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Loving Wife Satisfies Husband’s Girdle Fetish

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Ashley decides to give her husband a surprise he won’t soon forget. She gets something as well!

Message to readers: I dedicate this story to all the men that have a strong girdle fetish, just as I do. After you read my story please comment if you enjoyed the story and would like to see this story continue. Note: The story has an interesting twist and even if you don’t appreciate a woman in a tight fitting girdle you might still enjoy the read. Comment as well. (Please understand I’m not a experienced writer. So please consider that when commenting.)

My husband Jim has always wanted me to wear a girdle. A long leg panty girdle. I tell him every time he’s asked me to buy one that I don’t need a girdle because I’m slim and in shape. He tells me that he knows I don’t “need” a girdle, but would still love to see me wearing one. He thinks they are sexy and erotic. He says it’s his fantasy for me to wear a tight panty girdle under a dress.

I’ve never wore a girdle on in my life. But if it’s Jim’s fantasy I suppose I should get one and wear it for him. We have a black tie dinner we need to attend in about a month. I guess it would be the perfect opportunity for me to wear one for him. From what I know, wearing a girdle is normally considered something you’d wear when getting all dressed up. I’ll buy a girdle, wear it to the dinner and surprise him.

The hard part will be figuring out what girdle he’d like me to wear. One thing I do know is it needs to be black. He likes even my bras and panties to be black. So I jumped on the computer and did some girdle shopping. Half an hour later I found what I was looking for. It’s exactly what he described to me one night during sex. I ordered a size small, extra firm control, long leg girdle in black.
I have to admit it’s cute with its sexy lace and silky material. I’m actually looking forward to trying it on and seeing how I like it. It should go nicely under my fitted long dress that I’m be wearing to the dinner. My husband had better like it cause it cost me over $50 dollars including shipping. I ordered it from a online store called “Her Room” They were very helpful when I explained this would be my first girdle. The young sales girl had suggestions about style, firmness, and sizing. She even explained how to put a girdle on and care for it. You don’t just toss it into the washer and dryer.

A week later I received a package in the mail. Fortunately my husband was out running errands when it arrived. I brought it in the house and hid it in the back of my dresser drawer. Jim was due home any minute so I didn’t even dare to open the package. I’ll have to wait till tomorrow morning when Jim leaves for work so I don’t ruin my surprise. I’m going to try it on and maybe even wear it around the house tomorrow. I want to make sure I can stand wearing something so tight for several hours. I’ll probably need to wear it for about 8 hours the night of the dinner.

Just as I expected Jim walked in the door from the garage just as I came out of our bedroom. As soon as he saw me he asked why I had a funny look on my face. I assured him it must be his imagination because I looked the same as always. He wasn’t buying it and said “Okay what’s going on?” So I thought I’d have some fun and told him, “Okay your right, my boyfriend is in the bedroom and he just finished fucking me with his big cock.” Jim smiled and played along then said “Oh, to bad I didn’t get home earlier so I could’ve watched.” Wow I thought, where did that come from?

The rest of the evening went pretty much normal till we went to bed. Jim was as horny as I’ve ever seen him. He was hard as steel and couldn’t get inside me fast enough. He fucked the hell out of me. Due to his obvious obsession with fucking me I orgasmed much quicker than I normally do and OMG it was intense and mind blowing. He quickly ejaculated with several hard thrusts as deeply into me as his cock could reach. I could feel his sperm squirting into me. I’ve never actually felt being inseminated before and it was the greatest sensation. When Jim pulled out of me I’d never felt so well bred. I felt like a completely satisfied woman.

After we both calmed down I asked Jim, “What got into you tonight honey?” “Why, what do you mean?” He asked. “What do I mean? You just fucked the hell out of me. Something definitely has you all wound up.” Jim didn’t say anything as we cuddled.

Then it suddenly occurred to me that earlier tonight when Jim came home I had teased him about how my boyfriend had been fucking me in the bedroom. Could it be that the thought of someone screwing me excites him? I know it’s a real thing for some men.

