Sucking old dick so I could get alcohol as a teen

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The time I sucked off an old man when he caught me buying beer at 17

I was buying beer for a party with my other female friends but when I got ID’d I had forgotten my fake ID at home. He pulled me into the backroom and said he was going to call the police on me. I rolled my eyes and pulled up my croptop. I pulled down bra and squished my breasts together with my hands and smiled. “Let’s make a deal, This highschool slut will suck you off and you let her walk away with the 6 pack.” Before he said another word I dropped to my knees unbuckled his pants and pulled them down. I pulled his underwear down and brought out his thick flacid cock. It wasn’t the most good looking cock I had seen infact it was pretty unkept and he had foreskin. My job wasn’t to rate his cock so I got to suckin. I fondled his balls and wrapped my lips tightly around his fat flacid cock. I slowly becan to suck it while playing with the balls. I even slipped my tongue under his foreskin which tasted disgusting but it seemed he was enjoying it so I kept going. Once I had gotten his cock nice and erect I started going in deep each time I bobbed my head on his cock. I eventually got far enough to the point where my nose was pinned up against his pubes. Fun fact I kinda get really messy when I give blowjobs especially if I deep throat the cock. My spit was slobbered all over his cock. After a good 7 minutes of sucking he grabbed my head and pinned my nose against his pubes and emptied a cum shot into my throat. I pulled off and swallowed before getting up and covering up my boobs. I grabbed the bottle and smiled. “I’ll be back some time and we can do it again”. I left the shop that day with the taste of cum in my mouth but the party was worth it. I returned to that shop a few more times during highschool and made the same deal. I make him cum and he gives me free alcohol.

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    I’ve had girls do this and more just to get me to buy them alcohol
    Very hot, jizzabelle
    Message me

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    What are your bra and panty sizes and do you save your nether region?

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    Fuck that’s hot, I love dominating a slut and making her do whatever I say >:) add me on IG: korpsfiend