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Cum on, Girls

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“Uh!” Heather grabbed my hand, “Come on…”

Right off the bus, “I can walk,” I pulled my hand back, but she took off, so I ran after her. She caught up with Bobby, and Neil

“What’s wrong with you?” She pushed Bobby.

“What the hell, man?” He turned around, and pulled up his backpack.

“You scared off those teenagers.”

“Sh,” I grabbed her arm, “Look around, Heather. Maybe we shouldn’t talk about it right out on the sidewalk?”

“Well, maybe if these selfish pricks thought of anyone else when they barged in, and ruined everything.”

“Guys,” Neil put his hands up, “She’s right, maybe we can talk about this, but not out here.” He looked up at Heather, “If you can control yourself.”

“Yeah, and if you can’t, we’ll see if you can take us both on by yourself.” Bobby stood up to her, but he had to.

“Don’t push me, shrimp. But what good is talking about it going to do?”

“Come on.” Neil just pushed past, and headed for the alley. The upper part. “I’m sorry,” he stopped by the top of the stairs, but stepped aside, and waved at them. “Ladies first?”

“Ugh!” Heather got her temper back, so she just shook her head, and headed down. I knew what she was talking about, because I was there. Right next to her, in the window when Bobby beat that boy up. So, maybe Heather should be a little more careful now, because even if she is tall, in those heels, he really knows how to fight.

He came down after us, so I turned around, and backed up. Heather held my arms, and I felt a little safer, but. It’s kinda dark down here, and you know boys. Especially boys like that, they could do anything. Not before one of us screamed, I bet. Especially since Neil was being so nice, and calm about the whole thing, but he’s not the one Heather pushed.

He laughed, shaking his head. “Well, I can’t say’s I’m surprised.” I think that’s a southern drawl? “We’re not the only ones that watched them.”

“They call it fuck alley for a reason.”

“They do? Who calls it that?”

“Ugh!” I felt Heather shake her head, “Everyone? But now the words out, all over school, not to come over here any more, since you two messed it up.”

“Well,” Bobby elbowed him, “If you think about it, that means we have it to ourselves. Besides, it’s our neighborhood.”

“Heather,” I turned, and looked up. “Can we share it, with them?”

“Oh yeah,” she stopped rubbing my shoulder, and felt down, to rub my nipple. “We’re bisexual.”

“Huh!” Bobby rolled his eyes, “So? We’re gay.”

She stopped, and put her hand back up on my shoulder again. I’d never been touched like that, by my sister before, but. I thought, she probably knew what she was doing, and you know boys. Most boys think lesbians, and bisexuals are hot, but she wouldn’t molest me. For any other reason, she just thought that maybe it would turn them on. So, they’d get hard, and want to fool around, with us.

Yeah, sure. We kinda saw what they did, and that included pulling down their pants. Whacking off, but all the way on the end of the alley, or in the corner. Where it turns, and only half of it goes out to our street.

“Uh?” Heather just shook her head. “Then what were you even doing, watching them bone behind the stairs for, anyway?”

“Well, duh!” Neil laughed, “Kenny is really kinda hot!”

“Huh, yeah. No kinda about it, he’s just really hot.”

“Uh, Saffron too.” She wasn’t lying about me, I guess. I mean, I never really got to go through with it, with a boy or a girl before. Even better, a boy AND a girl, at the same time, but I’m still in 5th grade, so. I know, or at least, I’m pretty sure, but you don’t get a whole lot of chances to even make out, until middle school.

Heather told me. “Well, gay boys, are kinda hot too. I mean, you know how straight boys are, about 2 girls doing it.”

“Uh!” Bobby rolls his eyes like a girl, it’s funny.

“Yeah, I’d like to see that too, but. Nothing too dirty. You don’t have to do any.” My face heated up. “Butt stuff.” I couldn’t help giggling, it’s funny, but also gross. And dirty, and naughty, and hot, but. Mostly gross, right?

“Of course not.”

“Oh, they’re holding hands!” I pointed.

“Yeah, you two are cute together, and really. Nobody noticed? I mean, I can’t believe I never even noticed before.”

“Maybe you better go, run along now.” Neil stepped aside, and Heather let go.

“Yeah,” she said, “This is teen alley, so. I’ll see you later?”

“Okay,” I ran off, but instead of the stairs, I took the alley, and ran straight home. Instead of going right to the bedroom, I stopped bye grandma’s old desk in the living room. “I just need.” The sewing ruler was right there, so I grabbed it. “This.” I held it up, and waved it for mom, until she looked back at the TV screen.

You ever watch a magic show? I caught one guy, on the street corner, he slipped something in his pocket. Right in front of me, but it’s amazing how nobody else saw it, because he waved his hand like that. “Nothing up my sleeve,” while he put it in his pocket with the other hand.