“Sweetheart, does me having sex with some other guy turn you on?” After a short pause he looked at me and very meekly nodded yes. “Well, then I guess I’ll have to have my “boyfriend” come over more often then.” We both smiled and soon fell asleep with me gently holding Jim’s soft cock. I had suddenly developed a new fascination with my husband’s manhood, wondering if the way he fucked me tonight would be the new norm. I can’t wait to play the “boyfriend” card again.

First thing I did the next morning after Jim left for work was open the package that arrived yesterday. The girdle was really nicely made. Very high quality. The material was sorta stiff and thick but sexy in a weird feminine kind of a way. It had two garters inside each leg so you could attach stockings. Fortunately they were removable because I’ll be wearing pantyhose under the girdle. As I checked out the my new purchase I became very curious how wearing it would feel. I removed my pajamas and panties.

I stepped into the girdle and started pulling it up my body. Even though I’m slim the girdle is a size small and took some tugging, wiggling, and struggling to get myself into it. Finally success. Wow this is really tight. It reached form just a little above my waist down each leg about 4 inches. I ran my hands over my now firmly held body. I was surprised but I actually liked what I was feeling. I rubbed my hand over my crotch feeling how tight and smooth my pussy felt. My girdle felt wonderful. Even sexual. I put my pajamas back on. I wanted to enjoy this new experience for a while. I’m planning to put my cocktail dress on over it and see how I look, but I’ll just do that sometime before Jim returns home from work.

After spending the better part of the day in the girdle I did eventually try on my dress. I looked great and felt sexy. I suddenly was looking forward to the dinner and surprising Jim with what I would be wearing under my dress. He’ll be so excited and horny I’ll likely get another good fucking. I can hardly wait.

One last look in the mirror while I ran my hands down my dress and over the girdle. I knew I’d better get out of them both and keep them out of sight till Saturday. My sexy dress was hung on it’s hanger and returned to the bedroom closet. The girdle was folded and hid in the bottom of my panty drawer. It felt good getting out of the tight girdle, but I looked forward to wearing it again this Saturday evening……the day after tomorrow.

The next morning after Jim left for work I did some chores around the house then went out in the front yard to do some gardening. It was already very warm outside so I wore some short shorts, a halter top, and put my long dark hair up. Much cooler that way.

I had been out enjoying my hobby for about an hour when I noticed someone standing behind me and off to the side. When I turned I saw it was our neighbor boy from across the street. “Hi Ashley, out doing some gardening this morning?” “Oh hi Bobby, yes I thought it’d be a good day to get it done but it’s getting really warm.” Bobby was a really nice young man that just graduated from high school about a month ago. Not only was he a nice guy but he was also very cute. The kind of cute that would make any girl wet, including me. In fact I was getting little wet looking up at this stud. This was nothing new. He flirts with me every chance he gets and I admit I’ve been flirting back for awhile now.

Bobby and I talked for awhile. The whole time I was getting hornier. About that time his cell phone rang and he said he had to go. Good thing because I was about ready to jump him. It was getting much to hot to do anymore gardening so I went inside to take a shower.

After a nice cool shower I went to the bedroom and laid naked on the bed. Without even thinking my hand went to my pussy and I was masturbating to the thought of Bobby fucking me. The thought of having Bob’s sperm up inside me made me orgasm immediately. God I’d love to fuck that kid!! I fell asleep fantasizing about Bobby sliding his cock into me.

When I woke up I had no idea how long I had been sleeping. I knew it must be later afternoon because the sun was shining in the western windows of the bedroom. I looked at the clock and it was 4 o’clock. Jim normally gets home about 4:00. I looked toward the bedroom door and sure enough, there stood Jim looking at me very puzzled.

“Ashley why are you on the bed naked in the middle of the day?” “Oh I’m sorry honey, I was working in the garden and came in to take a shower. Then I laid on the bed to cool off and I must of fell asleep. I’ll get dressed and start supper.” “Actually I was thinking of taking you out to supper tonight since it’s so hot.” “Oh sweetheart that would be so nice. Where are you taking me so I know how to dress?” “Well I don’t know, how about that new place down town by the civic center.” Okay sounds good to me, I really didn’t feel like cooking anyway.” I told Jim to go and watch TV while I got dressed. I assured him it wouldn’t take very long since I had already taken my shower.

