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Stuck and Stretched made by the Warlock

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This was made by a different author called TF-Warlock and he made such a good story that I was extremely horny for my girl.

(Hey guys, the Pussy Gaper here. This is not my work, it was made by a different author who put so much work into this master piece and I really love this story. His name is Warlock and he use to post his things on Tumbex but since last year he said his final goodbyes on his account. I recently found him in Loosepussyland Tumbex and my girlfriend and I read his story so many times as we were fucking. I hope you all enjoy and if you’re here Warlock, I want ro say thank you for writing this.)

She wished she was upstairs with her dildo, at least then she could get a little relief. It’s not like she was gonna be satisfied by fingering herself. Of late she could only get off if she was stuffing her pussy with something. She liked the feeling of being filled of stretching herself a little. Her face turned red at her admission to herself, she hadn’t really thought about it before, but the idea of gaping her pussy was kinda hot. She gave a flustered sigh and shifted, if only there was something she… could..

Her eyes spied the still unopened energy drink to her side. It was 10 inches long and as thick as her forearm, there was no way. It wouldn’t fit, she thought grabbing the can. I can’t take something this big, she thought pulling her bikini to the side. She felt the soft folds of her lips, they were soaked beyond reason. She covered her hand in her juices and started lubing up the can, then readied it at her waiting and needy hole. As the cool metal pressed against her labia she gave a small yelp, quickly stifling herself as to not drawn attention. She pushed gently, lightly rubbing her clit with the other hand. The can really wasn’t making much progress, her nervous body was just too tight to take it. She switched position to try and get it at a better angle when she heard a noise coming from inside. The sound of one of her friends approaching jumped her and she lost hold of her elevated position and fell forward.

In her head there was a series of obscenities being shouted. Her pussy was throbbing as it clenched around the metal can now buried deep within her. She had fallen down onto the can and taken the full length inside her, she certainly hadn’t meant to stuff it in that roughly, and with her friend about to come round the corner she had no time to take it out. She quickly pulled her bikini bottom over the can sat down nonchalantly.

“Hey are you ready to go? Everyone’s here and it’s getting late.”

“Uhm, I just… I just gotta grab somethin-”

“Come on, were already late, what is it?”

“My… My sunblock is-”

“We have extra, just come on!”

Her friend grabbed her arm and pulled her up, insistingly dragging her to the car. She desperately tried not to waddle, the feeling of the large insertion still lodged deep inside her was exciting beyond belief and she had to forcibly maintain composure. Fortunately everyone else was in the car, because the hard rim of the can pressed against the fabric visibly before her tight bikini pushed it back into her. Clumsily she made her way into the backseat and got settled in for a very long ride. Everyone in the car was busy happily chatting about their trip to the beach while she just sat there quietly. If she opened her mouth she might just start moaning. Having so much stuffed inside her, while her friends were right next to her no less. She was a little ashamed that she was getting off so much on the danger of them knowing, but every bump, every brake, every odd motion of the car would make the can thrust into her. She was left close to orgasm for over an hour, knowing that if she lost control she would start screaming out in ecstasy.

After what seemed like hours they arrived at the beach, and no matter what excuses she thought up to try and remain at the car, nothing would be good enough to convince her friends. She just lagged behind the group, staying to the back and trying to make sure nobody was behind her. She was well aware the the outline of the can was visible from a few angles, and she gave a relieved sigh when they finally picked a spot. Her plan was to stay sun tanning until all her friends were swimming then remove the huge can, but she never got the chance. One of her friends decided to stay behind and keep her company, and she spent the afternoon trying to keep the fact that she had 10 inches of aluminum buried deep into her pussy a secret.

She managed to play off a moan as a yawn, and got a dirty look from an older woman when she tried to adjust the can when her friend was getting something from the car. She kept her predicament a secret, but she had no opportunity to remove it. She didn’t feel horny anymore, just exhausted. The day had been taxing and she felt sore from being so heavily filled all day. Home could not come soon enough..

The car rolled up the driveway and she grabbed her things and walked backwards toward the house as her friends drove away. Finally, she was home, and alone. She gingerly walked to her bed, watching herself in the mirror. The can’s rim was clearly visible against her bikini bottom and she hoped that nobody had seen it. She got to the bed and pulled off her bikini before sitting down. She aimed herself so she could watch in the mirror as she spread her lips and saw the shiny metal of the large can still inside her. She tried to push it out and was not rewarded, her pussy felt numb and the can did not move. She frowned and tried to grab the can tab, eventually managing. The can came out slowly and she would be lying if she didn’t admit that the feeling of taking it out was unpleasant in a few ways. For one, it was a little stuck to her skin, and it came out roughly. Beyond that, there was the empty feeling that was growing the less of the cans length that she still had in her. After a tenuous minuet of gentle pulling she got the can out.

She just stared into the mirror. There was a reason her pussy felt so achingly empty. Her pussy, her perfect little pussy, it wasn’t tightening back up at all. She could see deep inside her now gaping pussy and as hard as she tried she could not get it to clench any tighter. She slowly grabbed the dildo she loved so much from her nightstand drawer and sucked it for a moment until it was wet, then pressed it into her empty hole. At least, she thought she did, she couldn’t feel it. She couldn’t feel it at all, the dildo didn’t manage to touch anything at all, her gaping cunt was so big that she couldn’t even feel her dildo. She let go of her rubber little friend and it fell to the floor with a low rubber thud. She went back to looking at herself in the mirror. She bit her lip in a mixture of panic, arousal, and embarrassment. Her pussy was ruined, she was able to see so deep within herself, and as much as she wanted to put her panties back on and just hope it tightened back up, another part of her didn’t. A larger part of her wanted to she if she could fist herself, to see just how big of things she could fit within her, to make sure that her pussy never got to tighten back up. She rolled over on her bed onto all fours and turned so she could somewhat watch in the mirror, then she bent her arm and started to press her fist against her drooling hole. It slid in so easily that she taunted herself about her whorish pussy. There was no man who would get any satisfaction from such a loose and gaping hole, fists and toys were the only things meant for it now, she might as well just keep stretching it larger and larger, because that was the only thing that would bring her any pleasure now.

She moaned lewdly as she spent the night forcefully ramming herself, all the while telling herself that she was just a gaping slut…

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    Ok, I’ll do the Orc\Elf story first then I will do a female robot story. For Charlie who is also one of my waifus….She is an innocent girl. Thank you gals for enjoying my stories and I’ll make sure to make their pussies extra gaped for you two.

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