I wouldn’t even had seen it if it wasn’t right in front of me, but I put my hand right on grandma’s opera glasses, before I turned around. There not really glasses, more like folding binoculars, but that means they slip right in a pocket, like a compact! Then, when I got them to my room, I could push the little button on the side so it splits open, and the lenses pop up.

Drop my backpack, and pull up the window blinds just enough to look out. “Uh!” The lenses were real bright, because the sun shone on the buildings across the street, and the cars flashed bye, but my eyes got used to it enough to see them.

Heather pulled her shirt off, and turned a crate over to sit on the bottom. While the boys kissed behind the stairs, but that ment that anybody walking by on the street could look over, and see my sister, in her bra.

“Huh!” No need to get really jealous, I mean I get to see her naked all the time, and she doesn’t like me looking really, but come on. She could be a model when she grows up, easily. So could my mom, just looking at her pictures from college, and high school, but she didn’t. Cheer leading, and Volleyball trophies, but that’s it.

“Teen alley.” I scoffed, “She’s not even thirteen yet. Oh, you’re too little to just stand there, and watch. Go to your room, and watch from there.” She looked over, and nodded, but she didn’t take her eyes off the boys for very long. Rubbing her legs, and I really should keep a lookout, in case anybody stopped on the street, and caught them at it.

Well, it’s just a girl, sitting in the alley, with her bra on. Still, that’s weird enough to ask questions, but I guess she can warn the boys to straighten up before they walk down to the stairs.

Well, that means there’s no reason to keep my pants on, while she’s going to have to wait, until they’re done. Grabbing asses, and holding their arms criss-crossed, kissing, and I know I said no butt stuff, but maybe that’s why Neil sent me away. It’s not that bad, on the outside, but I can’t see bobby’s butt with his hand in the way.

“Huh!” Most of the gross stuff in in the inside, anyway. “Sptooh! Huh!” I’m really wet, “HhuhH!” Out of breath, even though I caught it from running around the corner, and up the stairs. “Hhuh, yeah. Beat him off, beat him off good, all over the place.”

I guess Bobby’s the cute one, and he rolls his eyes, which is adorable. Neil’s so nice though, and I bet he’d never raise his voice, or lose his temper.

“Ope!” Heather got up, and went over. Squatted to keep her knees off the pavement, which just reminded me of the other night, when they crawled over to watch Saffron get boned behind the stairs. “Uh!” My eyes fluttered, when my finger slipped in. “Uh.” I blinked, but then Heather held her hands up, and her tongue out. “Oh, fuck. Huh, yeah. Give her a facial, give her two. Jesus, that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Uhah uhah!” It’s hard just to keep the lenses steady, let alone my eyes open. “Feels. Soooo, good! Huh! Huh!”

I stopped, when Heather sat back. On her butt, wiping her face off, or her hands on her face. Down her neck, and all over her chest, while the boys pulled their pants up, and kissed. No hurry, no yelling, or pissed off cummed on boy running around to the stairs.

I wonder if they really are gay, but they just held hands, walking around the stairs. They sure are in love, but they had to let go, before they got to the top of the stairs.

Not really, though. I don’t think people really even look, unless they have some reason too. I mean, think about Muggers, jumping out with a knife, and telling you they’ll cut you if you don’t give them all your money. They probably now that, we walk right by alleys all the time, and don’t look. Unless we hear something, if you don’t scream, or break bottles, there’ no reason to.

“Huh!” I sat back, show’s over anyway, and just put down the opera glasses. Without having to hold them, that ment I could lick my fingers, on one hand, and rub the other 2 between my legs. “Hhuh, huhHhuh!” Try to breathe, but not too loudly. You know, mom, and dad can walk back and forth, right outside the door, and never look in here, unless they have some reason to.

“Huh?” I crossed my legs, but Heather barely opened the door, and slipped in sideways. “How’d it go?”

She closed it quietly, and dropped her books, before she locked it. “Oh god, it was amazing!” She got down on the floor, “I’m so horny, you wouldn’t believe, but. You’re bisexual, right?”

I nodded, “Yeah?”

“I know, it’s sick, but.”

“You want to sit on my face?” She bit her lip, and nodded. “Huh!” I scooted out from the wall so I could lie down. “Finally!”

I was going to get some real action! I know, she doesn’t swing that way, but those boys. They make such a big deal about being 13, just because it ends in teen, that makes them so much older.

Big deal, they can watch PG13s? We’ve got XXX movies at home, we can watch whenever mom, and dad are both out, so we can use the VCR. 4 hours of non-stop coed action, mom and dad watch together to remember what it was like in college, but every time it got to the girl-girl action, she always wanted to fast forward, at least to the part where the boys showed up. To the part with dicks in it, but she just got her fill of dicks, 2 of them.

