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Dark Dilemma of a Soldier’s Wife

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At the mere age of 25, Mrs. Jennifer Brenner felt so helpless and scared, praying daily that somehow things would improve across the world. Such would only be the case that would bring about a cancellation of the recent call up of her husband’s guard unit. Prior to marrying her true love, Jennifer knew of her fiancé’s military commitment and grudgingly was forced to accept it if the marriage was to take place. After coming across an article on the war, her stomach turned as it pointed out that the enemy’s main target was that of any officer over the lowly grunt soldier. The article did make a lot of sense but with husband Gary a second lieutenant, the lowest ranking officer on the field and leading his men, Jennifer was fearful that her husband would not be returning from the war zone alive. Heart pounding in her chest, Jennifer could not comprehend the notion of becoming a widow and without Gary at this early stage of her life.

For Lt. Gary Brenner, having continued on in the ROTC program from high school to college, it had given him the much needed ROTC scholarship to fund his college tuition. His parents had done a good job in saving for him to go to college but the sudden illness of his mother had drained the family savings and forced the dipping into a lot of the college fund that had been set aside for both he and his sister. Making the best of things, especially happy with his mother’s recovery and meeting Jennifer in college, Gary had to fulfill his commitment by serving four years in the military. Afraid of going to war for the first time, with the added thought of being a coward in battle or screwing up and costing lives, Gary was just a bundle of nerves.

Gary knew that his lovely wife was agonizing in despair ever since that call up of the guard had come, something that they each had feared could happen at any time. But it had come much soon then anticipated, just months after they had become man and wife. In order to assure his nervous bride, Gary told her how he was able to rely upon the master sergeant in his unit who had already been to the warfront twice and had even re-upped to go back once again. He relayed to his wife just how invaluable the top non-com was to him and tried as best to allay any fears she might have of him going to war by constantly assuring her with “MSgt. Carter knows how to keep all of us safe when we go out on field maneuvers and I’ll be pretty much letting him lead the way when we get to the front! So, don’t worry, honey – I’m not taking any chances when we get there!”

For MSgt. Reggie Carter, his head had rolled upon learning that 2nd Lt. Gary Brenner was a green as the came, cussing ‘Shit, didn’t think they had any more of those ROTC pricks from college any more! Jesus, just march on the college football field for practice and go to OCS, then they get to put on those damn shiny lieutenant bars! Fuck, and he’s to be leading us into battle! Jesus fuck’n Christ!’ Having seen the picture of the lieutenant’s wife sitting on the desk in the officer’s quarters, Reggie had to admit that the young punk had landed himself quite a beauty. When the base’s ‘open house’ day arrived, Reggie got to meet the lovely Mrs. Jennifer Brenner in person and she was far more stunning than what he’d seen in the photo. Her beauty and long flowing silky brown hair had Reggie’s nuts in an uproar, causing him to think ‘Wonder how worried she is about that officer prick she married? Wonder if’n she’d like to have me keep a close eye out fer hubby’s safety?’

Prior to the day of the ‘open house’, Lt. Brenner had mentioned “My wife is so nervous about this call-up! If you get a chance to reassure her in any way, I’d sure appreciate it!” “No problem, sir! I’ll make it a point to see to it that she’s reassured on the ‘open house’ day!” he had replied. Just as Reggie figured, the brown nosing lieutenant would be kissing ass on up to his superior officers and their wives for brownie points. Having been introduced to the lovely Mrs. Brenner earlier, Reggie easily moved on in when the lieutenant was called upon for more kiss ass duty. “Sir, as the lieutenant has pressing duties to perform, it would be an honor in escorting the lovely Mrs. on a tour of the facilities!” he so efficiently advised. “Thank you, MSgt!” came the reply from Lt. Brenner prior to his scooting off to see the Captain, thinking that his wife would get some much needed reassurance at that time. Reggie then had the lovely beauty to himself as he planned on prying for information that would lead to the perfect set up.

As the walked along and the subject came to their upcoming deployment to the warfront, Reggie’s cock gave a twitch of excitement when the opening arose upon her inquiring “MSgt., I recent read a article that an officer on patrol is the most targeted of all! Is that true?” Sensing the nervous and true concern in her voice, Reggie decided to first go with the classic response and let her take the bait before setting the hook, responding purposely with a stammer “Well, ma’am ………………don’t go believing all those articles ………………many ………of those writers have never been to war themselves!” Then he got the exact response that he was hoping for as the lieutenant’s pretty wife advised “Please give me the truth, MSgt! I need to know! I need to know if my concern is for naught!”

“Well, ma’am ………………..unfortunately, that particular article is CORRECT! It’s just something that each side does …………….go for the leader of the group! But in this particular war, that doesn’t apply as much! It’s more indiscriminate as to who gets hit as it’s more bobby-traps and what’s called ‘IEDs’ or improvised explosive devices! On patrols that we’ll be doing, house to house searches, it’s more dangerous and anyone in the unit is at risk as the place could be wired!” Reggie advised the concerned wife. He then added “But don’t ya worry ma’am, one gits to learn instinctively as to which house or building is a setup! Lt. Brenner is a quick learner from what I’s seen! I’lls be teaching him all’s I’s learned and git him up to speed so’s he’ll be coming home to ya in one piece!”

Hearing that, Jennifer felt a bit of relief as she advised “Oh, that’s a relief! Please promise me that’ll you’ll help get my husband through this tour of duty!” With the big burly master sergeant teaching Gary the tricks of the trade and even looking after him, Jennifer’s worry of her husband’s demise out on patrol was definitely lessened. That instinct MSgt. Carter had talked about had already been mentioned to her previously in several phone conversations that she had with her husband over the past couple of months. In fact, in a phone call the other week, her husband had sounded rather down as he expressed his concern of his lack of wartime experience in telling her “I’ve got to pick up the instincts that my master sergeant has! He’s the one I’m depending on as he’s got several tours of duty under his belt and just seems to know when and where to go! On today’s maneuvers, going from building to building, he was right on each one that was bobby trapped!”