I heard the place we were going to was sorta fancy so I figured that I should probably wear a dress. I picked out a nice conservative dress and went to my dresser to get some underwear. While digging through the many pairs of panties and pantyhose I saw my girdle. I debated if I should wear it tonight instead of waiting till tomorrow. I would still wear it tomorrow night but I was really anxious to surprise Jim with it. Plus I was so fricking horny from flirting with Bobby earlier I decided to wear it. I tossed it on the bed along with some sheer suntan pantyhose. Oh, and a black silky bra to kinda match my girdle.

I sat on the edge of the bed and put the pantyhose on up to my knees, then I stood a carefully worked them up my legs to my waist. After putting the sexy little bra on I took my girdle from the bed and stepped into it for only the second time. Pulling it up was still difficult but definitely easier over the silky pantyhose. After it was in place I ran my hands over my girdle. God it felt nice. So smooth and tight. I was anxious to wear my girdle out in public for the first time.

After admiring myself in the mirror I put my dress on over my head and smoothed it down over myself. I reached back and with some difficulty zipped myself up. Normally I’d ask Jim to zip me up but if I wanted to keep my wearing a girdle a secret till later, I had to manage. Finally I ran a brush through my hair, put on a bit of make-up, and stepped into some three inch heels.

Feeling very feminine I went into the living room and told my husband I was ready. I wondered how long it would be till he realised I was wearing something special for him. I was feeling kinda giddy. Like a teenage girl on her first date.

We both walked to our car in the driveway hand in hand. As we backed out of the driveway and started down the street, I noticed Bobby sitting on his front porch. I waved and he waved back. “Who’s your friend?” Jim asked. “Oh that’s Bobby, he just graduated form high school.” “Good looking kid.” Jim continued. “How do you know him honey?” “Yes he’s very good looking. Actually I’ve gotten to know him when I’m out gardening. Sometimes he comes over and talks for awhile. He’s really nice.” Jim continues to push. “Did Bobby stop over today while you were out in the yard?” “Yes as a matter of fact he did. We talked for about half an hour till his phone rang and he had to head home.”

The rest of the way to the restaurant nothing more was said about Bobby, but I know what Jim was thinking. After just a few more minutes we arrived at the restaurant. We couldn’t believe how busy it was. Typical for any new restaurant I guess.

We went inside and gave our name to the hostess and decided to go to the lounge for a drink while we waited for a table. We sat at the bar and ordered our favorite drink, Margaritas. We finished the first one before our table was ready so we had another. For some reason they tasted great and went down really easy. Soon I was feeling no pain. Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea. But I was feeling good and still horny as ever. We were both having a good time joking around between ourselves and the bartender.

Finally our table was ready. Good thing to because if I had one more drink Jim would have to carry me. Still I had to hang onto Jim’s arm along the way. Walking in heels after a couple drinks isn’t easy for me. Nothing more embarrassing than falling while wearing a short dress.

The wait was worth it. The food was amazing, we both enjoyed it very much. Everything was so good. We’ll be eating here again in the near future. Soon we were finished, Jim paid our tab and we headed to the car.

I was still feeling pretty good as we got in the car so slid over next to my husband, kissed him. I felt so aroused sitting next to my husband while feeling the firm hug of my girdle. I enjoyed my little secret I was wearing under my dress. I was anxious to get home and let Jim discover my surprise. I looked at my husband and kissed him on the cheek then whispered, “Take me home and have your way with me! I’m so horny for something hard.” Jim just turned to me, smiled, and said, “I think you’ve had a little to much to drink.” Then he kissed me very sweetly.

In a few minutes we pulled into our driveway. Bobby was still outside on his porch across the street. This time I didn’t dare wave but I wanted to. “Looks like your boyfriend is waiting for you.” My husband teased.

Without thinking I just blurted out, “Okay but he’ll have to wait his turn.” I couldn’t believe I just said that out loud in front of Jim. Apparently the alcohol was still having an effect on me. “Oh wow, so you really do want him to fuck you!! Jim said with a surprised look. “Omg Jim he’s a hunk what girl wouldn’t like him in her bed?” No point trying to keep my feelings for Bobby from my husband now. It was obvious after my careless remark.

But now that it’s done, I might as well see if this leads anywhere, remembering Jim had admitted it would excite him to see me with another man.