Yeah, 2 little middle schoolers, but still. “Uh, am I doing it right?” I pushed her up, so I could breathe, but you know what? I wiped my face, and sat up. That was enough, after so many years watching her grow, and walking around naked right in front of me. Listening to her masturbate in bed at night, I just wanted to taste it. it was great, not at all like I expected, but if she thinks I’m gonna be able to get her off, the first time I ever actually got to kiss a pussy.

“Huh, what is it with gay boys, anyway?”

“Well, it’s not really, gay. You’re right, they are so adorable together, but other than that.” She sat down, but with her legs wide open, so I could touch her. “You know how straight guys are.”

I shook my head, but felt up her back to her bra strap. “Oh,” she pulled her top off. “I better take this back off, but you want to kiss me down stairs some more?”

“No, I’m good.” I kept feeling, up around the top.

“Oh!” Hey head hit the window sill. “Ow!” She rubbed the back of her head.

“Huh, you better get on the bed.”

“Yeah, good idea.” she kicked her panties off, and unzipped her skirt while she was up. So, I finished taking my clothes off before I got up, too.


Heather (f Solo)

“Don’t tell mom.”

“Of course not, it’s just as bad if I molest you.”

“Uh.” I pushed her hand off my leg.

“I’m sorry.” She covered her mouth.

“Well, it’s too late.” I pulled the blanket out, to cover me. “Huh, you know what? I’m tired, so I think I’ll take a nap.”

“Well, I better go take a shower then.” She went out naked, which means she’ll be back in a towel, and I can’t believe I almost let my little sister molest me?

I’m glad she said something, before it went too far, but. “Shit!” Then, she closed the door. To the bathroom, the only bathroom. Mom, and dad don’t even have one for their room, because it’s a cheap 2 bedroom apartment, and they have to work 2 jobs just to pay rent, and food, and. Boring stuff.

“Huh!” I kicked the covers off, though. “I’m just so horny!” Maybe if I just keep my fingers out of there, but I’m pretty sure that a cat-bath, and wiping them off in my shirt isn’t enough to kill all the sperms. I just want something inside me, so badly, I don’t care.

There gay, which means one of them might have AIDS, and I’m not on birth control, but my body sure doesn’t seem to care, and I’m covered in so much sperm, I can smell it. Still almost taste it, but all that’s left is the weird coating all over the inside of my mouth, and the warm feeling in my tummy just knowing that I swallowed as much as I could get.

I should have told her, “It’s about the butt stuff. Yeah.” Maybe that would have turned her off when she asked me about the gays, but straight boys. Either they’re so straight that they can’t keep it up in front of another boy, or they try to do it, butt.

“Nhm, hm!” They don’t know how to do it. “Ooh, yeah. Just like that. Huhn. Uhn, fuck me. Fuck the shit out of my ass. Fuck it good and hard.” Not right away, but you have to tell them slow down. Slow the FUCK down!

“Uh, hun!” Besides, 2 guys. I mean, yeah, preferably men instead of 8th grade boys, but I can’t be too picky in 7th grade. Bisexuals, the problem with gay boys is I’m not a boy, but the good thing is I’ve got a.

“Hoh!” That was a mistake. “Huh!” Too late now, and if I get pregnant, I get pregnant. They probably don’t have AIDS, at thirteen, right? “Hhuhuh! Yeah, uh!” I don’t think I got any on my thumb, anyway, but one in the front, one in the back, to be the meat in a sex sandwich. “Uhhh fuck, snh! Huhh, fuck!” I really should get on the pill, but that’s the answer, in case you’re wondering.

I’ve got 2 holes, which means at least 2 boys, to fuck them. “Hihihn! Are you Neil and Bob, or is that just what you do?” Honestly, that’s how they got away with it, for so long. They laughed, at the gay jokes. Yeah, Bobby hated to be called Bob, but Neil. “Huh, Neil.” It’s just too bad he’s gay.

I want him in front, so I can kiss his face, and open my eyes whenever I want to look at his. Beautiful green eyes, but I can’t now.

Oh look, my ceiling.

“Huh!” He’s never going to look at me, the way he looks at Bobby, but. I bet he can fuck. I bet, in a few years, with a couple more inches, he can even buttfuck me. “Uh, buttfuck me, Bobby. Uh, fuck it good and hard. Yeah, harder, you can fuck me harder, I can take it.”

That’s what I like about the back door. Maybe it’s a lifetime of taking dumps, but once I loosen up, it can take a pounding. Up front, I barely healed from picking the cherry out, so I can fuck it at all, I have to be gentle. Or just leave my thumb in there, and feel it wiggle around, when my fingers pump in and out, imagining 2 boys, at once.