“Ma’am, fer ya, I promise ya that he won’t have a scratch on him when he returns from the duty tour! I’s give ya my word! The next time Lt. Brenner calls ya, ma’am, he’ll tell ya how much confidence he’s gotten from this day on till then! I’s personally gonna see to that!” MSgt. Carter advised sternly. Seconds later, Lt. Brenner appeared with Major and Mrs. Stanton, at which time Reggie greeted them politely before making his departure from the officers and their wives. As he walked on back to check on the troops and their lovely wives, Reggie smiled in having set things up, for he planned on closing the trap door in just a few weeks. ‘Damn, that Lt. Brenner’s wife is sure a purty little thing! Fuck’n sexy white legs …………….and so smooth and flawless! God, I’s jist gotta have them beautiful legs wrapped around me! And better yet ……………an officer’s wife! Jeez, I’s can’t fuck’n wait!’ he thought.

As for Lt. Brenner wife, the lovely Mrs. Jennifer Brenner, her mind had been set at ease by the reassurance given her by the veteran drill sergeant. With her husband having already expressed his amazement at MSgt. Carter’s instincts when it came to combat situations, she knew that if the drill sergeant kept his promise to look after her husband, that he’d be fine and would come home in one piece. Sure enough, it was a week later that her husband was telling her of just how uncanny the drill sergeant was on the maneuvers that day, avoiding all the bobby trapped doors and only hitting the clean ones. Little did her husband know that the drill sergeant had slipped some bucks to his cohort setting up maneuvers that day and got info in advance as to what was bobby trapped.

And so when Jennifer picked up the call two weeks later, seeing that it was from her husband’s cellphone, she got the surprise of her life in hearing MSgt. Carter identify himself over the phone. “Oh, nothing’s the matter with Lt. Brenner, ma’am! He’s leading the troops across the river and I’m just holding onto his personal gear! Jist thought I’d call ya about the promise I made to ya on the ‘open house’ day! Remember that promise I’s made to ya?” she heard. “Yes! I certainly do and I thank you for it!” she replied. Then came the horrid proposition with the drill sergeant telling her “Ya know, Mrs. Brenner, a promise like that is difficult to keep! Of course, if’n one was to git a bit of an incentive, that kind of promise would definitely be kept!” “What are you implying here, MSgt?” Jennifer demanded authoritatively. She then swallowed with nervousness when the drill sergeant replied “Well, Lt. Brenner’s going to stay on base this weekend since he’s low man on the officers’ totem pole! But I’s got the whole weekend off! Perhaps we can get together at the ‘No-tel Motel’ near the base, where ya and I can discuss some incentives fer me to see to it that hubby don’t come home in a body bag, huh!”

For Jennifer Brenner, she had herself quite a dilemma in pondering ‘Do I dare tell Gary of the drill sergeant’s call? How can a drill sergeant propose such a ludicrous thing? And to me …………..an officer’s wife? ‘ she’d wondered. ‘My God, there wouldn’t be anything they could do to him if he merely didn’t advise Gary of his instincts, like a particular building being bobby trapped! He’d even send Gary in deliberately, letting him get killed in such a manner!’ she thought. Jennifer shuddered at the thought of the motel’s name, the ‘No-tel Motel’! ‘Discuss incentives with the bastard!’ she cringed in horror, knowing just the kind of incentives that the burly black drill sergeant was looking for ………………….having sex with her!’ Jennifer shuddered again at the horrid thought, clutched at her stomach as it churned in revulsion, then rushed to the bathroom and bent over the toilet as where she began throwing up.

In bed that night, Jennifer’s thoughts went back to her college days, recalling how some of the girls in sorority had laughed and giggled in confirming to the others that the myth of a black male being well-endowed was certainly true. ‘Oh, God ………………I can’t let him put his filthy ‘thing’ in me!’ Jennifer shuddered, again feeling sick to her stomach. ‘But what will happen if I don’t meet with him ……………….at the …………..No-tel Motel?’ she asked herself. ‘He’ll surely send Gary to his death out there! I can’t let that happen to Gary! But if …………if I do go ………………condoms ……………….I’ll need to protect myself ……………………God, I can’t let him get me pregnant!’ Jennifer told herself, trembling and shuddering at the thought of being impregnated by the black bastard.

Having gone into the nightstand on her husband’s side of the bed, Jennifer found only one foil packet remaining in the box as they had ceased using any protection for months as they wanted to start a family together. Thoughts went back to the gals in her sorority, in particular that time when one of the gals had commented on a black male jock on the football team being ‘built like a horse’! Then another gal had giggled and commented ‘Hope you packed the Magnums I gave you!’ Then Jennifer wondered ‘What are Magnums?’ Getting onto her computer, she went onto the internet and typed the word ‘Magnums’ and hit the ‘enter’ button. A shudder coursed throughout her body in finding the very first link worded as ‘Magnum Condoms’.

Reading about the latex condom that was ‘Larger’ in size than that of the normal condom, Jennifer shivered upon reading that it also contained a special reservoir for ‘extra’ safety, which left nothing to wonder about as to what that special reservoir was built for. And if the myth about blacks was certainly true according to her sorority sisters, Jennifer had no doubt that the big burly master sergeant would also be built like a horse. That special reservoir would certainly be needed, especially if the bastard’s manhood was indeed built like an animal’s, meaning that he would definitely be ejaculating out an enormous amount of potent semen.

Going to a drugstore on the other side of town, one that she did not frequent, Jennifer nervously entered. Prior to their discontinuing the use of condoms, Gary had taken care of purchasing whatever he needed and Jennifer had only seen various condom boxes on racks in the pharmacy. But in walking up and down each aisle in the pharmacy of this drugstore that was located in a rather rundown neighborhood, there were no condoms to be found. Going up to the pharmacy’s counter, she spoke softly to the rather obese woman in asking for the protective prophylactics. Jennifer was quite embarrassed when the woman loudly advised “Oh, you mean ‘CONDOMS’, honey? We keep’em behind here in the locked glass cabinet!”

With other customers shopping in pharmacy department, Jennifer wanted to sink into the floor as the loud crass woman continued with “Have to lock’em up in this neighborhood as them damn teenagers keep swiping’em off the shelves! Gott’em all back here – lubed, ribbed, rainbow colors, you name’em and we gott’em!” Then Jennifer was asked “So what’s your pleasure, honey?” Blushing and swallowing, Jennifer then managed to stammer out softly “Mag …………………Magnums ………do you have Magnums!” To her dismay, the obese bitch responded loudly “MAGNUMS! My God, honey, a purty little gal yer size ain’t gonna be able to accommodate a guy who’s can fill up a MAGNUM!” Hearing the giggling of the customers behind her in the aisle had Jennifer blushing a beet red as she quickly paid for the item and hustled out of the store and into her car.