We both sat in the car in silence for a couple minutes. Jim then turned to me and asked, “Have you already had sexual relations with Bobby?” “No of course not.” I replied. “Not even flirting?” “Yes honey, we have flirted some.” “Ashley…….do you want to have sex with Bobby?” I wasn’t sure what to say. I wanted Bobby badly but I wasn’t sure how Jim would react to hearing it. After a long pause I finally admitted to my husband that yes I would enjoy having Bobby make love to me. I even told him that I fantasize about being with Bobby. My husband thought for a minute. He seemed to accept what I had just admitted to.

Jim put his hand on my leg and quietly said, “Okay sweetheart, we might as well do it then. I think we’d both enjoy it.” I couldn’t believe my ears!! My pussy was instantly wet and tingling. My husband just gave me permission to have sex with the teenager across the street. “Jim, are you sure you want to watch me with Bobby?” “No, I’m not really sure, but I really think so, but I’m never going to really know until I see him penetrating you. I’ve had this fascination of watching you fuck another cock for a long time now. I just never dared bring it up. You must think I’m really perverted” “No honey, not at all. In fact I think you’re very sweet to actually encourage me to sleep with Bobby. I love you so much right now!!” We kissed tenderly.

“Ashley, why don’t you go and ask Bobby if he’d like to come over and hang out for awhile?” Before I could even think. I found myself walking in the direction of Bobby. My head was spinning. I might actually be fucking this eighteen year old boy in a few minutes. I was feeling very overwhelmed at the moment.

Before I knew it I was looking up at Bobby while he stood on his porch. “Hi Ashley, you look really hot all dressed up.” “Oh Bobby your so sweet, thank you. Say Bobby, would you like to come over and hang for awhile with Jim and me?” “Really? Yeah, I guess so. What time?” “Okay great. Oh, why don’t you come over in about 30 minutes.” “Ok sounds like fun, see you in a little while Ashley.” I waved goodbye and headed to my house. My pussy was soaking wet. In a few minutes I will likely have Bobby in my bed.

Jim had went in the house so I went in to join him and tell him Bobby would be over in about 30. I went to my husband and kissed him deeply. “Thank you honey for letting this happen. I’m so excited. I’ve wanted this for a long time” “Ashley, you know what? Me too.

“Jim before Bobby gets here I have something I need to show you.” “Really….what?” I took my dress and raised it to my waist. “OMG Ashley you got a girdle! You’ve been wearing this girdle all during dinner and you kept it a secret? Your such a sneaky little thing. Sweetheart you look so fuckablle. Jim ran his hands over my girdle enjoying the tight slick feel. “So do you like it honey?” “Are you kidding, I love it!!! You know I have a fetish for girdles. If Bobby wasn’t coming over I’d fuck you silly.” “Sweetie we have half an hour, what’s stopping you?” “No we better not. Bobby will probably be early. I just want to enjoy seeing you in a girdle. You look so hot wearing it.” “Awww thank you. You know I’ll be wearing it again tomorrow night to the dinner. I’ll have it on under my sexy cocktail dress that you like so much, and I’ll be all yours. How does that sound?” ” I still can’t believe your standing here in my arms wearing in a girdle, I never thought you’d get one. Tomorrow night sounds awesome.” Jim couldn’t get enough of feeling me in my girdle. He even commented how wet I was. I told him the anticipation of having a teenage cock inside me would make me wet every time. I reached down and Jim was harder than hard. “Tell this horny big guy I’ll take care of him in a little while!”

Just then while kissing my lovable husband, the doorbell rang. My heart jumped, I think I quit breathing. I took Jim’s hand and rubbed it hard on my girdles wet gusset. Then I hurriedly lowered my dress back down and smoothed it over myself.

I answered the door and invited Bobby in. As soon as the door was shut I kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for coming. I introduced the two guys since they had never met. Then Bobby and I sat on the love seat and Jim sat across the room in the recliner.

