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Revenge can be sweet… I guess. (Part 2)

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I didn’t know my husband or my lovers wife knew of my affair, but the revenge they took on me was so cruel and painful and uncalled for.

Back in early June, David my husband came home and said he had rented one of the guys at works summer home for a few days for the Fourth of July vacation . He was all enthusiastic saying ” it’s in 50 acres of woods and lakes in Michigan ,only about 2 or 3 hours away “, I smiled and said “that sounds great”, then he struck a home run with my heart, when he said ,” Becky do you think Ray and Stephanie would like to come with us, the place is big like 4 bedrooms, pool out the back, and no one for miles,so you can swim naked if you like “and he laughed . I was having a minor panic attack , the thought of spending 4 days with Ray my Wednesday afternoon lover made me shake with excitement, I said ” shall I call them and ask them”, and he aid ” sure.”
Well my excitement didn’t last long, Stephie said she was ” going to go and visit her parents, her Mother had not been very well, and Ray had booked into a hotel with a golf course and intended playing 36 holes a day ,and then sitting at the bar half the night talking golf “. I hoped I did not let my disappointment show to David “, I went into the kitchen and tried not to cry,, still David and I would have a nice break away ,it would be fine I whispered to myself.
The Friday starting the 4th of July weekend was hot and humid , we packed the car and I had just a tee shirt and shorts on with panties but no bra, which made David happy , he kept pinching my nips and on the Freeway he kept putting his hand up my tee shirt and played with my tits.
We had a bit of trouble finding the place we knew the name of the street the house was on ,but we could not find the drive with a green gate, but we kept seeing an open yellow gate so in the end we drove through it and went the half mile up the grass drive between thick woods of tall trees.
When we turned a bend at the top of the drive there was a house, “thats it” said David , ” I have seen pictures of it “. I said ” David it can’t be, look there is a car there at the side of the house and the front door is open.” “Shit ” he said,” look there is someone inside the door ,go and ask them where the Neilson place is honey”.
I got out of the car but with the bright sun shining I could not see who was inside the house, just a shadowy figure i , so I was calling out Hi, Hi, Hello, can you help me, were looking for the Nielson house. Come in said a voice , and the shadowy figure disappeared around a corner, I took a few steps inside the door ,happy to be in the shade when suddenly the front door behind me slammed shut, I turned to see my husband standing there “sssshhhh” I said, but before I could say anything else he pushed me fairly hard in the back forcing me to take a couple of steps forward and I almost fell in to the arms of our friend Stephanie.
I went to say something, but before I could she put her hand around the back of my head, grabbed a handful of my hair and slowly started pulling my head backwards making me look at the ceiling as she said “on your knees whore” . I was screaming ” stop , stop.please stop your hurting me” but all she said was “shut it whore”, and pulled my head further backwards as I collapsed forward onto my knees.
I felt David grabbing my arms and felt the steel cuffs he had used on me a couple of times, when we had special sex, birthdays anniversaries etc, going around my wrist behind my back, my mind was racing what’s going on, did she know I was fucking her husband ? I heard Stephie laughing and saying “I am glad your here David, God I need a pee, now help me stand her up” and I felt them putting there hands under my armpits and pulling me up.
Bring her in the kitchen said Stephanie, and David roughly half walked ,half pushed me into the kitchen I felt like a guilty woman being taken to stand in front of the firing squad.
I stood by the kitchen sink and felt David behind me reaching around in front of me to undo my shorts before he pulled both my shorts and panties down around my ankles. ” David ” I whimpered softly, ” stop please, I don’t know why your doing this to me”. Stephenie grabbed me again by the hair, yank my head back and I screamed.
She pulled me around to face her, my feet almost tripping over my shorts and she got in my face . ” You don’t know why your here cunt” ,she said , “no” I said quietly, ‘ tears coming down my cheeks. ” I don’t know why I am here”.
She put her hands at the top of my tee shirt and slowly started to rip it, pulling the thing two or three times until I stood there naked with my clothes around my ankles and my tee shirt off my shoulders ,as she took hold of both my tits and squeezed them hard forcing me to try and turn away from her as I squealed out loud in agony as her fingernails dug into the soft flesh of my breasts.
“You don’t know why your here whore” she said as she slowly , and picking up a pair of scissors out of the kitchen draw she started cutting the tee shirt off of my arms. ” Well cunt she said slowly, I know why your here, and the fact that you have fucked with my life means I am going to fuck with yours, now step out of your shorts”, and she put her foot between mine to hold my shorts to the floor as I stepped out of my clothes.
Taking me by the arm she walked me to the back door, opened it and we went outside, before she turned me around pushed me back against the wall , and told me to ” sit down ” . I slowly started to slide down the rough brick wall ,until I was sitting on the grass with my legs out straight.
David had followed us out and was standing a few feet away from us. Stephanie started to undress, throwing her blouse to David ,then removing her skirt and throwing that at him until she stood there in a small black leather corset, which didn’t cover either her breasts or her butt, and her cunt was covered with a little black g string .
She still had her heels on and she did a little 360 twirl to show David what she was wearing, ” do you like” she said looking at him and laughing. ” God yes ” he said , ” then come over here and take my cunt cover off “she said giggling. He came and stood behind her and holding her clothes in one hand he slowly pulled down one side of the g string, then the other side until they were around her ankles, then she bent down lifted first one foot and and then the other until she had taken them off, handed them to David and stood up looking at me.