At home that night, Jennifer looked at the small sack containing the box of condoms and her heart began pounding in her chest. ‘What am I doing?’ she asked herself, knowing that buying the condoms meant that she was seriously contemplating meeting the master sergeant’s demand that she meet with him, supposedly to discuss what he indicated to be ‘some incentives fer me to see to it that hubby don’t come home in a body bay, huh!’ Jennifer swallowed deeply, knowing that a mere ‘discussion’ was highly unlikely, especially with her having to meet the vile bastard at the ‘No-tel Motel’! ‘He doesn’t want to discuss things with me! He wants to have sex with me! And if I don’t, it’ll surely lead to getting Gary killed in some bobby trapped building!’ she surmised.

‘Is it still considered adultery if I comply and have sex with the bastard to save my husband’s life?’ Jennifer wondered. A chill went over her as the image of the burly black master sergeant filled her mind and the horrid thought of allowing him to put her hands on her body had Jennifer feeling nauseous. ‘Is it really cheating on Gary if I’m doing it to save his life?’ she asked herself over and over again. Then, not having been with any male sexually other than her loving husband, Jennifer couldn’t help but to wonder ‘If he is built like an animal, the size of a horse, will I be able to take it in me? Will I be permanently stretched forever? Will Gary notice the difference the next time we make love?’ Her thoughts then went back to the time she head her sorority sisters talking about having sex with black males, in particular how one of the gals had talked about the black fellow she had dated made her give him ‘head’ and she had gagged on it when he pushed it down into her throat. ‘My God, what if …………………….what if that’s demanded of me? I’d just die!’ she shuddered at the thought of it.

In mental turmoil throughout each waking moment for the next few days, Jennifer was just a bundle of nerves and it felt that she would soon have a mental breakdown. Literally sick to her stomach, she would cringe at the mere thought of the calloused black touching her, feeling her up and caressing her body. ‘But if I don’t show up, no matter what the reason, it’ll definitely result in Gary’s death once the unit ships out to the warfront!’ she told herself over and over again. Cringing at the thought of being touched by another man, Jennifer shuddered at the thought of her possibly having to touch him, feeling sick at possibility of having to fondle his foul private parts.

Day off taken from her job at the real estate appraisal office, Jennifer stepped out of the plane wearing the same off white outfit that she had worn to the base’s ‘open house’ as that was what MSgt. Carter had wanted to see her wearing once again. Hailing a taxicab, when asked where to, Jennifer advised “To the Pheasant’s Inn!” Too embarrassed to tell the driver to take her to the Notel Motel, she gave him the name of the restaurant that she and Gary had eaten at that was located just two doors down from the motel with the ominous name that required no explanation as to the type of people who frequented the establishment.

As the taxicab passed the infamous establishment, Jennifer’s heart pounded in fear and apprehension as she saw her tormentor standing in the doorway of the motel unit that he had rented as he took a swig from a bottle of beer. After paying for the cab fare, she walked past the restaurant and further on down to parking lot of the Notel Motel. Her knees went weak as she turned into the parking lot to see the wide grin on the black sergeant’s face as he took another swig from his beer bottle before turning and disappearing into the motel room, leaving the door to the unit wide open as his way of inviting her in. With each shaky step towards the open door of the motel room, Jennifer’s heart pounded in her chest as she fought the urge to turn and run, but forced herself forward while praying that her thoughts were completely wrong and that a ‘discussion’ was all that he wanted of her.

But no matter what the consequences this vile sergeant had in store for her, Jennifer knew very well that the bastard controlled the fate of her inexperienced husband when they left for the warfront, a fact that even her husband had relayed to her since taking over command of the unit. Standing at the edge of the open doorway, the point of demarcation, Jennifer knew very well that stepping over the entrance of the doorway meant stepping over into a dark world of depravity. Then a deep husky voice came from inside telling her to “C’mon on in, Mrs. Brenner! And close the door behind you!” Closing her eyes, Jennifer tried to steel her trembling body as best she could, then forced herself to lift her right leg and step forward into the dingy room of the Notel Motel.

Visibly shaking and clutching at her purse as she closed the door and neared the depraved sergeant, Jennifer slowly moved into the center of the musty smelling room. She decided to try to take control of the situation, nervously stammering out “I …………………I’m here to just ‘discuss’ things as you wanted!” A shiver coursed throughout her entire body as her statement was met with a loud roar of laughter from the black burly sergeant as he sat in the sofa and took another swig of beer before replying “Yeah, sweetie …………………………..let’s discuss how that hubby of yers doesn’t end up coming back in a body bag ………………………….unless ya gimme some kinda incentive to keep him alive out on maneuvers!”

Standing in the middle of the room, Jennifer trembled nervously as MSgt. Carter obviously controlled the situation in the room as he advised “Ya look so fuck’n beautiful in that white outfit and heels! I’s been dreaming of ya jist like that from the day of the ‘open house’!” A moment of silence followed as the black sergeant glared at her as she stood shaking in the middle of the room, then the vile bastard advised “Ya know what I’ve been dream’n of even more? What would really be an incentive fer me to see that fuck’n greenhorn lieutenant of yers comes back home alive, huh? Well, lemme tell ya what I’s been dream’n about every night ………………….and that’s ya seeing ya taking that outfit off so’s I’s can see that sexy bod of yers!”

Another moment of silence followed as her tormentor drank his beer, leaving her nervously standing there and fidgeting. Jennifer had just heard from her husband’s master sergeant just what she had feared most all along, that this vile man was not interested in mere talk. And to her dilemma, there would be no more ‘talk’ as MSgt. Carter asked “So, what’s it gonna be, Mrs. Brenner? Are ya gonna give me an incentive to see that yer punk husband comes back alive …………………..or do ya wanna see him come back in a body bag?” Nervously, Jennifer lifted her right hand and began toying with the bottom button of her white jacket.