I just have to find to more boys, who’re cool enough to get it up, and keep it up in front of each other. Long enough to actually get it in, instead of just knocking on the back door, but that’s their main problem. They tried it, of course they tried everything, especially anything they heard that gay guys are into, but they’re going to have to wait for full penetration. There’s too much butt cheeks in the way, and not enough dick to really get it in.

Which is cool, because they already found someone to wait with, jerk off together, kissing, and sucking each other off, but then, the other night. That was hot, Bobby even bragged about cumming on a girl, when he’s gay, and what’s up with that? I don’t think, he even really likes girls, at all. Being gay, you can really be sexist, without worrying about pissing off the females so much that they won’t fuck you.

“Good!” And I get that, but I also feel pretty proud of myself, if not even honored to get my face basted by 2 gay boys. “Hhuh!” Hold that thought, “Huh uh uh uh Uh UH! AUGH!”

There it is.




It’s “So, good! Snh! Huh!”

Now, where was I? With the dreamy waves of pleasure, it’s hard to think, but I like it. Oh yeah. The hot with rain, the sticky splashes, and the way Neil’s. “Ihnm!” Well, Bobbed. He didn’t hold it tight, he practically let go, and just held the base. So it twitched up, spitting a gush into the air, and curling beautifully. Almost like a question mark, except the dot? That would have been too perfect, it if snapped back, and there was a drop hanging there, to make it a question mark, but it shot high, and hit my hair.

I don’t care. I closed my eyes, so I didn’t get any in them, but that means I can probably just close my eyes, any time I want to remember that perfect beautiful gush of cum, before Bobby grunted, and they started hitting my face too fast to really tell which side it was cumming from, but at that point, I didn’t care.

It wasn’t even the first time, I had a boy slip out, by accident. I think it’s because I licked his head, but he hunched, and scraped my teeth on the way out. He didn’t stop cumming, and some of it hit my face, but that was just annoying.

“Huh?” Lisa knocked.

“You done in there?”

“Ihn!” My holes slipped shut. “Hm, yeah.” She came in, in a towel, and even avoided looking. Turned away, and pulled out underpants to slip on, under the towel.

“I’m really sorry. I was way out of line.”

“Huh, don’t be. If you hadn’t said anything, I probably would have let you, molest me.”

“Oh, yeah. I thought, that may be what had happened.”

“Well, don’t feel bad. I’m sure you’ll meet a nice bisexual girl, when you get to Jr. High.” I rolled my eyes, and lay back. “Huh! It seems there’s always at least one, that’s so openly bisexual, it’s kind of annoying.”

“Oh yeah?” she picked up a shirt, and smelled it. “Hm.” She put it on before I realized it was my top. The one I just took off, the one with cum all over the inside. “That mean you’ve got one there now?”

“Two. On in seventh grade, and on in eight, but they’re kinda rivals. It’s kinda hard to tell, but actually. Ashley, you know Ash?”

“I thought she was gay.” She nodded.

“I’m not so sure. She never looks at me.”

“Yeah, if she was gay, she’d totally be gay for you.”

“Thanks,” even though she’s only saying she’s my pervy little sister, and she’s been gay for me since 4th grade. Which is last year, when me, and Ashley were in 6th grade together. “I think she’s probably just saying that to piss off Dineen.”

“So, Dineen’s the real bisexual.”

“Yeah, you know Dineen.”

“Not really, but I don’t think there’s two.” Girls in town, named Dineen. Too bad she hates younger girls, and bullies us.

“Yeah, she hits on me a lot. I mean, mostly to piss off Ashley, but she’s also. Well, I know she’d go for it, if I wasn’t straight.”

“So, you think she’d go for me?”

“Yeah, in a couple years, if you’re taller than her.”

“Huh!” She rolled her eyes, and shook her head. “I know, nothing really going to happen for a couple years.”

“Yeah, well you’re 10. So, that’s the right thing to do, but look at Mom, and aunt Kay. You’re probably going to be tall like them too.”

“Like you?”

“Even taller.”

“Thanks.” I finally felt comfortable, hugging my sister, again. Even knowing that she’s probably enjoying my breasts up against her chest, a little too much, for sisters.


Author’s Note:

I split these up into separate chapters, because Part 1 was intentionally written as a Quickie. Hence the title “Cum Quick!” I like long stories, with dialog to draw out the pacing, foreplay, and breaks to take the clothes off. Put on rubbers where applicable, but some readers like a fast, and dirty story, every once in a while. So, I thought I’d write one, every once in a while.

Feedback is always welcome.

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