“Bobby would you like something to drink, I’m going to have some ice tea.” “Yes Ashley thanks, that would be great.” “Okay I’ll be right back. Honey could you help me please in the kitchen?” Jim stood and followed me. Once in the kitchen Jim said, “You need help with three ice teas?” “No silly, I don’t want you to make Bobby uncomfortable while I’m gone. Remember he has no idea why he’s even here. Plus I need to ask you something I just thought of after Bobby got here. “Okay what is it?” Jim rubbed his hand on my firm bottom as we talked. Boy he really does have a fetish I thought. “I need to know if you want Bobby to wear a condom?” “Well Ashley we don’t even have any do we?” “Yes in the night stand in the bedroom from before I started taking the pill.” I assured him. “Well Ashley it’s entirely up to you. Your the one he’s going to be inside filling with his cum and sperm.” “Yes Jim I know, and I want his sperm badly, can you understand why I feel that way?” “Yes Ashley, it’s a girl thing, and I completely understand.” “But……..will you feel weird fucking me after I’ve been filled with Bob’s sperm?” “No I don’t think so. In fact, I think I might find it erotic.

With everything settled Jim and me returned to the living room and passed Bobby his ice tea. Again I sat next to Bobby and Jim relaxed in the recliner. This time I sat so my thigh was up against Bob’s thigh.

It was clear I was making Bob a little uncomfortable. “Bobby please don’t be nervous.” I looked at our guest and smiled. “Bob we’ve been getting to know one another for about a year now and I think we both have enjoyed our visits in the yard. Right?” Bobby nodded yes. “But lately I have sensed some sexual tension building between us with all the mutual flirting. Would you agree with that as well?” Bobby looked at Jim across the room then briefly at me before looking to the floor. I took Bob’s hand and held it on my leg over my dress near my pussy. “No Bobby it’s not a bad thing if you’re attracted to me, it’s a good thing. I’m very flattered. Finally Bobby spoke, “Ashley it’s just that your so hot and sexy I just can’t stop thinking about you. I’m sorry but I wish I had a girlfriend just like you!” Bob moved his hand slightly under mine. He seemed to like what he was feeling and wanted to explore a little more. “Bobby, look at me, I’d really like you to be my boyfriend.” “Really? What? Ashley is this some kind of cruel prank? “No absolutely not, I would never play with your emotions in that way, I promise. Bob I have developed strong feelings for you! In fact if you feel the same way about me, I would like you to go with me into the bedroom and make love to me.” Bobby just looked at me unsure what to do or say. “Bobby please make love to me. I kissed Bobby and push my tongue into his mouth. He responded by doing the same. It was the best sensual kiss I’ve ever had. I moved his hand from my leg to my pussy but still over my dress and told him to rub me there. He did and I nearly orgasmed. I reached over to his pants and he was already hard and felt very respectable.

“Bobby let’s go to the bedroom.” We stood, I took his hand and led him towards the room where I would receive his cock and sperm. On the way I looked towards Jim and mouthed, “You okay?” He replied, “Yes sweetheart, enjoy your boyfriend!”

When we entered the bedroom I closed the door most of the way only leaving open a crack. I wanted our first time to be mostly private. I knew Jim could still watch if he wanted to, but, I didn’t want Bobby to be uncomfortable by leaving the door completely open.

We stood inside the door and continued to kiss passionately. “Bob would you please unzip me?” He reached behind my back and lowered my dresses zipper.

When I got dressed for dinner I sure wasn’t expecting it would be Bobby undressing me. The reality of what’s about to happen hit me all of a sudden. Bobby is going to fuck me!! When he leaves later I’ll have his sperm in me. I can’t believe this is real, seems more like a dream!

With Bobby watching me I lifted my dress up and over my head. I tossed it over onto a chair by my makeup table. I stood in front of my lover in my bra, pantyhose, and girdle. “Do you like my new girdle, tonight is the first time I’ve worn it.” Bobby was trembling from being so aroused. I knelt down and started undoing his pants. I couldn’t wait to see the cock that I’ve been fantasizing about. I pulled his pants down along with his boxes. Oh it was beautiful and just a little larger than my husband’s. Perfect, it will feel differently inside me. I looked up at Bobby as he looked down and I said, “Your cock is perfect sweetie, your going to be a great boyfriend.” I stood and took his polo shirt off as I did. This teenage hunk was standing in front of me completely naked with his gorgeous cock pointing toward the ceiling. I pulled him tightly to my body and kissed him still more. His cock was pressed against the front of my girdle. When our kiss ended I pulled him to the bed on top of me. My legs bent at my knees and went instinctively to each side of his waist. We kissed and groped each other’s bodies passionately enjoying some intense foreplay. Then I rolled him off me and I sat on him with his cock against my wet girdles gusset. “Take my bra off lover.” He undid the hooks in back with ease and my breasts were suddenly available to him. “Suck on them sweetie.” He looked up at me then took one in his mouth. Again I nearly orgasmed. His hard cock was pressing against my pussy through my girdle. I was very carefully and slowly rubbing myself against his male member.