Blinking back the tears, Jennifer closed her eyes as her trembling fingers fumbled with the button to her jacket. Bottom button undone, her hand moved up to the one above, this one getting unbuttoned a bit quicker. Now only the top button remained and again her fingers trembled and fumbled with it, for once unbuttoned she knew that her tormentor would be demanding the removal of the jacket, and her lacy bra covered breasts would be devoured by his ogling dark eyes. Jennifer knew that once she did take remove her jacket before this vile man, all hope would be lost of somehow talking this bastard from sexually exploiting her.

With the top and last button undone, Jennifer clutched at the front of her jacket to hold it closed. Ordered to “Take yer hand away, honey!” she was told and Jennifer reluctantly obeyed as she closed her eyes in shame. Blinking her teary eyes, she trembled even when the expected came with the bastard told her to “Take that jacket off so’s I’s can see yer beautiful bod, Mrs. Brenner!” Swallowing deeply, trying to brave herself, the time had ultimately come as the gruff voice growled “Make up yer mind, Mrs. Brenner! Ya can button up and leave …………………but consider that punk yer married to as good as ‘dead’!” Gasping at that blunt and crude statement, put the purse that her left hand was clutching down onto the nearby chair, then released the front of her jacket that her right hand was holding together.

Slowly peeling the white jacket from her shoulders and down her arms, Jennifer then draped the item of clothing over the back of the nearby chair while turning her head away from the ogling sergeant. Jennifer sucked in her breath as the man in control of her husband’s fate put his beer bottle down and got up from the sofa to approach her slowly. Cringing and fighting to remain still as she stood in the middle of the tiny motel room, she visible gasped aloud when the bastard traced his index finger down the length of her right arm. “Ooooooooooh!” she gasped when the tip of his thick index finger press onto the center of her soft bra cup, perfectly aimed as her sensitive nipple bud immediately rose up against the stimulating finger which as now tracing itself in a circle to stimulate her. And then the same was done to her left bra encased breast, followed by the touching of both bra covered breasts at the same time.

Panting as both nipples were being grasped and stimulated by the bastard’s thumbs and forefingers through the thin fabric of her bra, Jennifer forced herself to withstand the shame and humiliation, a price she told herself that must be paid for her husband’s life. And then the bastard was cupping both breasts through her lacy bra, cupping and squeezing them as if looking for some ripe fruit. Momentarily the groping stopped, but it was just so that the bastard could move around of her and then his large muscular arms were encircling her petite frame to again paw at her bra encased breasts. Then after another momentary pausing in the groping, her breasts were again being manhandled, only without the interference of her lacy bra that he had unhook and now lay upon the dirty carpeting.

Neck nuzzled by the filthy bastard, thick rough tongue in her earlobe, Jennifer was forced to endure his taunting her of “Ya’s and me’s gonna make some beautiful music together, Mrs. Brenner! Damn, ya’s got the best set of titties I’s ever seen or felt up! C’mon, let’s turn ya around some so’s I’s can get me a mouthful of those little beauties!” “Ahhhhhhh ………………..aggggggggggh!” Jennifer gasped loudly as the sergeant hot mouth clamped over her right breast as he began to tongue and suckle upon her sensitive nipple. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she squealed upon feeling his sharp teeth holding the base of her elongated nipple between them and was deathly afraid of what would happen if he bit down hard into it.

After her left breast was mauled and suckled upon as its twin, Jennifer found herself being pushed down onto her knees upon the rather dirty carpeting of the motel room floor. And with the strong black hands grasping her wrists and pulling them to the front of his jeans and placed upon that large hidden bulge as the vile bastard began undoing his belt. Instinctively, her trim fingers squeezed upon the hidden lump which caused Jennifer to suck in her breath as felt as if a rolling pin was under the jeans. And as the pair of jeans were unbuckled and opened for her, Jennifer hesitantly placed her hands back, only now they were upon his white designer boxer shorts. Jennifer then was told to “Go on and reach underneath fer the present I’s got fer ya!”

Hands visibly shaking, Jennifer blinked back the tears at the thought of touching another man’s phallus in the raw even though having convinced herself over and over throughout the past week that such an atrocity might just be required of her. She swallowed deeply, convincing herself that she was doing it to save her husband’s life, Jennifer then proceeded to slip her finger up under the loose garment through the spacious leg holes. Upon making contact with the thick stem, she cringed and shuddered at the feel of the stickiness of the fleshy prong, causing Jennifer to wonder as to when this crude brute had showered last. ‘My, Godddddddd!’ was the thought going through her mind as her fingers could not help themselves as they physically began to measure the hidden monstrosity. ‘My, God ……………my fingers won’t go fully around it!’ she came to realize. And after tracing its length with her fingers, Jennifer shuddered in realizing that ‘The girls were right! It is not myth! He has to be over twelve inches long!’
For Reggie, seeing the beautiful wife of his immediate commanding officer mesmerized by the immense size of his big dong had him grinning with absolute pride. Feeling the trim fingers squeezing the base of his cock to test its solidity, Reggie gave the enthralled beauty a mighty twitch that had her audibly sucking in her breath. “Move your purty hand further back, Mrs. Brenner! Cradle my big black nuts in the palm of yer hand!” he crassly ordered. With her complying by cupping his ball sac in her left hand, it was his turn to suck in his breath as the beauty began exploring his pisshole with her right index finger, causing Reggie to steel himself from prematurely popping his pentup load right there and then, covering her beautifully manicured fingers with a flood of sticky cum.

Seeing Lt. Brenner’s beautiful wife on her knees before him, Reggie smiled in seeing that the beauty was now in a trance-like state, apparently forcing herself to perform this sex act that was just too horrific for her young innocent mind. He’d seen this happen before, in particular to a sweet young wife who had never before been with another man other than her husband, and the beautiful Mrs. Jennifer Brenner certainly fell into that category! He certainly knew that the punk lieutenant had nothing compared to what his sweet young wife was now handling and obviously she was finding that out for herself first hand. He hadn’t given her any further instructions, so it gave him even greater pleasure in feeling her ringed thumb and forefinger going up and down over the flange of his bloated cockhead while her left hand squeezed time and time again upon his churning balls.
Moments after she had unconsciously pushed back the boxer short’s leg up and drawn the lengthy fuckstick out of its hiding place, having continued squeezing the pulsating nuts in the palm of her left hand while her right had been shucking at the stem as if cleaning a stalk of corn, Jennifer’s innocent mind suddenly snapped back to reality. ‘Oh, my God, what in the world am I doing?’ she shuddered. Cringing at the disgusting act that she was performing for this horrid sergeant, a thought came to her mind that maybe she could sate his vile lust by satisfying him with her hands. ‘Yes, that’s what I’ll do! Please him with my hands, that’s the solution, sate his vile lust in this manner!’ she concluded as began fisting him in earnest.

