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I went upstairs

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This is a quick story of the time I went upstairs inside the x-rated shop where my mom worked.

Some of you enjoyed my story about my experience in a x-rated shop when I went in to pee and ended up accidentally going in to a glory hole booth. Well, let me tell about the time I went upstairs in the shop.

One day something happened at school, nothing serious, but we all ended up getting sent home just after lunch break, I thought it was a good opportunity to spend some time at the store and maybe earn some more money so I went to the store and told mom we’d all be sent home, she told me to go home but I asked her if I could wait for her and we’d go home together, she agreed but I had to wait in the back office.

I sat in there for a while looking at the x-rated covers on the enormous stack of DVD’s they kept in the back room, they made me horny so I thought I’d sneak out and try my luck in the booth again, but on my way out of the office, just as I opened the door, loads of men headed down the hallway and up the stairs, followed a few minutes later by a group of girls wearing sexy costumes dressed as maids, Swedish milk maidens, one dressed all in leather, I watched them all go by through the crack in the open door then when the coast was clear I came out in to the hallway and decided I wanted to see where they were going and what they were up to.

There was a thick red curtain covering the door at the top of the stairs, I could hear voices behind it, there were some clothes by the door and a feather mask, I picked up the mask and put it on, then stepped through the curtain, I was in a hallway with loads of doors either side, I slowly moved forward, men were moaning, girls were laughing and shouting, then a girl came around the corner at the other end of the hallway and rushed towards me, I froze, she walked right up to me and grabbed my arm and marched me down the hallway, ‘There you are. We’ve been waiting all morning. How was journey in, okay?’ she said, I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about, ‘Huh?’ I uttered, she opened a door, “You’re here now. This is your guy, have fun.” She said, pushing me in to the room and slamming the door shut behind me, ‘No. I’m. Wait.’

I turned around and jumped, slamming my back against the door, there was a man strapped to a table, he was laying on his front, completely naked apart from a black leather mask covering his entire head, ‘Is that you, mistress?’ he asked, ‘Shit.’ I uttered, the girl in the hallway obviously thought I was someone else, probably thought my school uniform was a sexy costume, why do I keep getting myself in to these situations, my life is so fucking weird, ‘Mistress?!’ the man yelled, ok what the hell, ‘Coming.’ I said.

I walked over to the table then slowly walked around it, there was a hole underneath, I bent down to take a look and the man’s penis was hanging through the hole under the table, ‘I need whipping.’ The man moaned, ‘Pardon me?’ I asked, standing back up straight, ‘Whip me, mistress. I’ve been a naughty boy.’, was he serious, ‘That’s okay. Just. Don’t do it again.’ I replied, biting my lip.

‘Whip me you bitch!’ he shouted, very loudly, he made me jump.

I looked around, there was a small table at the side of the room with loads of sexual, toys, on it, I picked up a horse whip and walked back over to him, ‘You want me to whip you?’ I asked, ‘Yes. Yes.’ He replied, I hesitated then hit him lightly on the buttocks with the horse whip, I liked the sounds the whip and he made, I whipped him again, he kept groaning, I started to enjoy it and whipped him repeatedly, harder and harder, until his buttocks turned bright red, I hit him so hard I lost my breath, ‘Yee-haa. How’s that?’ I asked.

‘More.’ He demanded, ‘Use the clamps.’ he suggested.

My arm was killing me, I dropped the whip and picked up a pair of metal clamps, the ones with teeth, I asked him where he wanted me to put them and he said on his balls, ‘Won’t that hurt?’ I asked, ‘Yes, mistress. Clamp my balls.’ He replied, fair enough, I laid down on the floor and shuffled under the table, his penis was erect and hanging above my head, I reached out and gave it a cheeky couple of tugs, then grabbed bits of skin on his balls and attached the clamps, he screamed very loudly, ‘Sorry’ I shouted, he seemed to enjoy it though, ‘Thank you, mistress. Thank you.’ He said, what a weirdo, ‘Your welcome’ I replied, then I tugged on his penis some more.

I loved jerking guys off, this guy’s painful moans just made me jerk him faster, he soon ejaculated, squirted his semen all over my face, ‘Thank you, mistress.’ He said, ‘Pleasure’ I replied, sliding myself out from under the table and getting to my feet, ‘Anything else?’ I asked.

‘Punish me, mistress. Punish me.’ He demanded.

There wasn’t much left to do, all that was left on the table was a huge dildo, it was really big and wide, at least 10 inches long, I picked it up and turned it on, the top of it started spinning around, ‘Holy shit’ I yelled, turning it back off, he was still demanding punishment, so I walked over to the back of the table and rammed the dildo up his ass, he moaned and screamed, but continued to demand more, so I pushed it in as far as I could, this guy was a serious weirdo.

Then the door opened and a girl came inside, ‘Hi, I’m Jess, I’m the temp. I was meant to be seeing a client here today.’ she announced, oh shit, this must be the girl the other girl thought I was, think quickly, ‘Yes. This is the room. I was just…warming him up for you.’ I replied, I flicked the button to turn on the dildo, just because I wanted to hear him squirm, then I rushed by Jess and out of the room, ‘Have fun’ I said, closing door and running down the hallway back downstairs and in to the office.

I threw off the mask and wiped the weirdo’s spunk off my face and sat down at the office desk and just laughed my head off, that was the strangest most weird experience of my entire life. I didn’t ever get back up those stairs, in case you’re wondering, I stuck to being the mystery booth girl.

Fucking weirdo’s.

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    Do you have a Instagram or Snapchat and wanna trade nudes you sound sooo hot

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    “Fucking weirdos” indeed! LOL. *****