Mom and I on halloween

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Now that my sister Kathy is away at college,mom and I can do alot more fucking in the evenings without worrying about being caught by my sister,for months we had to be real cautious.mom and I have been fucking for about a year now,most of the time in the evenings while dad is at work.mom and I always come up with great ideas to keep the sex exciting,were having so much fun behind closed doors.take this past holloween,we decided to get costumes together to dress up and hand out candy to the kids and then fuck in our costumes afterward,we planned this about two weeks in advance.mom decided to be a cat,she got black fish net stockings,black strapped boot looking pumps,she bought the face make up to paint her face.i went as Zorro,I got the mask,the whole nine.since we live in a big house in a upper class sub,we bought bags of big candy bars for the kids,that’s how we roll.we did not mention our dressing up to dad.today was the big day,dad just left for work,mom would be home shortly,I had my weed,I bought some Jamison,mom had her grey goose.mom came in my bedroom wearing her tight purple slacks with matching heels,hi honey she said,ready for a night of fun,this is going to be so much fun mom,I can’t wait to see all the kids in their different costumes,especially you as a cat mom,I’m going to start getting ready honey and get the candy in bowls and all that good stuff,let’s see that ass real quick mom in those slacks,mom turned around and bent a little,those purple slacks were so nice on her ass,I ran my nose from the top of her slacks right on down the crack and sniffed until I found that musky spot I wanted,God I love how you smell mom.she went to get ready as I did to.she came out an hour later,how do I look Tom,her face looked like a cat,she painted her nose,she had the black lines for the whiskers,those legs in those fish nets with those black strapped pumps,she even had the cat ears going over her sexy wavy blonde hair,your such a fox mom I said,how does my costume look,it looks like I’m getting fucked by Zorro tonight she said,we both started laughing.we both got things set up,I poured mom some vodka,got me some jamison,we opened the door for the treaters,I put on holloween music,the kids were finally coming,mom’s handing candy out,were drinking our drinks feeling good,were laughing looking at the different costumes,after about two hours in,mom and I were feeling pretty good,I was looking at her fish net legs and pumps lusting,I’m going to destroy her pussy tonight I said to myself,I knew we only had about half hour left so I poured me a little more Jamison and mom some more vodka,monster mash started playing,I went to my room and fired up a joint,taking in deep hits of that good weed.returning back out their,mom was sipping her vodka,and said to me,I am so horny Tom for your cock right now,it’s dying off,we will give it another 15 minutes I said to mom,I wanted that pot to settle in.two more kids came and then nothing,I’m ready to fuck honey how about you mom said,she shut the porch light out and shut and locked the door,I then lifted her in my arms and headed down the hallway,my bed or dad’s mother I said to her.just to let you know mom the way I’m feeling I’m hitting your pussy good tonight,let’s make it your dad’s bed then,you got it.i layed her on my father’s bed and started ripping my costume off,I left on the mask on my face,I got on the bed and tore the crotch of those fishnets,mom left her pumps on,the fishnets were still on her legs,I draped those fucking legs back and buried my very stiff 8 inches up her cunt,your going to get fucked mother I said,I was thrusting in and out with long deep strokes,oh God Tom mom moaned,oh my God,take it mother,take it I said as I went way up her twat,I would even pause for a couple seconds with my dick way up in their and then continue in and out,my dad’s bed was making those nice creaky sounds as I fucked my mom,keep fucking me Tom,don’t stop,it’s so deep Tom,it’s so deep,my god.i stayed pumping mom’s cunt,is that how you like it mom I said to her when I went way up her twat,nice and deep.i was fucking high,feeling so good,I was far from coming,how many times have I fucked you mom on Dad’s bed in the last year about 200 I said as my cock repeatedly went in and out of her cunt,our tongues dancing with each other’s,I can never get sick of fucking you mom I said,dad’s bed creaked and creaked,I love fucking you mom,fucking love it.i love how you fuck me for hours Tom,your such a great fuck son,such a great fuck.mom spread those fish net legs further apart,drill it Tom,fucking drill it.i started slamming it,oh God Tom,shit,fuck me honey,fuck it.dads bed was creaking real good now,my dick would just come out of her hole before I thrusted it way back up her cunt again,I finally busted a nut right up mother’s twat,it jetted out of my cock to deep up into mom’s cunt.my legs shook and jerked,what a load I shot up her beautiful cunt.lets get cleaned up before your dad gets home mom said to me.

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  • Reply Trish d. ID:vuf0i2d1

    The people in this generation would not understand this,to stupid.halloween was such a great time when we were kids.we would go out with pillow cases,I remember the monster mash song,great times.incredible story this was,what a idea to do also,especially a mom and son.like I said 5 comments only over such a kick ass story,they don’t get it,to stupid.

  • Reply Lillian t. ID:7ylren4k0i

    I would give this a five star.the imagination of it,the creativity,it was different.total turn on.people don’t do this in their regular relations,know wonder the divorce rate is high.these two are keeping the excitement going,keep the ideas coming.

    • Bernard Koundry ID:5u100ta7qk

      Lillian t. If you want to hear a real true incest sex story text me at 2034944923 my name is Bernard

  • Reply Kim carpenter ID:7ylren4m9c

    Being a mom myself of a 19 year old son,this story was hot,this is living life,regular couples don’t even do this,this story got my pussy so wet.just awesome.

    • Dan ID:3phnk3epb0j

      Ever done anything with your son?

    • My name is Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

      Hi Kim I would like to text with you about these type of story’s and if you do decide to text me you can text me on my hangout in my Gmail information is [email protected] Kim

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    • Bernard Koundry ID:5u100ta7qi

      Hi kim if you would like to hear about my incest story text me back at 2034944923 my name is bernard and just to give you a hint I used to fuck my own mom

  • Reply Anonymous ID:n3e8ovk0d

    I love your true stories,not the under age bull shit unrealistic ones.your mom sounds so hot,what a lucky mom to have you as a son.keep doing the nasty.