For Reggie, he sensed exactly what the pretty bitch was up to, foolishly thinking that she could get him off by hand and then save herself from getting royally fucked! He chuckled to himself and let her play with his balls and cock, but she’d eventually come to learn that her attempt to get off easy would be futile. ‘Yeah, I’ll jist play along and let her think she’s getting the best of me for about ten minutes or so!’ he mused. ‘Then she’ll be in fer a big surprise when I’s tell her that only those beautiful pink lips and talented tongue of hers will do the trick fer me!’ he chuckled. ‘Damn, she looks so fucking innocent! Bet even hubby boy’s puny cock hasn’t gotten past those sweet lips of hers! God, I can’t fuck’n wait to see the look on her purty face when its time to suck dick! Jeezussssssss, I’s bet she’ll fuck’n puke when I’s cum in her mouth and make her eat my hot jizz!’ he laughed to himself.

‘My God, it’s been five minutes or even more but still he hasn’t ejaculated! Surely he must be getting near!’ Jennifer told herself. It was natural for her to make a comparison of the cock she was now fisting, along with playing with his big sticky balls, to that of her husband’s much smaller one. Not only was everything so much bigger, but by now her husband would be snoring after having ejaculated all of his pent up semen. Then Jennifer could not help but to wonder ‘If he’s twice as big and long in all departments, does that mean there’s twice as much of male semen generated?’ Fingering the walnut-sized testicles as they moved about in the sac, Jennifer could only conclude that the result would be in the affirmative.

Moments later, with the muscles in her arm tiring after pumping furiously at him, Jennifer just could not believe the stamina of this man. The large calloused hands that had been stroking her hair for the last few moments had turned to gripping her tightly with fingers woven into her long hair and pulling her head forward ……………….right towards the swollen prong that she was fisting to bring off. Trembling as she tried desperately to pull he head back, Jennifer had not anticipated this horrid scenario in her wildest imagination, even as she had conjured up the most despicable things in her mind this past week in hopes of being prepared to endure the agony of it all. Jennifer had not and could believe this vile sergeant was wanting her to “Put it yer mouth, Mrs. Brenner! That’ll git me off fer sure!”

Try as she might, Jennifer was no match against the strength of the hands clasping the back of her head and pulling her forward. Wincing as she shut her eyes tightly, Jennifer could only cringe in shame as the flesh dome of the foul penis brushed up against her upper lip before sliding up to bump her nose. Hair yanked back to tilt her head back some, Jennifer wanted to die upon feeling the thick fleshy bone moving back and forth against her clenched lips to seek entrance. But then came a hard yank upon her hair causing Jennifer to yelp “Arrghhhhhhh ……………………….!” A partial yelp was all that escaped her lips before they were plugged and sealed by the plunging fleshy shaft.

Looking down to see the beauty’s wide horrified eyes made this forced blowjob even that much more enjoyable for Reggie as he chuckled loudly before taunting her with “Thought you’d git off easy, huh, Mrs. Brenner? Thought you’d be able to git away with a quicky handjob, huh? C’mon, sweetie, gimme some tongue action so’s I’s can git off!” With no response and to get her complete attention, Reggie pushed forward several more inches till his bloated cockhead was at the entrance to her throat, then leaned forward some. The widened eyes on look of horror on the beauty’s face told it all as she realized that she might just choke to death if he followed on through with pushing his thick cock right down into her gullet. Pulling back some, he glared down at her and gave her the ultimatum of “Tongue me or I’m gonna shove it down yer fuck’n throat!” Reggie sucked in his breath and his entire frame quivered for a second upon feeling the exquisite sensation of her hot pointed tongue flicking on his dickhead.

It was actually a simple choice and an easy one for Jennifer to make, especially after having been given the grizzly ultimatum, with this alternative chosen seemingly the more palatable one. Palatable it was as her mouth immediately began to get sticky from the precum that began oozing out of the pisshole onto her tongue. Stomach churning as she shuddered in revulsion, Jennifer told herself that ‘It’s better than having that bastard shove this monstrosity all the way down my throat! I’m doing this to save Gary from dying, not for me to die choking and unable to breathe with a filthy black cock stuffed down my throat!’ Although repulsed at having to perform this filthy act, Jennifer could not refrain from keeping her tongue from exploring the flaring pisshole.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …………………………………that’s it, Mrs. Brenner …………………….oh, ya’ve got a real talented tongue there!” Reggie wheezed as he shivered with pleasure. ‘Damn, I’s sure as hell set it up good with the green horn lieutenant she’s married to scared shitless about going into battle! And his sweet wife here looks upon me as the savior who’ll bring hubby back home alive and in one piece! Paying off my buddy fer the info on bobby-trapped doors on field maneuvers really did the trick on that punk lieutenant! “Hot damn, Mrs. Brenner ………………………Lt. Brenner sure is a lucky guy having a beautiful wife like ya ………………………….one who’s willing to do anything to save her man ………………suck dick fer hubby!” Reggie taunted the beauty as he face-fucked her.

“Look up at me, Mrs. Brenner ……………………….cause I’s wanna look into those beautiful eyes of yers when ya’s git to taste a man’s cum fer the first time!” Jennifer heard the sergeant order. Terrified as she looked up, Jennifer pushed at the muscular thighs, her eyes seeking to plead with the vile sergeant in not doing the foul deed. Seeing the broad grin on his coal black face told her that there would be mercy this evil bastard. It was so hideous at this point to Jennifer, feeling like a cheap little whore being made to do things only prostitutes would think of doing. Feeling sick as her mouth was now filled with slimy gunk, but now Jennifer feared the worst in feeling the inflated bulb in her mouth swell even more.

