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My Little Gay Booty on Video

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When an older gentleman offers me weed for my body things go very out of hand in this homoerotic tale of rape and bestiality.

I’ve been going to my friend’s uncle Dave, 37, for marijuana for a few weeks now. I’m only eleven and I’ve just started smoking weed.

I didn’t notice but he was starting to admire my petite body at only 93 pounds. – I’ve had a goal of being 100 pounds body weight I just couldn’t achieve but if anyone asked me I would say I was 100 pounds.

He was just this cool, old bachelor that played video games all day and sold pot. His house was a nice place to go to get away from home.

I went to Daves house after school to buy a few joints and when I got there he opened the door in his boxer shorts with a partially flaccid erection. It was noticeable but I tried not to stare at his bulge.

“You like what you see?” Dave asks with a chuckle and then says “You can tell I’ve been thinking about you.”

Dave goes to the fridge to get me a beer and I take a seat on his bug, comfortable, leather couch.

There’s bisexual porn playing on the television. A man is fucking a shemale up the ass while the shemale eats his girlfriends pussy. I look away from the television as if it’s not something I want to see, but you should see my internet history!

Dave brings me a beer. He then takes a seat, lights a joint and passes it to me.

“You don’t even have to do anything. Just take off your clothes, lay back and let me suck your cock until you cum.” Dave says at random.

“I’m only eleven… And I’ve never had a blow job before. I’d like my first to be from a girl.” I say calmly, trying not to be too awkward or too harsh.

“I’ll give you $500 and all the weed you can smoke.” He says while eyeing my body up and down.

$500 could help my family I thought while weighing the consequences of letting my friend’s uncle suck my preteen dick. I stole the twenty dollars I was using to buy joints today from my mom’s purse. I almost need to say yes and I do.

I look at his face, his bulge and then his face again and with a gulp in my throat I say “Yes, I’ll do it.”

“Is it okay if my friend, Marty, comes to record it on videotape? He’s the one with the $500. I only have the weed.” He says while casually running his hand up my inner thigh above my blue jeans.

“Yes.” I agree that Marty can film and take photos while he sucks my cock but I’m suddenly feeling so shy. Nobody outside of my mom and myself has seen my very tiny, cut penis. My cock is only 2.7 inches completely hard. I’m so nervous it won’t be enough.

Marty arrives and introduces himself; locking the door behind him as he sets up his video and film equipment.

Together, Marty and Dave move a chair to the best lighting and I stand still watching them; nervous as hell and trying to be a man, grow a pair and do this.

When everything is in place I take off every inch of clothing and sit in the chair completely naked. It’s not as bad as I thought but there’s light in my eyes so I close them.

Dave gets down on his knees before the chair and wraps his lips around my soft penis. He engulfed my testicles and all in his mouth; almost able to lick my asshole.

I lay back and begin to moan. It feels really good but I can occasionally feel his chin hair on my nut sack and it reminds me that it is Indeed a man performing oral sex on me.

“Can you flip over onto all fours so Dave can suck you from beneath and lick your asshole?” Marty asks and I obey; getting myself into the doggy style position.

Dave licks around my butthole and it tickles! Then he starts to push his tongue into me. Tongue fucking my cute, popping little booty. Perfect bubble butt attached to a skinny, little boy. It felt really good.

That’s when things got out of hand.

I felt my wrists being clashed down in bondage cuffs. It was Marty but he looked down at me and said “Don’t worry it’s all for show.” Reassuring me as he continued to take pictures.

“You like that?”

“Yes!” I reply enthused.

“I knew you were a faggot, slut. Did you want to try my dick in your ass? I bet you think that feels good too.” Dave pants and drools as he strokes his hard cock and then strips off his clothing

Dave rests the tip of his penis on my asshole without my answering and begins to add a little force. I can feel my ass opening a bit more than it did from his tongue.

Suddenly – My booty-hole hurt but only momentarily because then it hurt in my abdomen or my bowels. I couldn’t tell you which but it hurt so much I could almost vomit.

Dave pounded at my hole. It started to feel better. It might even feel good but tears are still running down my face when I decide to buck my booty against his hips; Twerking with his cock in my ass like a real slut would.

I pushed back against his hard thrusts and he started to moan loud “Call Me Daddy, Call me Daddy!” He panted.

“Yes, Daddy, fuck my ass!” I say enthusiastically. (Delightful this will be over soon.)

Dave cums; shooting his load deep into my bum.
He pulls his cock out of me and pats me on the bottom saying “Good boy!”

Marty has been stroking his large, 8 inch, uncut member while watching his equipment and when Dave finishes he says “Fuck, I haven’t got off yet.” While walking around the chair to my upper torso.

Marty puts his cock in front of my face and says “Don’t just stare at it. Suck it!”

I’m hesitant and I really don’t want to taste another man but I stick my tongue out; guiding it into my 11-year-old mouth. I suck on it, sliding it down my throat and gagging on his eight inches while he films me in the first person point of view with the camera.

*Bark* Daves dog, Mux, barks at the backdoor and Dave goes to let him in. Mux is a black lab. He walks into the room with his red rocket hanging out to the knot.

“If you suck Daves dogs dick We’ll let you go now.” Marty says with all sincerity.

‘No, I have to go now. I can’t…” I say while looking down at the saliva stain I’ve left on the pillow I’ve been biting.

“Okay, how about… You suck that dogs dick or we send these videos to all the kids in your school and your mother. Then everyone will know what a slutty, gay, fag you are!” Marty threatens.

I look back at Dave who looks at me like he’s sorry it’s came to this but does nothing to stop Marty and helps him lower me to the floor with my face at the dog’s crotch.

I grab Mux cock with my hand and put it in my mouth. I’m disgusted with myself but not because of what doing. I’m disappointed because my mouth is watering for it.

Marty smacks me on the ass and Mux walks away from my mouth and walks behind me. He starts lapping at my asshole with his tongue and then tries to mount me. His cock poked my hole a little but he fell off.

He walks back to my face and mounts my head, holding my shoulders with his paws he thrusts at my mouth. I open it wide for him. As he trusts his puppy cum shoots all over my face and in my mouth; squirt after squirt.

Marty walks behind me, still stroking and stares at my timy, gaping booty hole. He then pushes himself deep inside of me. I reach to play with myself to distract myself from the pain and can see Marty’s cock protruding in and out of my abdomen.

Marty pulls his cock out. Still stroking he moves it to my mouth to shoot what feels like gallons of man milk. I didn’t mind as I’d been eating my own cum ever since I
started jerking off.

When Marty finished with my mouth the cuffs were removed and I was allowed to get clothed. The two men kept their word and paid me.

I walked home with dry doggy semen on my face.

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  • Reply Horny and 12

    That was hot as hell email me [email protected]

  • Reply Alain

    AP got it right it stretches inside to the point of pain and with hands to the front holding cock and balls it is more than worth it.

  • Reply F.B.G.M.

    fucking more we need more

  • Reply AP

    Really well written and you are the first author I’ve ever seen accurately describe the pain a boy has when first fuck by an adult sized cock. It’s not in his ass, it hurts in your guts.
    You also described the lust, horniness, and fear at that age all mixed up really well.
    As stupid as it sounds, the buckets of hormones that are flooding through him will have your protagonist back in a week.

  • Reply Johnny c

    That was hot