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Uncle’s talk

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When I was 11 I went with my family on a vacation to my uncle’s house. He had horses and he had a German Shepard. I had the guest room in the barn house and I liked it because I was all alone. One night my uncle’s dog followed me back there and stayed with me all night. I woke up to find him sniffing at my crotch. I didn’t move, curious as to what he was doing. I glanced down and saw his hard cock, it was clear how horny he was. I bit my lip before taking my pants off, my pussy on full display. He started to lick it before I moaned and let him. After he continued for five minutes, the door opened and my uncle stood at it. He didn’t say anything before calling his dog. The dog left and my uncle walked in. We didn’t say anything before he started to rub my cunt. I rolled my hips and looked up at him. He stopped touching me and put a pillow between my legs. “Hump it.” He told me simply. I quickly did as I was told. I got on my hands and knees and started to hump the pillow, moans coming out of me every time. I heard a camera snap a picture or three as I continued. “I love little girls..” he told me. “So does your grandpa and your dad..” he spoke rubbing my ass. “Especially ones who are related to us. Do you remember when I would always tuck you in?” He asked. “When I would just gently touch your little pussy? You had no idea at the time how horny you would make me. It’s a shame your mother is here. If see wasn’t.. well we’d be having more fun with you than you know.” He flipped me over and started to finger me. I moaned louder. “Good thing she’s leaving tomorrow for work.. then you would be our toy and we’d have you walk around naked.” He checked the time. “I have to go.. but we’ll have more fun tomorrow. Your dad and grandpa will make sure of it.”

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    This is so kinky story

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      Nice story im horny

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    Holy shit, thats so hot

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      Super hot

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    Would you be down to chat, I’d love to have some fun with you

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    More please! I want to see what happens 🙂