It was like a fish trying to shake the hook as the beautiful Mrs. Jennifer Brenner shook her head about in desperately trying to get her mouth off his leaking cock, causing Reggie to cut up laughing in seeing the absolute look of fear in her eyes, especially when he went ahead and purposely twitched his cock to make it expand it even further in her already well-filled mouth. Next, his mind had him clasping her hair tightly as he leaned forward to force his bulb-like cockhead down into her throat. Now the frantic beauty was struggling fiercely, fearing that she would die from being unable to breathe, and Reggie just laughed his head off before pulling back only when her eyes rolled and he saw the whites of her yes.

As the delirious beauty shuddered as she fought for the much needed air around the bloated cockhead that was still enveloped in her mouth, Reggie cut loose by popping his nuts in her mouth. Now the lieutenant’s beautiful wife was not only fight to get oxygen but was seeking to find a way in which to expel the hot slime that burst in her mouth. “Swallow it, Mrs. Brenner! Swallow my hot cum if’n ya’s wanna see that hubby of yer’s come home alive and in one piece!” he threatened the horrified beauty. Reggie grinned widely in seeing the pretty wife realize that she couldn’t spit it out anyway, watched as she closed her eyes in shame, her petite body shuddering in revulsion as she began swallowing down the hot slimy goo.

Shuddering as the slimy bile slowly coursed its way down to her belly, Jennifer could literally feel the hot stuff sliding down inch by inch till it formed a lake in her belly. When the still bloated cockhead was finally pulled out of her out with loud ‘pop’, Jennifer sucked in a breath of fresh air to fill her lungs once again. But in doing so, her queasy stomach then heaved as it began to reject the foreign substance that she had been forced to swallow. Clamping a hand over her mouth, Jennifer’s wyes widened in horror as she knew that she’d be throwing up soon. Seeing the rubbish can nearby, she crawled over to it, then bent her head over into it. “Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh ……………….grruppp …………………….garararrrrrrrrrpppppppphhhhhhhhhhh!” she heaved and puked out her guts.

Not wanting the smell of puke on her breath, Reggie handed the sickened beauty with a glass of water to wash her mouth out. With the sickened beauty sitting on the floor in defeat, he assisted her up to her feet and directed the mentally defeated young wife to the bed, knowing that her innocent mind was now utterly defeated at the filthy sex act that she had just performed for him. With his cock reviving, he grasped her hand and placed it on his cock. As her trim fingers instinctive clasped him, Reggie gave his cock a twitch and loved the instinctive response he got of her fingers squeezed back upon him, then he taunted “Lucky thing that hubby of yers got himself a beautiful wife! Otherwise, the fuck’n punk definitely would be coming back in a body bag!”

Looking down at the bed as she clutched and let go repeatedly at the penis that she would have to force herself to accept into her body, Jennifer told herself that she had to allow it in order to save her husband’s life. But she felt sick to her stomach at the thought of allowing another man to be intimate with her, to stick his filthy penis into her body and have sex with her. White skirt of her outfit undone by the sergeant and now puddle around her heels, Jennifer felt the bastard now working down her lacy white panties. She trembled as the bastard caressed her ass with his large calloused hand, then his hand was forcing its way between the back of her legs and the bastard was trying to insert his thick middle finger up into her vagina. Panting as her chest heaved in fear, Jennifer could not help but to respond with her pussy lips clenching against the invading digit.

Steeling her mind, Jennifer told herself that she had to go through with it and allow this vile bastard to have sex with her. She then looked down to her left, shivered with shame upon seeing the sparkling diamond right given to her on her engagement as it stood upon the top of the ebony cock that she was stroking. Seeing the flaring pisshole, from where would belch out this man’s vile potent seed, Jennifer remembered the box of condoms that she had bought for this occasion. As she tried to retrieve her purse, her hand was encompassed by a large calloused one to prevent her from letting go. “Let me get my purse! Pleaseeeee!” Jennifer panted out as shed out with her free arm.

Grasping the strap of her purse, she pulled it to her and opened it. Box pulled from her purse, she heard MSgt. Carter’s laughter as she let go of her hand to allow her to use both hands to open up the box and then to tear open a foil packet. Sitting upon the bed, Jennifer then had to figure out just how to get the protective condom down upon thick ebony penis as this would be her very first attempt in doing such a task. A failed attempt at first as it had been placed the wrong way, Jennifer breathed a sigh of relief as she finally began shucking the protective rubber down upon the dangerous stem. ‘At least I’ll now be protected!’ she told herself as thought of being impregnated by this black bastard was too much to contemplate.

Pushed back onto the bed and told to get her legs up, Jennifer closed her eyes and obeyed as used the edge of the mattress to get her heels off and thud to the floor. Then her legs were being drawn up and it her thighs were being pushed back to bend her in two. Legs pulled up by the ankles, her feet were then flat upon the sergeant’s stomach muscles, then the hands were guiding her feet up to his chest. Finally, with her hips grasped and pulled forward, the back of her ankles were then resting upon the top of his broad shoulders. Jennifer began trembling with fear as the condom sheathed cockhead was centered at her being, and the blunt pressure against her vagina entrance told her that this would not be an easy fit if at all accomplished.

“Oh, God ……………………..I can’t ……………………..please, I can’t go through with this! Stop ……………………..stop ……………………….it won’t fittttttttttttttt!” Jennifer cried out. But as she brought her feet down from his shoulders and pushed at his muscular chest to get away, Jennifer felt the large hands holding her fast. “Nooooooooo ………………………….aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………….stoppppppp ……………………stoppppppppppppppp ……………………..you’re killing meeeeee!” she screamed out as it felt like the fat end of a baseball bat was being forced up into her. “Take it out …………………take it out ………………………pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee ……………………….aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she cried.

Head tossing from side to side in agony, long silky brown hairy whipping from side to side, Jennifer breathed out a sigh of relief as the plundering cock was suddenly withdrawn out of her. “Thank you ………………….oh, thank you!” she panted out in gratefulness fo the reprieve from the agonizing pain. But then it was pressing back at her entrance as her tormentor advised “I’ll take it slow and easy on ya, Mrs. Brenner! I’s knows jist how to please a woman like ya!” The sergeant was being true to his word as she was not being suddenly plundered as before but instead the bulblike cock was being eased between her nearly torn cuntlips. “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnn ………………….nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!” she groaned as the blunt head inched a bit into her too tight cunny.

