Author: Mr Beast

When I was 14

So when I was 14 I used to baby sit this lil 8 year old girl name chole. She had blonde hair and blues eyes. Lil thick to be a 8 year old. Nice ass but no tits Obviously. Still nice... #

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My little sister 2

After been basically forced to fuck my sister misty that day. It didn’t end at all. Everytime mom left. I was force to keep fucking her. More like she fucked me. She even started... #

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When I was young. Another story 2

Alright this is another story im about to tell you what happen to me when I was younger. These stories that I tell u are 1000% true. I have posted other stories which are fiction. The... # #

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My lil sister

My lil sister misty just turn 10 a week ago. She really mature for her age. You ever seen the show called “drake and josh”? She that kind of mature. She know alot more then... # # #

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my family

So have you ever regret anything?? Wish you wouldn’t have done that ? Wishing you could do anything to take it back?? Well this is not one of thos time. Hear is the story of how... # # #

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