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My and my sister first time

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Let me start put by saying I was never sexually attracted to her until she became 12 and got her big tits and I was 15 at the time.

As soon as that started close to the beginning of 2020 I started thinking about her when I jerked off in my bedn Then one day she was suspossed to go on a date and got stood up for the 5th time and I desides to comfort her like a good brother should. And when I was comforting her she wanted to rest her head on my lap so I let her. I tool me a second but I noticed how close her tits were to me. It made me horny couldnt help but stare them and after 10 minutes I couldn’t resist I started groping her tits. It started out unoticable and then the hornyer I got the the more I did. I started pinching her nipples at the same time and she noticed and sat up and yelled at me and asked wtf I was doing luckily our parents weren’t home or they would have heard her yelling. I then looked at her and say sorry it’s just your just so buitifull and I just couldn’t resist. then she looked at me in coplete utter disbelief. I the say fine if you don’t believe me then look i then proceeded to pull down my pants to reveal my boner. It was atleast 7 foot. Hers eyes widen I still don’t know why they did but I assume she was stunned by the size. Then she told me to put it away and it was disgusting so I looked at her and said oh come on you can’t tell me you don’t want to try it and all I want is a hand job. She responds well yes I want to try that but we are sibling and that it’s wrong to which I replied so it’s only a hand job it’s not like we are actually fucking. so she sighs and then reluctantly puts her hand on it then jerks it away and asks why it’s so warm. I respond with that’s perfectly normal don’t worry. She then wraps both her hand around it a start slow and looks at me and says this feels wierd but I kinda of like it and then speed up and I was so turned on and horny. It felt really good then after a few seconds I warned her I was coming but it was to late. I cane all over her face and I accidently got some in her mouth because she was heavily breathingi assume from being turned on aswell. She then says wtf you got it all over my face and in my mouth I then respond with does it matter cause I bet you liked the taste. Well it tasted wierd but in a good way the then studders but that doesn’t matter what matters is you got it in my mouth. Well if it tasted good then why don’t you give me a blow job so you can taste my dick and my cum. She then responds no we agreed upon a hand job which I didn’t even enjoy giving. I then push her onto the bed take off her panting and start playing with her pussy. If you didn’t like it then why are you already so wet I am okay with you being a slut but not one who lies about it. She starts moaning loud and screaming my name as I finger fuck her and then right before she cums I stop and look at her and tell her I won’t let her cum on my bed unless she agreed to give me a blowjob while I ate her out she agrees and then I go back to finger fucking her until she started spasseming and squirting all over my bed and soaking it in her juices. Right after that we start 69ing and I get on top of her and imeadiantly shove my face between her legs and licking her inside her pussy she imeadiantly moans out in pleasure and sticks my dick deep into her mouth and deepthroaghting it and sucking at the same time and so I improve my technique and use my finger to pinch and play with her clit while I lick deep inside her so she then starts taking my 7 inch cock balls deep. I can tell she going past her limits because she is constantly choking and her thick slimy saliva is dripping every where and her face is covered in it. after like 5 minutes we both cum at the same time with me shoving my tongue and finger as far as i can inside her and me thrusting my dick deep into her throght and she proceed to swallow what she can but I came to much that she got more on cum on her face than she did before face. She could barely stand but she managed to get up cum dripping off her face and onto her buitifull plump tits which I choose to lick and suck clean while she let’s out pretty moans. then she looks at me and says we have come this far why don’t we just keep going and you fuck my tight pussy Doggy style and make me scream you name and call you daddy. so I look at her nod and flip her over aggressively and let her get on all fours and then I say now this is more like it I have always wanted a girl who can show her slutty side as I plunge my cock deep into her pussy causing her to scream and moan in pleasure, estacy, and lust and her tongue handing out as a give her a nice rough fucking she starts collapsing and not being able to stand cause of pleasure. so I flip her over and fuck her missionary style and then after half an hour i tell her I am cumming and I try to pull out but she says she cumming to and wraps her legs around me with all her strength. I then ask what are you doing. She then responds don’t worry it’s one of my safe days so I keep holding in until the final thrust touched her the entrance of her womb and I release my cum deep inside of her then I collapse on her as she shakes causing me to continue to cum till I am drained for 10 minutes I finally can pull out and the is cum all over my bed her pussy and it continues to leak out for five minutes. then my parents pull into the driveway luckily we have a long one and we had tume to put our cloaths on and clean up. Right when she leaves my room I wisper in her ear you like you panties being filled with my cum dripping from your pussy don’t you my little cum slut so let’s do this again sometime. She then gives me one last kiss to tell me we will.

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    Part two plzz

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    Sweet pussy


    Part 2 next time fuck her up the ass

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    I’m so wet, I want someone to use my pussy and mouth for their own pleasure…

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      What’s your age si SubVirgin?

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      Want to be Dominated and bred by a Dominant taboo man

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    How hard is it to use punctuation and good grammar?

    • Just this once - the original

      I apologize, it wasn’t punctuation that is the issue. It’s spelling and grammar

    • Just this once - the original

      Before anybody says I typed grammar incorrectly, there are two variants. One with an E and the other with an A.

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    You got a big cock ,msn

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    I noticed a few things 7 “foot” you telling me your cock is taller than most basketball players?

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    The grammar makes me sad