Reggie gritted his teeth in order to keep from laughing aloud as he inched further into the ever so tight little beauty. He had not pulled out of the crying bitch because of her pleas from him to take it out of her nor was he intending to show her any kindness. Instead, it was a devious trick in getting her to think that was the case as he had used that precious moment out of her cunny to shuck off that damned condom. The pain of his stretching her out had her oblivious to the fact that she was now getting fucked bareback. “Oooooooooh …………………….oooooooooohh ………………oooooooooooooooh!” came the moans with him now stroking four solid inches in and out of wide stretched cunny.

Delirious as the incredible fuck continued, Jennifer continued to pant and moan as the vile sergeant had his way with her. “I’m doing this for Gary!” she told herself over and over. Shivering with unwanted pleasure, she gritted her teeth and chided herself each time, praying that it would soon be over with! Biting down on her bottom lip, Jennifer willed herself not to moan or show any means of getting enjoyment from this vile man, but her cunny would not obey as it squeezed time and time again upon the thick slicing tool. Now fully embedded up in her cunny, Jennifer swore it was bumping up inside of her tummy.

Glancing at the mirror on the dresser, Reggie smiled as her saw the pedicured toes of the fucked beauty curled above his back as he fucked her good. He knew that she was trying not to show any emotion as submitted to this fucking, but the audio of the camcorder picking up her earlier moans and catching all of this would prove otherwise. “Oh, honey ……………..oh, honey ……………….what a fantastic fuck ………………….jeezz, yer so fuck’n tight! Oh, yeah, baby ………………………….…squeeze yer cunt like that …………….oh, yeah ……………………..keep on jist like that and I’s gonna pop my load!” he advised.

As her squeezing suddenly became harder and faster, Reggie knew that she was merely trying to bring the fuck to an end. He just loved it as the innocent and unsuspecting bitch was basically participating in the fuck to bring him off as quick as possible and end it all. Faster, harder and near the point of no return, he then held up the dangling condom from his fingers and called out “Oh, Mrs. Brenner ………………….lookit what I’s got here!” As the beauty opened her eyes and blinked to focus them, the look of horror formed upon her beautiful face as she stared at the condom dangling from his fingers. A renewed struggle then commenced as she panted out “Noooooooooooo …………………..oh, no …………………………………..noooooooooooooooooooo!”

The fierce struggle that ensued was all it took for Reggie at this point as he wrestled with the beautiful bitch who tried with all her might to get away from him. Grasping her hips tightly, he rammed forward with out mercy once, withdrew and then slammed forward once again. Buried up to the hilt, his cock twitched in the tight confines of he cunny, then his nuts popped! “Ugh ………………….….ugh …………..………………ugh ………………….ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That oughta do the trick since hubby ain’t man enough to git his purty wife knocked up!” Reggie advised. Then, after allowing the now weeping wife’s limp legs to slide down his body, he placed her feet flat on the bed and pushed her knees wide to allow the hidden camcorder to capture the flow of cum oozing out of her reddened twat.

Body trembling between more visible shudders, Jennifer felt so utterly defeated and soiled as she could feel the slimy filth oozing out of her widened hole. ‘All the planning she had done, taking the precaution in buying those condoms, all was for naught!’ she sighed in defeat. Clenched teeth and eyes tightly closed shut, Jennifer realized that ‘He’ll get me pregnant for sure! Just so much of it! So much of his filthy semen!’ With the wilted and unused condom now lying between her breast, Jennifer’s only thought was to somehow rid herself of the potentially dangerous semen. Grimacing, she then tried to squeeze her cunt muscles, doing it once and then again. Now it was mixed emotions as she felt some sense of accomplishment in feeling the gooey slime oozing out of her twat, but then it was flowing down the crack of her ass and then the bed beneath her.

Just as she was about to dose off next to the vile sergeant who had rested upon the bed after the exhaustive fuck session, Jennifer felt a strong hand pulling at her wrist. Soon, her fingers were once again encircling the sergeant’s cock that had now revived and was jutting upright at the ceiling. With the cock in her hand rock solid, Jennifer knew that this sordid night had just begun, and that was confirmed when told “C’mon, sweetie, c’mon and get up in the saddle!” Already defeated and having gone this far, Jennifer sought to get her aching body up from the bed. With thighs widespread as she straddled big man as ordered, she then lowered herself down onto the cock held in hand with no thought of using a protective condom at this juncture.

“Hsssssssssssssssssssssss ……………………………….oooooooooooooooooooohh!” Jennifer moaned as the thick cudgel surged up into her wide stretched cunny as she let go of the fleshy stem. Eyes closed as she proceeded to ride the black sergeant’s cock, Jennifer gritted her teeth as she was determined to show no or as little emotion as possible, even though her squeezing cunny continuously proceeded to betray her. But due to her eyes being closed, Jennifer did not see the sergeant reach over to grab his cellphone and press the speed dial button to call directly into the barracks.

Then, while impaled upon the foot-long dong, Jennifer sucked in her breath upon hearing the sergeant’s voice say “Hey, Lt. Brenner! MSgt. Carter here! Jist thought I’d check in to see how ya doing and if’n ya needed me to report back early! Sure hoping ya don’t though, cause I’s got me a real sweet white honey here in town and she’s jist loving the dark meat I’s got fer her! Know I shouldn’t tell ya this but can ya believe that I’s met her at the base open house and she called me early this week and wanted to meet up with me here in town – apparently wanting to give me an incentive to see that her hubby comes back to her alive! Can you believe that?”

To her horror, the phone was then switched on to ‘speaker’ and then Jennifer heard her husband’s voice on the other end saying “Shit, Sarge, I shouldn’t know about something like that! And don’t tell me who’s wife it is! The less I know the better it is! But you just gave me a fucking hardon wondering just who’s wife you’re boning! Anyway, thanks for the offer but I can handle it here! Besides, with us shipping out soon, this will be most likely be your last shot at getting some nookiel!” Then, Jennifer was in disbelief upon hearing her husband advise “Sarge, I gotta get going as my wife is expecting my call! Hey, I’ll cover for you if you get back late on Sunday! I’ll just let it be known that you’re running an errand for me off the base! But then you’ll owe me something, like say …………………………her panties!”

