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finally fucked my hot cousin

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i drugged numbed and fucked my sexy cousin. her own fault for rejecting me.

it worked, i finally got to fuck my cousin.

i’m 13 and for nearly a year i have had a crush on my 10 year old cousin poppy, its just the way she dresses looks smells and talks she just so sexy. i tried it on with her once but she rejected me because im her cousin but i still wanted to fuck her real badly. i read loads of stories and jerked off to them and seen a few about rape and drugging.

last week she slept over and i put sleeping medicine in her drink which worked perfectly. it knocked her out and i was able to strip her clothes off, lick out her pussy and ejaculate on her face and in her mouth without her waking up. but i was still scared that if i fucked her she would wake up while i was doing it. then i found out about some numbing cream you can buy for aches and pains so i bought some.

two nights ago she slept over again and i drugged her with her sleeping medicine and stripped off her clothes then i put the numbing cream on her pussy, you weren’t meant to use it on your genitals but i tried it on my balls and it just made them feel weird and obviously numb so i figured it was okay to use on her pussy. i must have put too much on though because she pee’d herself, it probably made her pee hole so numb she couldn’t feel it to control her pee.

i rubbed my cock and got it really hard then i pushed it in her pussy it took a few tries and i was starting to think i wasn’t doing it right but then her pussy burst and my cock went in it. i managed to fuck her twice, there was a little blood but it didn’t put me off, i cummed in her and then cleaned up all the mess and put her clothes back on her.

just to make sure she didn’t realise her pussy was hurting or sore from me raping her, when she woke up i pretended to play fight with her and ‘accidentally’ kneed her in the pussy, she thought the pain in her pussy was from me kneeing her and not from getting fucked. so far i got away with it but i forgot that she could get pregnant but then she is only 10 so hopefully she wont.

thanks for all the stories everyone they really helped.

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