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Author: Ka55y

My 3 sisters and me part two

The nexted day I woke up it started with breakfast and talking about the day we had planned me and my sister went up stairs I got shaved waxed my sissy cock was not very hard but I... # # #

484 words | 3 |2.25

Wetting panties

So after my last story and people not been nice and getting a lot of hate on insta I have a lot of stories to tell so on a side not let me tell you how I like to wet my panties as you... # #

466 words | 1 |2.11

My 3 sisters and me part one

I all started a long time ago there was my mum my dad and 3 sister Alice 12 Jennifer 13 Nichola 17 and me who 15 no we was this family mum and dad work very hard to but food on the... #

527 words | 9 |2.59