My desire

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My desire was to have sex with my sister before she has with others.

This is real incident which happened long ago when I was 19 years old and my sister 16 years .we were studying .me in college and she in school..I was Master bating daily my dick was 7 inches long living in rented house two rooms and terrace.. My sister average built orange size breast .nice hipp.. I never had feeling of sex towards her but one day I saw her talking to one boy older than me .I thought now she is big girl and she wants sex .so I made up my mind she is my sister my property I have a right to give her whatever she wants ..why some body fuck her . if she is caught she will have problem in marriage .so I decided to fuck her and fulfill her sex desire .it was winter my parents used to sleep in one room and me and my sister in another room..in separate beds..
One night went to her bed and slept with her .with the intention to fuck her .. She was sleeping facings back towards me .she was wearing top and skirt .my cock was already erect .so I took out my cock and I lifted her skirt she was wearing pink underwear so I pull aside her underwear and tried to put my cock in her hole .she was awake because she adjusted herself to help me getting her vaginal entrance .she pushed her hips backward .so I found her entrance .as I found I gave a push my cock entered in her cunt she cried little but I started fucking her from back she was helped me by pushing back ward .I fucked her and fulfill my desire .I was surprised she is in need and wanted dick so he did not resist at all and helped me .
That incident encouraged me to fuck her again .so I removed her top and lower clothes now she is baked I kissed her and pressed her orange sized breasts she started moaning .her moans make me mad my cock became erect .I sucked her breast I put her whole breast in my mouth .she moaned .aah aah aaah …….

I put my one hand on her pubic area she has pubic hairs ..I massaged her clit SNF vagina .I played for half an hour like this with her body .now i was very excited so i came between her legs she opened them and I put my cock head slow ly in her vagina .I gave another push half cock was in she moaned .now I gave strong push whole cock was in touching her cervix ..she was moaning and holding Me tight I started fucking in full speed .I fucked her for half an hour and ejaculated my seman in her . . I withdrew and slept in my bed ..
After few days in night she came to my bed and stated playing with my cock .I woke up and fulfilled her desire as she wanted ..but we didn’t speak a word we had so many fucking season without speaking .she was so much. Needed sex .so after two year she got married.

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  • Reply Sean ID:7ylren6xic

    Great story. When I was 14 years old, I had the desire to want to rub my penis against my mom’s leg like I used to do when I was 5 years old. It felt good doing it, my mom had pretty, silky smooth legs. I can remember going in the bathroom and seeing a bottle of Nair in the medicine cabinet. That’s what my mom used to make her legs feel smooth and silky. I really loved rubbing my penis against my mom’s leg.

  • Reply slip ID:10cqc2u1qr9

    Delhi NYS?
    I lived there

  • Reply PUSSYWANTED ID:5u100ta9qk

    Great Story Do Part 2