Party time rape

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Getting drugged and raped at a part as a 19 yr old.

I was excited to be going to a guy’s 21st birthday party, to be held at one of the big estate houses. I was 19, and had little chance to get out as I was studying hard. I teamed up with my friend Anita, getting ready at her place. I wore a new black dress with a black bra with black and red panties, I also wore heels for the first time in ages.

We took Anita’s car and parked close by, the party was beginning and there were all sorts of people there. There was a bar, a dance floor, a buffet style spread. I was soon dancing to the DJ music and having a wonderful time. Both Anita and I took turns at dancing with all sorts of guys and a few gals we knew.

After a good feed at the buffet, we were back dancing and having a really good time, sipping wine and dancing the night away.

But then I began to feel drowsy, so I decided to sit out the next couple of dances. I felt quite tired, and thought I had worn myself out. Anita came by and told me that she needed to go pee, I laughed but stayed seated. I was beginning to struggle to keep my eyes open, I just wanted to curl up and sleep.

Then someone was helping me up, I staggered as then assisted me from the room, to somewhere more quiet, we went into a room and the door closed, I vaguely recall that there was a bed there. I fell asleep on the bed.

Anita came back from the bathroom and found that I was no longer where she left me, and she began to look for me.

Inside the room the person who helped me there waited only till they knew I was out to it, then laid me out more and reached up under my dress to pull down my panties, removing them completely. Pushing up my press and then they eased my legs apart. A few moments later they were on top of me, their cock probing my pussy, then it went inside me.

I was being raped and I knew nothing about it.

I guess a couple of minutes later he began to cum up inside me. He was very pleased with himself. He took my panties and then left the room.

Anita saw him just as he was leaving and he looked very pleased with himself. She looked into the room and saw me spread out on the bed, with cum beginning to leak out of my pussy. It was too late, I had been raped. She helped me up and took me back to her car, and back to her place so I could sleep it off.

She had to tell me the next morning that I had been caught out, drugged and raped. I was very upset to find that out. The only saving grace was that I was on the pill

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  • Reply Denise

    I had much the same happen to me, a big party and a spiked drink. I was slipping in and out of consciousness as the first guy mounted me. I felt so helpless and unable to move or react. then I was are of someone else getting on top of me, again I felt his cock enter me. about 8 different guys had a turn with me, all Cumming inside me. finally I felt a bit more able to move and I managed to get away.

  • Reply Dave

    How wonderful for you to be raped like this, so nice and easy, no complaints, just lie back and accept it . A pity you were found by your friend before others could get their turn with you. Sorry to hear that you were on the pill, it could have made the rape much more interesting

  • Reply Gurd

    Awesome rape, nicely done, excellent teen to rape. Hope you really enjoyed finding out the next day. So happy he got to cum up you

  • Reply Carl

    Nice, easy as, straight forward raping, the kind I really like. Teen girl in a black dress, really asking for it. Good job, well done, excellent cum dump.