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raping pam with her husband’s help

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I was out looking for some random girl to fuck when my brotheri n law called me and asked me to come over I got there and we started talking he told me he found out that pam had cheated on him and was planning on asking for a divorce he also told me she had confided in him that I had raped her many times in the past and asked if I wanted to again..
I told him hell yeah we devised a plan for that night when she got home from work he took our girls to his moms still thinking they are his driving my car and I waited for pam to get home he left a note saying he and the girls were at the park.
I hid as she arrived and read the note she went to their room and undressed to get a shower I watched as she went into the shower I stripped and hid behind the door watching between the cracks as she shaved her legs and vulva it was as bald as it was the first time I raped her making me extremely hard as she entered the room I wasted no time grabbing her and dragging her to the bed putting on her back pulling her head off the edge and forcing my cock down her throat licked and tongued her pussy and ass savoring her familiar scent and aroma as usual she got sopping wet ..
Not wanting to waste my baby making cream in her gullet I pulled out and began thrusting into her sopping wet cunt she kept telling me her husband would be home any minute I told her I didn’t care she was mine for the weekend..
A look of surprise came over her face as I told her he had taken the girls to his moms and wouldn’t be home till Monday it was Thursday and a Holliday weekend so I would be raping her as much as possible between now and then her velvet tunnel was just as I remembered she was one of the best pieces of ass I’ve ever had probably because I had to take it every time I steadily raped in and out of her I’ve built stamina over the years of raping her and as usual it took over an hour to finally envelop her egg with my seed I tied her to the bed and put a cushion under her ass to keep my sperm deep inside her she knew I was going to impregnate her a third time I went and made food we ate and I took her out on her front porch tying her hands around the corner post lifting her leg on the railing I entered her again from behind anyone going by could plainly see my cock plunging in and out of her the way she was tied you couldn’t tell from the road..
I chuckled as one of the neighbors sons stopped and watched not knowing I was raping her she just hung her head as I motioned for him to come closer his wife eyed stare as her breasts bounced up and down I pounded her harder lifting her off her feet as I bottomed out he watched intently stroking his 14 year old cock I lasted almost 2 hours before dumping another batch of brotherly batter deep inside her…
I asked him if he wanted to touch her she said please no under her breath he hopped up and started fondling her breasts I told him go ahead suck her nipples and play with her pussy he gladly sucked hungerly rubbing her sloppy holes and clit I told him go ahead and fuck her if he wanted she glared at me as he entered her thrusting hard and erratic it wasn’t long before he shot his load inside her…
I told him we would be available till Monday morning and to find as many guy’s as he could because she would suck and fuck everybody that showed up he left and I started raping her again she kept saying please let her go she didn’t want to have anyone else fucking her I told her she’s mine her pussy is mine and I’ll say who she will suck and fuck..
I blasted another thick creamy load deep I untied her picked her up slid her back onto my cock and started into the house the neighbors sons came back with his friends as we were almost to the door so I turned around as they gathered around watching the show pam just put her head against my neck trying to hide her face I pulled her off my cock and put her on her hands and knees..
I instructed one of the boys to get in front of her and she’d suck his cock as I plowed her from behind he lasted about 4 minutes before exploding in her mouth I grabbed the back of her neck and told her she best swallow any load deposited in her mouth she reluctantly swallowed another boy replaced the first and lasted a little longer before filling her mouth with another dose of cum 6 boys had shot off in her mouth before I fired off yet another batch of baby batter I pulled out and the neighbor boy entered her from behind a few young girls had shown up to watch the show and we in awe of my big cock disappearing deep inside her .
One after another the boys fucked her pussy and ass load after load spilling into her mouth and pussy until all 50 boys had emptied in both her holes they thanked me and left one of the 13 year old girls stayed I had made some phone calls and my buddies started showing up bringing 2 or 3 others with them I left pam kn the porch being spitroasted by the 70 guys that had shown up as the young girl emerged from the bathroom I pulled her onto the couch and started kissing her my cock hard as a rock I put her hand on it and told her to squeeze a little and run her hand up and down she reluctantly did as she was told I unbuttoned her blouse and took it and her bra off her she had the smallest little breasts I kissed them and sucked her tiny nipples and ran my hand up her skirt pulling her panties off and trying to slip a finger into her hairless slit sh tried to pull away but just managed to make it so I could get her skirt off she sobbed and told me she had to go home..
I laughed and told her that she was going to get what the woman on the porch got from my I picked her up found some lube and carried her onto the porch a few of my friends held her as I lubed her and my cock I put my cock near her little opening as some of my friends filmed her from her cute little face to her extra small bald pussy I positioned myself against her virginal opening and started pushing she cried harder as I wormed my way into her she screamed as I finally got her opened enough to get the head inside she was thrashing as I pushed against her hymen I made sure pam was made to watch me take this girls virginity just as I had taken hers I took my time getting a little deeper and deeper into this poor girl her face wrenching in pain as I pushed through her barrier I held her hips and kept forward pressure forcing my cock into her opening he no longer virgin cunt she wailed as I got deeper and deeper into her I pulled back my cock coated with her virginity I kept forcing myself into her until I managed to get all the way inside her twat was so fucking tight I began moving in and out with a purpose finally I couldn’t hold out and shot her first ever rope after rope of sperm deep inside her…
I pulled out and one of my friends plunged into her over 200 guys used her and pam filling them over and over I later found out her 3 brothers and her father had taken 2 turns each fucking her as Monday approached we finished up and let them get showered and sleep one of the little girls friends showed up after everyone had left she was a cute little 14 year old I let her in and took her to her friend who was sleeping naked her sex gaping open buried and red she asked me what happened I told her I’d show her grabbing her and forcing her clothes off of her she had a whisp ot blond fine hair over her pussy neatly trimmed her 32 a breasts were perfect I mauled her breasts and forced my finger into her dry hole working it in as she unwittingly got moist and wet I tied her hands to the bedpost and got between her legs prying them apart I kissed her little pussy and ran my tongue up and down her clit to her ass dipping into her slit and hole she gasped as I worked my tongue into her sweet hole.
I rose up put a little lube on my cock and started pushing myself between her pussy lips flipping on the cameras I forced my way inside hitting her barrier and pulling back watching her face as I hit her hymen over and over savoring the look on her face as I teased in and out stretching her barrier but not breaking it her tunnel was fiery hot as I finally pushed stretching her hymen to its limit they say a girl never forgets her first time and this hot little number definitely isn’t going to forget this as I finally slowly pushed through her barrier and kept pushing I bottomed out at 4.5 inches in still had 4 to go I moved her around and bumped her cervix working around a little more I finally got the head pushing into her tiny cervix I knew from when I raped pam that it was going to hur just as much if not more than when I took her virginity I slowly pushed with hard steady pressure and after 45 minutes I finally had every inch imbeded inside I pulled back carefully not to pull out of her cervix pumping hard jabbing stokes her vise like grip kept me wanting to stay inside her forever but she finally felt me starting to swell I whispered in her ear time to make our baby she burst into tears begging me not to get her pregnant but I couldn’t resist spitting my cum balls deep into her waiting womb she felt me splashing and coating her insides knowing she could be getting pregnant I stayed inside her her tightness keeping me hard so I continued raping her telling her she was mine and she would give herself to me anytime I wanted I emptied my seed in her again..
Pam ended up pregnant with my 3rd child along with the 14 year old I continued raping both any time I wanted and the 14 year old is now 20 and pregnant with our 5th child..

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    Please seek some help, you deserve to rot in prison for this

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    I hope you fucking die you asshole no women should ever be Raped especially at 14 You Dirtyass fucking pervert🖕🏽