When I was young

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Yes, what im about to tell you is true. This really happen to me.

When I was a lil boy. at the age of 7. I was molested by my cousins. Their were 6 and 8 years older then me. Yes they were girls. They loved to play with my dick when we had sleep overs. I never told anyone because I also really like it too. They would run their hands on it and start to jack it off. Then force my hands down their pants. Sadly I moved states away. But that wouldn’t be the last time that would happen. Because after few years. We all stayed at my grandma house for the summer. I most of been 8 or 9. I also did alot of things with different other girls too. Young and older then me

So I was lil more grown up. Ik alot more now then I did before. They still loved my dick. when grandma was at work. Then would sucked It. trying to make me cum. I was still to young for that but yeah. I finger fucked their tiny holes. They would get on top of me and grind their pussy over my dick. We were both still in our underwear while that happen. Sadly the summer ended. Once again. That wouldn’t be the last time.

Yes even more things happen with other different girls around that age. I have alot of stores. All them are true.

Anyway when I was in 7 grade. I had to live with them cuz my mom got arrested and I had no where else to go. The oldest finally had a bf and she didn’t wanna do anything with me any more. The other cousin still wanted too. While the family was a sleep. I finger her while her sister was sleeping in the same room. She told me she didn’t wanna lose her v card to me but we still did on top of the clothes stuff. She would still suck my cock. I even try to fuck her but she didn’t want too. I even molested the oldest again while she was a sleep. Slowly by slowly me and my other cousin stopped. They both moved it. We never talk about what happen when we were younger. We act like it never happen. They now have kids of their own.

Before I end this. My aunt married another guy. He had a younger son and daughter. 3 and 5 years younger then me. So the fun truly didn’t stop

Let me know if u want more Stories of when I was younger. Everything I tell u. It really happen.

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    Text me and let’s talk dirty till I cum all over myself please

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    Damn I’m 15 I wish that would happen to me

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    I only have instagram and twitter. No stories to tell but would like to make memories all 4 of us in a group chat

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      Me too

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      What’s your twitter? Or phone number?

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      Give me yours. Ill text u

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    I like what I read here, and yeah being molested probably the best thing that’s ever happened to us. You aren’t the only one, as I got molested by my grandfather and many older teens including my bff’s dad and other classmates dads.

    • Mr Beast

      Really ?? That hot

    • Jacqueline16

      When i was 13 my friends drunk dad would rub my ass, sadly nothing happened

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      You guys wanna snap??? We can share stories

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      Whats your snap

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      Part 2 plz