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Supermarket trip

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she only went there to exhibit her body but got so much more

It was just another Thursday in July my normal day for doing the big shop. The only difference today was the choice of supermarket. I’d used my local for a number of years, but a new larger and cheaper store had opened on the outskirts of town and I was going to give it a try, if only to safe some money.

A little about myself, I’m Lynn Grant happily married to Ronny for more than twenty four year. We have a couple of girls, the second one started Uni last year so we are now a home alone couple.
Ronny during the winter months started to take advantage of this, for years he had tried to get me to be more adventurous with my dress away from the house. We had quite a few times in the past had play nights, with me donning stockings, suspenders tiny panties and high heels. It always led to hot nights for both of us.

When it came to going out dressed anything like that I wasn’t sure, but I was eventually talked into it. The first time it was stockings with seams and a skimpy top with a sheer bra, no coat and a packed pub. I felt so embarrassed, but totally turned on. I then started wearing stockings a lot more, and quite often went out without a bra and sometimes without panties only when out with Ronny. I must tell you a more about me I have long legs firm hips and 36 DD bust, so not easy to hide and I know men liked them a lot.

Come the spring things cooled off quite a lot, I went out once or twice in shorter skirts one time with no panties and bare legged. I never told Ronny but I think he new my pussy was soaking even my thighs were wet. That brings us right back to my shopping day.

Even now I’m still not certain why I did what I did. Wearing one of my shorter skirts a blue denim button through, it was five inches above the knee and looked really to short. Forty minutes later there was this busty bra less slutty women looking back at me through the supermarket window. God I looked slutty although my top wasn’t see through but it looked very skimpy, my legs looked so long under the denim skirt and even more so with the three inch high heeled black sandals.

All the way round the store I felt eyes all over me, I even got some comments including a nasty one from a women whose husband was ogling me. I was once again very wet, and when I got home I did something I’d not done for years, I fingered myself to a most glorious orgasm and found a dildo I had never used. Two days later I had turned a black skirt and a white skater skirt up to the same shorter length as the denim, so I knew for the following Thursday I would have options.

What I didn’t realise about my first visit, was that I hadn’t gone unnoticed. Two people had been viewing the security tapes, the first was Leroy James the store manager a very amiable black man, and the second the more serious “Bird or Bird man” Joshua Raven a second cousin to Leroy who in fact had got him his job. And it was Bird who had brought my visit to the attention of Leroy. I didn’t know then about their private chat, ending with Bird agreeing to keep a watch for me over the following weeks.

I decided on the black skirt and a red ribbed top the following week, only with this top I decided a bra was not necessary. By the time I was packing away my shopping in the car I was so horny and so desperate for home and dildo release. I giggled to myself while in the freezer section I had deliberately bent over the freezers a number of times knowing my tiny panties would be on show, once more, like last week I was getting the comments I now desired, all the more exciting because my husband wasn’t with me stupid really but feeling more vulnerable made it more exciting. I was, I realised becoming really hooked on being an exhibitionist.

The third week I went back to my denim skirt with the intention of releasing the two bottom buttons once in the store. This was by far the best trip yet, by the time my trolley was full my panties were so wet I could smell my sex. The strange thing was all the time I’d shopped I had a strange feeling of being watched, but never saw anyone more than normal customers. The other thing was a very strange look, and then smile from a large black security gaurd at the exit.

I couldn’t do the next week, so a fortnight later wearing my new white skater skirt for the first time, and I was almost cumming just looking in the mirror with the flair on the skirt it looked so much shorter than my others. I was loving it and really took my time sucking up all the attention.

I’d made it to the last aisle ready to pay and go, and there in front of me stood the same black security guard. He smiled broadly as he spoke, good afternoon Mrs Grant you are looking particularly pretty today his eyes were stripping me as he spoke and I was loving it. Now Mrs Grant if you give me your car keys I will ensure your shopping if packed into your car.
I was stood silent and a little mystified, don’t worry Mrs Grant but Mr James the manager would like to see you like I say your not in trouble, just give me your keys and follow me. I handed him my keys and simply followed behind him actually admiring his broad shoulder in his tight blue shirt.

