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My 3 sisters and me part two

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The nexted day I woke up it started with breakfast and talking about the day we had planned me and my sister went up stairs I got shaved waxed my sissy cock was not very hard but I was enjoying the pain after an hour or so my sister put cream on me and and I pick my underwear and my dress it was my turn to be in the house every one had gone out I was to do the washing the tidying and all other jobs around the house I went up stairs to put thing away when I saw soothing on the bed it was sexy underwear that I was told to put on and to make my way up the stairs to the second floor I had not been up there in year as we was banned as I went up there i was so nervous about going up there then I heard a door lock from behind me and a voice said stop wait there and put your hand on you head it was my dad I did not know what to do he came over and smacked me on my bum and then he grabbed hold of it and told me I had a nice bum there was a table in front of me he bend me over it with such force he told me he was going to spank me 200 time as that what girls like and my sister had gone through it and I had to count them out loud 1 2 3 4 5 6 you get the picture after my ass was red stinging I was crying I Cound not even stand my dad ask me if I wanted a dummy to suck on he told me it would help so I yes the nexted thing I know I had his cock in my mouth I was sucking and moving up and down with my head I was gagging and choking he then dragged me up bend me over the table and put his hand my sissy clitty giving it a handjob there was pre cum in my panties I really felt like I need a wee then I felt his cock up rubbing near my ass and nexted I know a cold liquid went in the slit of my bottom as he rubbed his finger up against it then I heard this won’t hurt a bit that was a lie his cock enter me it hurt so much then it stopped hurting and I started to enjoy it my cock milked it self but it felt like it need to smash somthing to get mu self off I wrapped my hand round my cock my wanked my self of my daddy cum hard I felt every thing then he walk out of the room and told me I was ready and going a get cleaned up and make dinner

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    Awesome story

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      Write your own story then.