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Brother protection

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My brother use my fear but we had fun together.

My relationship with my brother Peter is very different from others sibblings, what i mean we have sex from when we were kids, now i am 17 he is in college he is 20 and when he return for christmas or summer holidays we dont lose time for sex.All this begin when i was 8yearsold night we had fell for sleep then i had my own room but outside was a terrible storm,strong winds,thunders,rain,i was really scare something normal i think for a little girl right i couldnt sleep so i left my bed and room taken my little teddy bear.
All the kids in these situations prefer to go to parents room for sleep together but i go to Peter room.It wasnt the first time i do that brother always let me sleep with him, even parents have catch us many times but they didnt stop it on the contrary they found it sweet,so i was outside his room door was half open but with my body i slide in easy,i walk slowly because floor was wooden and do noises i didnt want to wake him but i wake him,he had a nightlight so he see i was the intruder,he ask me is the storm right it scare you i aswere yes can i sleep with you, he with a smile say yes so i jump in bed.Peter doing me space i lay down under liners in the wallside of bed it was so warm and i was feeling better and after i thanks him we fell for sleep.
I forget to say that then i was wearing for pyjarmas a black trouser and a white shirt with the image of barbie above it.All was normal until i suddenly i feel something cold had slide in inside my shirt and rubing my belly it wasnt doing me feel bad because it become warm now.Soon i discovere that Peter had coming very near to me and it was his hand inside my shirt but now it go from my belly to my breast and play gently with my small nipples doing me feel feelings that in that age then i didnt knew i could have i mean moans,I hear Peter aske me if i like it i with a trembing voise i aswere yes, he tell me that if i like to play he with my nipples i will go crazy with this i hadnt idea what he mean but soon i find.
His hand left my nipples and it go lower inside my trouser there i scare and i stop Peter hand with my hand and i tell him this isnt right our parents tell us noone must put his hand in our genitars,he continue this is for strangers but iam your brother its not the same i want only to do you feel very good ok i say and i left his hand slide in more this time inside my underpant and i feel his hand stop in my pussy and rub it i my god peter i scream what he say its good i confuse i aswere yes.Peter go more i feel fingers slide in my pussy but i was tight and virgin he didnt want to hurt me, he slide his fingers a little inside but enough to do me want to scream, because now his fingers was in out my pussy and because i didnt want to hear me our parents and catch us i put my one hand in my mounth cover my screams but say of inside me my god.But Peter put down a little the liners from his side revealing me that he was halfnude wearing only a black underpant and having a big bulge in it.
He then take my hand where it was free and he drive it inside his underpant doing me grab his erected cock it was a shock for me i have see many times his cock when we were younger but newer now we are binger where it was bigger but nice hard and wet doing me love the noises it do while i had my hand go up down to it while he continue play with his fingers my pussy so we two sink in moans and his cock and my pussy had take fire and some minutes later ifeel a little explosion and Peter cock moving strong and hot liguid fell in my hand and Peters hand was wet as i learn it was my pussy liguids Peter ask me if i want to taste them i found it a little mpliax but i say yes and they wasnt bad and he then lick his liguids of my hand,Then we see lights on in hall and steps and we covere themselves again with liners.It was dad or mom where they go to bathroom we say to each other it was nice and to do it again and we fell again for sleep.
I learn that all this i do with brother was masturbate and yes we do it again and of course we do sex in other stories.I have to say that in other stories i learn i wasnt the only person in our family that Peter had sex.

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    Other stories? Only post a new story AFTER YOU HAD IT PROOF READ by someone else FIRST. this story was so unreadable

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    Nice part two plz