‘My, God, how could Gary even condone such a thing, much less be a participant in asking him for the panties of the wife his screwing?’ Jennifer pondered. ‘Bastard! And I’m doing this to save his life!’ she thought as began humping up and down faster in anger. Jennifer then came to realize how fearful her husband was to agitate his sergeant whom he felt would be the one to bring him through the combat zone alive. ‘But did he have to go and ask him for my panties? I’ll show him!’ she fumed as the cellphone in her purse began ringing. Stretching to reach over to her purse, not getting off the sergeant’s fuckstick, she flipped it open and answered “Hi, honey, I’ve been waiting for you to call!”

With the officers having a private room in the barracks, Gary Brenner had whipped out his cock from the time he had been on the hone with MSgt. Carter. ‘My God, he dared to tell me that he was fucking some soldier’s wife as she apparently offered up her body to him so that he would give added protection to her husband in the combat zone! Shit, I can’t go on with his fraternization with another soldier’s wife! But I need him just as much to keep my ass from being blown to hell myself! Jeez, I wonder who’s wife it is? Is she a beauty? White for sure from what Carter said! That bitch is sacrificing her body, letting the likes of Carter boner her with his big black dick, for the sake of her husband! Shit, no way that Jenny would ever do something like that even if it would save me from getting killed! Geez, I sure wish I could see him fuck her!’ he thought.

Before he picked up his cellphone to call Jenny’s, Gary had stroked his cock up to a full erection while imagining that it was his wife being the one that his black buck sergeant was fucking in the nearby motel. ‘God, I’d sure would like to see Carter give Jennifer a fuck, watch him get his big black cock up her tight little cunt! Hey, what if I made a deal with him myself? Yeah, he go into any potentially dangerous situation and I stay in charge of the back-up team and in exchange, and I’ll promise that when we get back home ……………………….I’d have Jennifer prepare a nice meal for saving my neck and invite him over ………………………..and I drug her drink and let Carter have her!’ was the wicked thought that went through his mind, although it was just a wild fantasy that Gary would never really think of doing in real life.

As her husband briefed her on the update on the unit being shipped out, Jennifer sadly advised “I guess there won’t be another chance for us to meet again till you return!” “Yeah, I guess that last time in the motel here will be it till I get back!” her husband advised. Then Jennifer deliberately did something that she would never have dreamt of doing before, something that caught Gary totally by surprise, as she went on to tease “I guess I’ll just have to find me lover to take care of me while you’re gone! Maybe I can find myself a big black lover, someone built like that muscular MSgt. Carter in your unit! He’s sure got some big bulging muscles! Do you think that muscle between his legs is big enough to satisfy me, honey?” And with that, Jennifer bounced up and down upon the saddle as she neared the finish line.

Just miles apart, Lt. Brenner was talking to his wife on the phone while masturbating to the image of MSgt. Carter sticking his big black dick up Jennifer’s tight little pussy, he replied “Well, it should be as I’ve heard the myth about black guys is really no myth at all!” Meanwhile, in the motel across town, his rather angry wife was fuming at having heard his request to MSgt. Carter to bring back the panties of the bitch he was fucking! Having heard the comment her husband had made to his sergeant, it was as if she had caught him cheating on her. In Jennifer’s disillusioned mind, she wanted to get even with her ‘cheating’ husband for that remark, and one such way was to ride his black sergeant’s big cock in earnest. And it would be just payback for Gary to have his sergeant’s cock spurting up in her while she talked to her husband.

Lying on the bed listening to the pretty wife on the phone with her lieutenant husband, Reggie sensed the anger she was venting at her husband by the way in which she was riding his cock. Caressing her smooth creamy white legs, he arched up at her, getting the entire length of his fat dong up her tight little pussy. And in sensing that the conversation was soon coming to an end, Reggie noticed how the beautiful bitch had sped up riding him, as if she was nearing the finish line. ‘Damn, the fuck’n little bitch wants me to cum in her while her husband’s still on the phone with her!’ he realized. Grasping her trim hips, he arched up and met her hump for hump as he was determined to give her just what she was after. Quite timely, his hot cum erupted deep in her fertile womb as she told her hubby “I’ll wait for your call again tomorrow night! I love you, honey! Bye!”

Late Sunday afternoon, upon hearing the knock on his door, Lt. Brenner yelled out “Come on in!” Door opened followed by the appearance of MSgt. Carter’s grinning face. “Sorry I’m late, sir! But to make up for it, here’s what you asked for!” he was advised as his sergeant handed him a light paper sack. Not expecting this, having only said that in jest, he felt guilty in holding the sack that apparently contained the panties of a wife who was married to one of the soldiers in the unit. Knowing that he really should have MSgt. Carter court-martialed for pulling this stunt, Gary dared not as his own life would soon be quite dependent on this man as he listened to some of the lewd details of weekend. Hearing the part where his sergeant had her on all fours and fucked her like a bitch in heat, Gary’s mind pictured his lovely wife getting it doggie style.

And so, rather than coming down on him and even threatening to bring him up on charges, Gary merely played along with his antics and wondered just who’s wife he and bedded. He’d seen and met many of the wives at the base’s ‘open house’ weekend a few weeks back and had noted there were many young beautiful spouses and girlfriends in attendance. Gary couldn’t help but to ask “Was she good?” To which a grinning MSgt. Carter replied “Hot damn, was she fuck’n good in the sack! She was sure scared at first though! Maybe cause my cock’s so big, or maybe cause I’m black, maybe both! But in the end, that purty thing jist couldn’t get enough of my cock at the end! Shit, she even went down on me when I was driving her to the airport to catch her flight back home!”

Six weeks later, Jennifer read the email from her husband that advised how fortunate he was to have MSgt. Carter in his unit as he had saved many lives by keeping them from entering a booby trapped house. And it went on to describe how the sergeant had lobbed a brick over at the door and just that small impact caused the entire house to blow up. Her husband had continued on as to how much indebted he was to the experienced military man, causing Jennifer to wonder ‘Would you still feel indebt to him if you knew that he’s the one responsible for getting your wife knocked up?’ The home pregnancy test the other day had been quite accurate as it was confirmed today by the call she got from the gynecologist’s office. She was now carrying MSgt. Carter’s little black bastard in her tummy.

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