The managers office was on a mezzanine gallery, and Bird seemed to make sure I led the way up the stairs with him about four steps behind looking directly up my to my very damp sheer panties.
Can anyone imagine my feelings I walked into an office and behind the desk sat another large black man, stupid thing to think, but in my mind was the fact’s I’d seen about black men and size.
I was brought back to the present, could you take a look at this please Mrs Grant, he spun round the computer screen round. On the screen was a selections of pictures each one with a still of me, each one a bit naughtier than the last. This wouldn’t look good to your husband or even the police would it Mrs Grant, I could feel the blood draining from my face. Could you sit please the manager smiled, he stood his bottom resting on the front of his desk, sit and he pointed to the only chair except his own, a low deep old brown leather chair. I looked and he indicated the chair looking a little annoyed, the only thing I could sit, that the way I was dressed wasn’t easy in such a low seat.

I had no control and ended up legs slightly spread my tiny skirt dragged up by leather showing a pair of wet sheer panties. Mr James was looking down and enjoying my predicament.
This looks like a position you would enjoy Mrs Grant, you have been showing a lot of people those panties haven’t you. I was audibly gasping not knowing what to say or do. We could take our tapes to the police I’m sure they would be very interested to learn about someone who could be upsetting children and mothers. I could feel myself reddening and at the same time I tried in vain to drag my skirt back over my panties. I finally found my voice… I didn’t intend to upset people it just that….yes we understand Mrs Grant it makes you very excited doesn’t it, may I call you Lynn that is your name, I nodded my acceptance and agreement to both questions. I couldn’t for the life of me understand why I felt so excited even though I was in so much trouble.

He stood over me enjoying my discomfort, I was eyes level with his pants, pants so tight round his manhood I watched it growing so big and fat. Now from my position what do you think would be right for me as the manager in this situation. For the first time I found my tongue to give him a reply, please it could ruin my life if this was made public I’ll do anything you want I’ve got money, anything. Leroy had moved behind the chair, his hands started massaging my shoulders, it felt so good I didn’t even try to object. His fingers crept slowly over and then under my skimpy top, his massive black hands scooped up my large tits caressing them large fingers pinching and pulling at my engorged nipples. No one, not even Ronny had been like this, he was always so gentle and caring. This was different, very different he was using my nipples like radio dials twisting them harder and harder. My top was now up round my neck exposing my tits completely to his hands and eyes. I’m sure I heard myself saying please no,yes,yes all in the same sentence.
He continued manoeuvring his hand from tit to tit, talking now, we like that don’t we Lynn, a gasp was my only answer, take your hand off your cunt Lynn. I looked down my fingers were stroking my pussy, I immediately obeyed. Then I felt him moving to my side his mouth covered mine kissing me deeply his tongue finding mine dancing and duelling with it in my mouth, I opened my eyes his trousers were gone and this big black monster was in his hand. He was so big more than twice the size of my Ronny, he pulled back on the foreskin his deep pink and purple head came in to view pre cum dripping across his knuckles I could feel the heat coming from him. Hold it Lynn go on touch my big cock you know you want to.

My mind was screaming no what about Ronny I can’t, but my hand reached out and felt him he was warm and it jumped in my hand, my hand looked so tiny barely getting round his black rod. It felt like a rock hard lump of ebony wood. I was looking up at this black stranger holding his manhood….. please no one must know please no police I’ll do anything….saying this gave him cart blanch to do as he wanted to me. He smiled knowingly in acknowledgement, kiss it Lynn taste me, he pushed himself closer to my lips. I had only done this a very few times with my husband it was dirty wasn’t it. His free hand was in my hair…just one kiss you really need to Lynn, is it bigger than your husbands is he very tiny Lynn. My tongue shot out just touching him tentatively, then I pushed it out fully tasting him circling that mushroom head with my tongue it didn’t taste nasty just a musky masculine taste, lapping at the rich creamy pre-cum it tasted so good why had I not liked the taste before. I lifted him feeling the weight I licked back along the length from his sac to the head so much pre-cum as I licked it was spread onto my forehead down my nose then once more to my mouth. He never said a word as I moved in my chair raising myself and turning towards him, now holding him in two hands trying to take him into my mouth.