She took a few steps closer to me until her feet were either side of my outstretched knees ,then opened her legs and stood there touching her hairless pussy. “Do you like my cunt slut” she said looking at me ? I didn’t say anything and she laughed, said “well maybe you should take a closer look” and she moved her feet up to where I was sitting, slightly bent her knees so her box was almost touching my face ,squeezed her knees tight against my shoulders and head and suddenly I felt a hot stream off her urine hitting me in the face, she was peeing on me ,slowly moving up and down to cover my whole face from my hair to my chin and tits.
I was crying, tears were coming down my face ,I was trying to keep my mouth and eyes shut tight, no one had ever done anything like this to me, I felt so sad,so sorry for myself , why were they treating me like this, why doesn’t my husband stop her doing this, why can I hear him laughing, and I burst out crying, her piss going in my mouth turned my stomach and I gagged ,I wanted to be sick as I tried to spit her piss out of my mouth , and the laughing, that fucking laughing ,stop them fucking laughing at me was all I could think of.
Finally I felt Stephanie start to move away,I felt her feet touch my thigh then my ankle with her feet, and I sat there covered in her pee with my chin on my chest, the pee running off of my face and dripping onto my boobs and belly. I didn’t want to open my eyes but I could hear them moving around, then suddenly Stephie said ” hey piss head ,lift your head up, and let me wash you off you dirty whore”, then I felt cold water splashing on my face, she was hoesing me down with the garden hose and I could hear the two of them laughing at me again ,as I tried to move my head away from the hard spray .
When the water was turned off I sat there in a puddle of pee and water still crying. I finally opened my eyes and through tears I could see the two of them standing close to me. Stephanie had both the hands and arms wrapped around Davids arm, “you know what would be fun” ,”no” he said “what would
be fun”, “well sticking that hose up her ass and turning it on full “and they both burst out laughing.
“Were you telling me the truth when you said she had never let you butt fuck her”, Stephanie said to David , “never fucking once, I asked a million times , but only once did we ever try it, I think I got the head of my dick in her ass and she fell forwards onto the pillow saying it hurts ,it hurts ,so that was the end of that.”
Stephanie let go of my husband arm, bent down and got in my face. “hey whore” she said ,” Is that true you never let your husband fuck you in the ass”? When I didn’t answer her she stood up and put the heel of her shoe on my thigh and pushed hard. I let out a cry, she left her foot there but took some of the pressure off and said ,” I asked you a fucking question, everytime I fucking ask you a question you fucking answer, do you fucking understand “. “Yes” I said ,your hurting my leg ” I bleated like a pathetic sheep. ” Yes what “she said pushing her heel back into my leg . “Yes I understand I have to answer you when you ask me a question ” , I half shouted gabbling out the words, the pain in my leg hurting so bad. “OK now whenever you need to speak to me ,you will call me Mistress Stephanie, and you will call David Master or better still you can call him Sir ,is that clear” she asked ? “Yes ” I said, only to receive a quick smack around my head.” Yes what ” she said slapping my head again, ” Yes Mistress Stephanie ” I said tears welling up in my eyes. ” Good your a quick learner aren’t you bitch” she said laughing , “Yes” I said letting out a big sob, then seeing her hand move I quickly said ” yes Mistress Stephanie”, and I burst out crying again.
If I had known then what was in store for me on our wonderful 4 day vacation,I would have probably run for the swimming pool when they stood me up and drowned myself, but instead I was led inside the house taken into the dinning room, laid on my back on the wooden dining table, and David put leather straps around my ankles and tied my legs wide open to the table legs, before they sat me up removed the metal cuffs from my wrists, before putting leather wrist straps around my wrists and tying my arms to the other table legs, so I laid there looking like a big X on the table. I watched as Stephanie came over to where I laid with a big pillow, David lifted my head and Stephanie placed the pillow under it.
I was a lot more comfortable once the pillow was under my head, although the wooden table was hard on my back. Stephanie slowly walked down the side of the table, first she took her hand and pushed two fingers in my mouth and told me ” to suck”. I sucked like it was David’s cock in my mouth, then when she withdrew them, she said “say thank you” cocksucker , so I thanked her remembering to add Mistress to my thank you, and as moved down to my tits , played with my nipples, she was laughing when they went hard and she bent forward and bit my nipple which made me take a deep breath of air, and say aaghhhh.
When she got to my pussy she played with my lips, opening and closing them and saying in a deep pretend man’s voice, ” Come here Stephanie’s husband RAY, come and fuck me like you do every Wednesday afternoon , come on Ray come and fuck me because if you don’t my Mistress Stephanie is going to punish me for fucking her husband,” and with that she pushed what felt like two fingers deep into my cunt, making me jump and squeal like a little piggy.
“Oh dear she said sarcastically, I guess he can’t hear you , he is probably at the bar at the hotel picking up another whore just like you, I hope you didn’t think you were the only one,” and she was laughing, ”
She was pushing her fingers in and out of my pussy, ” you fucking did didn’t you ” she said smiling at me ?, ” Oh you stupid cunt, you were way down the list, you were just his midweek old hag fuck, it was a freebie , you even used to pay for the hotel ,you were somewhere he just went to empty his balls”. “Once I had found out a year into our marriage he was cheating on me with every whore in town ,I never let him have sex with me again, so he used you as a cum receptacle ” , and she burst out laughing,” that’s all you were honey, a cum bucket”, and she turned to my husband and ,said “David this old whore needs a shave, get some soap and cold water and a fucking blunt razor if you have one., and she burst out laughing and slapped my pussy with the flat of her hand.

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