hadn’t had a good shower so It was still smelly but he was eating it up

He got a bottle of lube and poured it on to his hand and started to rub around my hole I was so tight and without warning he shoved his entire fist into me I tried to scream but it was muffled he started to go in and out he pulled his fist out and let my hole get tight again he pulled his hard cock out

It was way bigger that before he started to press the tip on my hole and after some force he got it in the he shoved his entire cock in me to the point where I felt his Pubes on my ass and I could see a bulge in my stomach it hurt so bad I thought I was gonna die he started to thrust in my pumping it in and out I started to degrade me and slap me he picked up the pace faster and faster his hard cock was so big in my tight 12 year old hole and then he started to groan and I felt something hot fill me up he pulled out and his hot nut was still pouring out of his dick it got all over my chest and my face and I felt it pour out of my hole we were both breathing heavily he called me a cum slut fag and took the gag out I was still crying he got a cup and fingered all the cum out of my hole and he put it into him mouth then kissed me and stop it into my mouth and made me swallow his nut he grabbed my underwear and started to clean me from all the cum and rubbed his cock on the underwear to clean it then he start to piss in me it was warm and smelled and soaked my underwear in the piss he put it on me and for the next couple days the throat and hole fuck me filling me with this seed I didn’t eat anything other then his cum and piss and he would make me smell his old underwear for hours on end he’d fill me with this hot nut

After a couple days I went back home before I left his house he filled me with his nut in both holes then said that if I ever told anyone he’d kick me off the team

Every day after practice he’d rape me in the shower room in the floor and leave me covered in seed and piss I left that same summer and I heard that he still raped the kids in that class

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  • Reply Jenny lee

    I was a cheer leader back in school and was sexually assaulted by a couple boys from the foot ball team .

    • M. Lovdahl

      Did you enjoy being used like that . Now that some time has passed. And miss being used like that now

    • Hema


    • Lurker

      You should tell your story

  • Reply Lurker

    And how many other older guys have taken you like the slut you are

    • LilCumSlut

      Dozens he used to let the other coaches and some of my teammates dads gangbang me in his office

    • Dannnnn

      Amazing! Surprised you didn’t get pregnant!

    • LilCumSlut

      Yeah I was so young that I didn’t know guys couldn’t get pregnant and I was so scared I would have their babies , I have lost of stories about me being used don’t know if I should post them some of them are very inappropriate and graphic

    • AP

      LilCumSlut, this site seems to have the bar set pretty low for what is ‘inappropriate’.
      I’d say post as many stories as you care to and make them as graphic as you want.
      I’ve found one of the best ways to deal with these kind of expereinces is not to hide them or hide from them but to face them and expose them, getting into the details as graphically as you can manage, especially how it felt both mentally and physically.
      By going back in your mind and sharing them with others in a safe way, you’ll find that these experiences don’t have any power over you and actually you can build from them, becoming happier and less inhibited.
      Plus, a lot of purvs will get off to it too.

    • LilCumSlut

      Yeah you’re right I’ll definitely be posting them

    • LilCumSlut

      I also have lots of pervy stories about some of my friends when they were raped as kids