I felt his hands on my tits once more, knowing what I wanted he squeezed pulled on my nipples once more really hard…suck it now, your loving your first taste of black cock. He was right my mouth was stretched fully all his mushroom head was in my mouth, I wanted more pushing hard gagging finding it hard to believe that my mind was thinking the most depraved things, was this what I’d always wanted. Leroy was slapping my tits really hard suck yes suck harder, this went on for what seemed forever his cock had reached the back of my throat gagging me hurting me. I could feel every vein on my tongue, Leroy moved very slowly I felt him getting even harder and then he was gone my mouth once again empty.

He moved away pulling me with him, his hands went to my hips gripping my tiny panties ripping them from me. I actually loved the fact that he immediately smelled and tasted them right in front of me, something an hour ago I would have found disgusting.
He spun me round pushing me forwards, my hands automatically rested on his desk, he pulled my legs backwards and outwards. Then I felt him his mouth his tongue, so deep no one had ever…yes Ronny had licked me, but Leroy wasn’t licking he was devouring me fingers pulling me wide tongue pushed right inside me tasting me lapping my juices from my labia lips, then he circled my clitoris flicking it with a firm tongue, and then gross, his tongue curled tightly was up my bottom. No I don’t….his hand came down hard on my left cheek and his tongue went further in my anus. I gave up resisting and realised how good it felt even more so when his finger and thumb started to squeeze and manipulate my clitoris making it feel like a little hard penis, I came for the first time more than the orgasm I’d have at home.

He kept on at my anus then my pussy until he had enough, and when he new I was sopping wet and ready for him. I could sense what was happening behind me, he had his man hood in his hand and he started running it up and down my lips once twice three time, I was pushing back now wanting it. He pulled back and spoke for the first time in a while…do you want it Lynn do you want my black cock..yes…then tell me, tell me you want my black cock up your married white cunt….please I need it…what do you need TELL ME…fuck me stuff your cock up my cunt you black bastard that was me talking. Oh fuck, the big fat head after just a little effort just went so easily between my cunt lips I looked between my thighs I could see his cum soaked glistening black cock sliding into my body , he only stopped for a second two more inches entered, then three more the rest followed until his big heavy balls where hitting my clitoris I was amazed how easily he had entered me. He was further in me than anyone had ever been, I felt so full it was wonderful and I was telling him yes,yes,yes fuck me fuck me hard.

Sex with Ronny had always been good, always good but that was making love with a cock I had to play with to get it hard enough for my cunt. This was raw hard sex Leroy was rock hard and gave me no quarter slamming his meat into me while spanking my bottom harder and harder how red must It have been. I could hear him rasping out words, yes more push back more you filthy slut you love black cock you white bitch. He was so right mini orgasms were rushing through my body building up taking me higher, I was loving it in one hour I had gone from loving wife to an adulteries slut, and right then I didn’t care I just wanted it to go on forever. I felt him growing even bigger inside me, Just like before when he was in my mouth he pulled out….Please I need it almost there.

I wasn’t empty long, the desk was cleared and I was lay full length my head overhanging one end, legs up on Leroy shoulders at the other end while he easily entered my eager cunt…my eyes closed tight my body was once more building up to an orgasm then I felt something at my lips, my eyes shot open it was bird his broad chest naked above me, his cock tracing along my lips I opened up my lips it just seemed the natural thing to do, this was disgusting Leroy fucking me and now I had Birds cock entering my mouth, god he was much bigger than Leroy fatter and longer

They were talking about her over her body as if she wasn’t there. The filthy bitch loves it she fucking sopping wet she took all 11” right up her slack cunt she was so fucking wet, and she’s not a bad cock sucker we’ll after give her more practice to open her throat wider for your big one, Bird was laughing not many can take all 13”… it seemed like a challenge I needed to please these filthy men, but right then I began to be overcome my orgasm was building like never before, I spat the cock from my mouth….so good please don’t stop I’m cumming fuck me I’m cumming…… You love nigger dick don’t you Lynn, you’ll only ever want black cock from today, what do you want me to do with my black cock…fuck me… do you want my nigger spunk up your white cunt. Yes,yes,yeeeeeeeeees

Oh we came both of us he was flooding me with jet after jet of red hot sperm….my orgasm was like no other so strong and violent. Leroy roared she’s a fucking squirter she soaking me, this was a first until then I’d never heard of a squirter but I could feel it almost like I was peeing but it was pure sticky love juices shooting from me. My breath was ragged and short, and Leroy I could feel was getting sort and sliding from me, god your one hot fuck Lynn, Birds going to enjoy you. Get ready for her Bird, your ready for more slut.

