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The train ride

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Schoolies on the train ready to be groped and more

I left early so I could get the early train that all the schoolies got on, I often got flashes of panties as I sat with my coat over my lap unobtrusively stroking my cock. I just made it when a whole load got in the carriage I was in, silly giggling schoolgirls but plenty of flashes. 2 stops down and nearly all of them got off leaving just one girl and about half a dozen boys. Damn, only one 1st year girl left, not much chance of much now I thought. I was wrong! It was quite a ride to the next stop and as soon as we were moving the boys moved in on the girl, one sat each side the others standing around her. I tried to watch without making it obvious as one boy grabbed her tit and another got his hand on her leg. She told them to get off and leave her alone but they persisted, all of them now trying to get a grope until she finally screamed and called out to me.
The boys looked round at me, none of them very big but 6 was more than I could handle so when they told me it was none of my business I agreed and they carried on groping. The train finally slowed down and stopped and it was clear most of the got off here but one boy delayed getting a final grope before he left. They were all off bar him and as he went past me I grabbed him and held on until the doors had closed. Then I dragged him to the girl who was straightening her clothes and showed her what I’d got. At first she shouted at me for not helping her but calmed down when I explained I’d managed to catch one and now she could do whatever she wanted to him.
She looked at me and then at him and slapped his face. He was kicking out at her so I pulled his tie off and tied his hands to the seat headrest. “He’s all yours babe, do whatever you like and I’ll help if you need it”.
She looked at me again and then told him she was going to punch his nipples like they had done to her. To help her out I undid his shirt so she could get to them; poor little fucker was almost in tears as she pinched them. Then she went for his crotch and squeezed, he screamed and the tears started which made her laugh and call him names. “Can I see it?” she said to me much to the boys fear. I did no more than hold his legs and told her to undo hos trousers and pull them down but made her promise to to squeeze his balls to hard as that could injure him. She agreed and got on with it soon having them round his ankles and slapped his cock. Then the train stopped and the announcement that we had a delay. That suited us, more time to do whatever she wanted.
She began pulling his cock about and looking at his balls, probably the first she’d ever seen and clearly had never touched before. She kept asking me things and soon go to the purpose of a cock and balls so I asked her if she knew anything about sex. Not a lot it seemed so I told her if she stroked his cock it would soon get bigger and if she kept on she might be able to make him cum. She was interested and soon started rubbing it as I sat next to him and ran my hand up his leg and stroked his balls. True enough it started growing much to her surprise but she kept going and before long he was groaning and I warned her that he would soon start shooting spunk. Just in time, the first load shot out and she shrieked and let go as his cock waved in the air as he desperately tried to finish his cum with no friction.
We stood and watched and then she slapped it again telling it that it shouldn’t have done that in her hand. I laughed and we watched as his cock slowly shrank back to its flaccid norm. Then she whispered to me and I told her of course she could. So bent over and slid her panties off and stood on the seat with a leg each side of his facing him. “She wants you to suck her pussy boy so get on with it”. He refused as she lifted her skirt and pushed to his face and telling me he wasn’t doing it. I got hold of his balls and gave a squeeze and told him to get on with it. Still nothing so I squeezed harder, he yelped and she squealed “that’s it, o yes, do it”. I kept hold of his balls and told him to stick his tongue in her cunt which he obviously did as she was loving it.
When she was satisfied she got down and thanked me and I said it was my turn now, he could suck my cock. He was petrified and refused but I got in the same position the girl had been in and told her to grab his balls to make him suck me off. She clearly grabbed them hard because he squealed giving me the chance to stick my cock in. Oh fuck it felt good, I couldn’t get it all in but a couple of inches and then began stroking. “Get ready boy, get ready to suck and swallow, this isn’t going to take long. He was horrified and tried to turn his head but I held his hair to keep it in place and then stroking my cock and shot my load in his mouth. He was spluttering but I kept it in until I’d finished. Best train ride ever!

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz49j

    She should have let you fuck her

    • zandy ID:4qq1zdmrq

      She did when I gave her a lift in my car

  • Reply Bj ID:1ovk77qk

    That was a really good storyi liked it(sc_rawr1551rb)

  • Reply Greasemagnet ID:2mutfpxyql

    You should have spit roasted the little scrot.
    Dry raped his virgin ass I would have and enjoyed every moment.
    Send him on his way with blood and spunk dripping out of him.