While Bobby sucked on my other breast I leaned down by his ear and whispered, “Are you ready to put that perfect cock inside me Bobby? I don’t think I can wait any longer!” Bobby nodded yes, he started trembling again. “Calm down sweetie. Just calm down and enjoy fucking me.” I rolled off Bobby and onto my back and told him, “If you want to fuck me your going to have to take my girdle and pantyhose off me Mr. Stud.

Bobby straddled me a reached for the waist band of my pantyhose and girdle. “Just take my girdle off first sweetie then the pantyhose. It’ll be easier that way.” Bob carefully pulled my girdle down as I raised my hips. “Oh Ashley your girdle is really tight.” ” Yes it is Bobby, a woman’s girdle is supposed to be tight.” In a moment my girdle was off and laying on the bed next to me. My pantyhose were much easier. Bobby had those laying on top of the girdle in no time.

Bobby saw me totally naked for the first time. He was trembling with excitement again and his cock looked like it was hard as steel. “Okay Bobby are you ready?” “Ashley your perfect. Your body is so gorgeous.” Oh Bobby your sweet. Now get between my legs lover and bring your cock up near my pussy. Give me your hand and I’ll show you where you will enter me. Put your finger right there. Yes, now put your finger inside me a little. Yep that’s it, now you can put it as far in as you can. Oh…..Oh…..YES that’s it. That’s where your going to put your cock in me Bobby. Ok Bobby now take your cock and put it in that same spot. Okay that’s it, right there. Now slowly push it inside me.” Bob’s cock felt fantastic as it opened me up and started to slid inside me. I could feel him opening me up as he slid in deeper and deeper. Then he stopped. Sweetie…… are you in me all the way! Bobby looked down and nodded yes. How do I feel? “Omg Ashley your pussy is so tight and feels incredibly good!!! “Oh no…..don’t move sweetie I have to get used to your size. Your bigger than my husband. Just hold yourself inside me. I looked into Bob’s blue eyes, “Finally, your inside me Bobby. I love you so much”

” Ok Bobby, please start fucking me. Slowly pull yourself mostly out of me then back in. But not to fast or you’ll get over excited and cum in me before your ready.” Bobby fucked me slowly at first but gradually started to speed up. He’s obviously a virgin so I know he probably won’t last very long. Actually I’m surprised he’s lasted this long.

Here I was having sex with Bobby. Having him inside me seemed completely impossible an hour ago. But here we are fucking like newlyweds. I wrapped my legs around his waist and tried to pull him inside me further. I could feel myself building to an orgasm quickly. ” Bobby your going to make me cum. Keep fucking me. Harder sweetheart.” Suddenly I orgasmed so hard I nearly passed out. After a few moments I recovered and could see again. OMG your such a fucking stud! You feel so big inside me I love your cock. Put your sperm deep inside me. I’ve got to have it.” I felt Bob’s dick swell and start pulsating rapidly inside me. I knew his sperm was pumping from his balls through his cock and into me. Feeling this gave me the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I nearly passed out again from it.

Bobby collapsed on top of me. We were both totally out of breath and exhausted. As soon as I regained my faculties I looked past Bobby and saw Jim standing in the doorway with his hard cock in his hand obviously wanting his turn. I mouthed, “Oh my God! this was fucking amazing. ” Bobby was still inside me and I didn’t ever want him to go but I have a husband that’s feeling very neglected right about now. So I told Bobby he’d better pull out of me and get dressed so he can head home. “But Ashley I’m still hard can’t I stay in you for a little while longer?” I really didn’t want him to go either so I told him he could stay in me for another ten minutes.

