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I molested my Grandpa and he never knew 2

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I watched as Jeff sucked on grandpa’s dick

It had been a year since we stayed with grandpa, mom said he went to rehab to get sober. We saw him on holidays and he seemed to be sober and more fun, me and Christie would giggle and think about seeing his dick. Halloween came and mom said we should stay with grandpa, he lived in a gated community and it was safer for us to trick or treat there.

Grandpa had knee surgery a few days earlier but this kid Jeff, he was 13 was going to walk with us. I was almost 12 and Christie had turned 10. We got loads of candy from the rich people there and Jeff suggested we go to our grandpa’s house and sort the candy and trade.

After trading candies Jeff asked what we do for fun when we stay there

Christie- we normally play with grandpa’s penis when he would pass out drinking

Me- Christie, why did you tell him that

Jeff- do you really do that?

Christie- yeah, Missy does it the most but it’s fun

Me- you going to get us in trouble big mouth, it was our secret

Jeff- I wont tell anyone, are you going to play with tonight?

Christie- lets see if he is asleep, he doesnt drink anymore

We walk to his bed room, he had the door open and as we walk in spot some pain meds and a bottle of whiskey.

Me- I thought he stopped drinking, he must have been in pain from the knee surgery

Christie slides down the blanket and I tell her to stop, he might wake up. She doesn’t listen and slides down his boxers and we watch as his soft dick is exposed. Christie starts to touch it and rub it but nothing happens.

Jeff- the meds and alcohol must have him really knocked out, his dick looks lifeless.

Me- well lets go since his dick isnt working.

Jeff- no, let me give it a try.

We watch as this boy rubs our grandpa’s dick and then he lowers his head and starts to suck on his soft dick. After a few seconds, he takes it out of his mouth.

Jeff- see, its getting bigger, he justed needed more than hands

We watch as Jeff sucks grandpa until he is hard, he offers it to Christie to suck but she says no. I’m not sucking on grandpa but I want to see Jeff do it. I see Jeff’s hand inside his pants, rubbing his self. I want to watch Jeff jerk and suck on Grandpa.

I grab Christie and tell her my plan and she agrees. I walk up to Jeff as he is bent over sucking on grandpa. My hands undo his belt and I start to slide his pants down.

Jeff- what are you doing? trying to see me naked?

Me- yep, just keep sucking while I play with you.

I slide his pants and boxers down and my hand finds his little rock hard dick and I start to stroke him. He moans and Christie comes beside me and starts to play with Jeff’s ass, rubbing and squeezing it. I whisper to Jeff.

Me-don’t you want his dick inside you? Do you want to get on top of him and ride him?

Jeff- I would love that, but he might wake up.

Me- dont be chicken, we will help you do it

Jeff gets on the bed, he has his back to grandpa and he lowers him self on grandpa’s dick while I hold it and guide it into his butthole. As easy as grandpa’s dick slide inside his ass we could tell he had been taking dick’s in his ass before.

Jeff- it’s so good, it’s rubbing my prostate, love his dick

We watch Jeff ride grandpa and within a few minutes he moans and leans back and we watch as grandpa’s dick gives him an orgasm. It was fun to watch, first a little stream of cum came out followed by 2 long streams. Jeff went faster as he came and then he stopped and looked at us with a scared look on his face.

Jeff- he came in me, I just felt him cum in me

I look and grandpa is still asleep, Jeff slides off grandpa and gets dressed quick as he can.

Jeff- you can have all my candy, just please never tell anyone about this.

We let Jeff out and come back to check on grandpa.

Me- are you okay grandpa? did I do good?

Grandpa- yes you did sweetie, I’ve had my eyes on him for a while, he was a horny one wasn’t he.

Me- he sure was grandpa

We clean up grandpa and go outside.

Christie- what was all that about, that wasnt the plan.

Me- I couldnt tell you the real plan, that was between me and grandpa.

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    I laughed at the end XD

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    part 1 was literally a 10/10 but this is just bad 2/10