When I got up, I didn’t see Bird at first but Leroy led me to him, he was lay on a thin mattress that had appeared from somewhere. What a body he was a mass of muscle from chest across a tight stomach down to his penis, but now I thought of Ronny as having a penis, this black monster was a cock and it was all for me. I didn’t hesitate and to be honest I didn’t care once more I needed to please him and to please me. I lay across his chest and legs his cock pressing an indentation in my belly, I grabbed his shoulders and started sliding my pussy along his cock faster and faster each time going further up without taking it inside me, I stared down at his cock between my thighs. It was soaking and glistening each time I slid back. My pussy opened when I slid high enough lips spreading to embrace the massive head of his black cock. I wasn’t sliding now I was humping the more I pushed down the more I wanted inside me. I pushed down and leant forward and Bird bit down on my sensitive nipples, I was whimpering and crying out with lust and had another orgasm.

I pushed back into it while I was still cumming, the crown slipped further in prolonging my fantastic orgasm, my cunt was being stretched like never before, Bird was even bigger behind the head and my pussy had to resize to accommodate him, I was pushing down on him and three more inches entered me so tight my cunt was rubbing against his cock sending waves of pleasure up to my brain, I pushed down more the pleasure increased over half his cock had entered me, I squatted up and down over half his cock and more entered my cunt bringing on yet another orgasm, then my spasm pulled in more. As I came I began to bounce once more, and Bird breathing heavy started to squeeze my tits and pull on my nipples. I held my hands over his crying out in another orgasm. I had been bouncing on Birds cock for more than fifteen minutes and he was showing no signs of cumming.

My legs were starting to hurt, and my strength waning even though part of me still wanted that cock in me forever. Bird realised I was tiring, and moved his hands from my tits to my ass cheek, I sighed as he took the strain lifting me up and down his shaft as fast as he could, trying to get more up me. And once again I was going to cum again, and Bird took advantage he lifted me until the tip was just in my cunt and let me go. Gravity did the rest. I was fully impaled on a 13” black cock, I later found out it was 6” round. I felt like I’d just lost my virginity and I loved it and it got better and better when Bird bounced me along his full shaft impaling me time and again. Before bringing both of us to a wondrous orgasm, his spunk was flooding into me squeezing round his cock and pouring over both of us, and once more I was squirting strongly adding to the mess in Birds lap.
He lifted me from him both of us giggling like school kids.

I had clean forgotten about Leroy but there he stood, his cock rock hard as he wanked himself with two hands, god he looked superb especially that cock….suck it again Lynn I need to see my spunk between your lips I opened as wide as I could wanting to taste Leroy once more, I didn’t think he’d have much cum after he’d cum in me only a few minutes before. I was so wrong he was flooding my mouth it ran down my chin and onto my tits, he wiped his dirty prick all over my face telling Bird to do the same, they covered my face in their spunk then scooped more from my cunt and spread it all over my body.

Fifteen minutes later she was sat in her car, she’d had to walk all the way threw the store in nothing more than her skimpy top and soiled tiny skater skirt, her panties were long gone, what was worse the amount of cum on her body it had dried on her face and thighs but it was still in her hair and down the back of her skirt. She’d even loved that walk, what a slut she was becoming. She smiled at herself in the car mirror, I even get a free cart load of shopping.

Seven days later she was pushing an over full trolley to the stairs up to the mezzanine floor. At the bottom stood Bird and two other security guard, all three smiling lustily at me. I walked up the stairs slowly waddling my pantyless ass side to side ensuring all three got a good look at my freshly shaven twat. Oh I did hope I got home in time to make Ronny’s dinner.

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