After ten minutes I explained that he better get home before his family starts to wonder were he’s at. He agreed and withdrew himself. The amazing thing was he was still hard. He’s truly a stud. I wished he could’ve stayed inside me all night. Maybe next time.

We got up and Bobby got dressed. We said our goodbyes and I promised him we’d get together again in a couple days. We kissed passionately and I sent him on his way. I didn’t bother putting anything on because I knew I had promised to take of my husband’s hard and probably jealous cock yet. I could feel Bob’s cum running down the inside of my leg. I walked in the bedroom and my very anxious husband was laying on the bed waiting for his turn to fuck me. As I crawled onto the bed I told my next lover that if he wanted to put his cock in Bob’s sperm he’d better hurry because it was dripping out of me.

I didn’t have to tell him twice. As soon as I was on my back he was balls deep inside me but wasn’t fucking me yet. “So Ashley, it looked like you had a good time.” “Yes most definitely. The kid really fucked me good. But honey didn’t you get jealous watching Bobby make love to me?” “Yes I did, very much.” “Oh Jim……I’m so sorry. I guess we shouldn’t have invited Bobby over.” “No!……I know it sounds crazy, but while being insanely jealous, at the same time, I got off seeing Bobby with you. I guess jealousy and being super horny for you is what makes it so erotic for me.”

“Oh Jim, I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed Bobby and me. But I’m curious sweetie, what part of our love making made you the most jealous?” “Ashley, when I saw you’re reaction the moment Bob’s hard dick started to enter you was hard for me. Your lusting desire to receive Bob’s cock inside you was very clear. And sweetheart, seeing you getting into bed with Bobby while you were still wearing your girdle really got to me. I’ve fantasized about you being in bed with me wearing a tight girdle forever. But, instead of me enjoying you, tonight it was Bobby. Still, seeing the two of you enjoying some sexual foreplay while your wearing it was something I’ll never forget. You looked so hot! It made crazy with lust for you!”

“Awww sweetie, I’m sorry, I didn’t know. I just left it on while I was with Bobby because I felt very sexual wearing it during our foreplay. Sweetie, if you pull out of me I’ll can put my girdle back on for you. Would you like that?”

Jim didn’t answer me. He just started to fuck me and it felt great. “Honey, how does it feel to have your cock in Bob’s sperm?” I love it as long as it’s inside you.” “Awww that’s sweet.” Jim started fucking me faster by the minute. I was getting excited and couldn’t really focus on talking anymore. I could only focus on the hard cock that was pumping in and out of me. The second hard dick to fill me tonight!!!

The thought of having the sperm from two different men, both sexually aroused by me, drove me into a toe curling orgasm and I totally lost it. I was completely unaware of anything at all except my husband’s hard cock that was deeply fucking me. I cried out in a fit of passion, “Oh Jim Oh Jim” over and over!!! At the peek of my orgasm.

I just starred to recover and I felt Jim’s cock swelling inside me and pulsating just like Bob’s cock had just done a few minutes ago. Jim was orgasming into me and mixing his sperm with Bob’s. It was the first time in my sexual life that I had been inseminated by two different men in the same night. I never dreamed that would ever happen to me. I felt wonderful.

Jim spasmed hard several more times into me before he was completely spent. His new found enthusiasm while ejaculating inside me is being enjoyed by me very much. It’s amazing what satisfying a man’s simple fantasy will do to him sexually.

Jim laid on me out of breath and slowly deflating inside me. When his hard working cock slipped out of me he rolled off me onto his side. All he could say was WOW!!!

After some recovery time, Jim while staring at the ceiling said, “Maybe you could get Bobby to come over tomorrow night after the dinner.” In a heartbeat I knew that my husband really did enjoy watching Bobby screw me!! My pussy tingled knowing that I would soon be feeling my boyfriend’s gorgeous cock sliding into me again.
“Oh sweetheart, I’d love to more than you know, but the dinner won’t get over till quite late. I really want tomorrow to be all about you and me. But you know, I really need to get Bob’s cell number………
Part 2….???

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  • Reply Just this once - the original

    Dumbest story I’ve read so far…no more please

  • Reply Just this once

    Nice story, I look forward to more

    • Robert

      Thanks for your kind comment. Part two will be coming.