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I was groomed and raped by my foster brother (detailed)

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One of the readers told me i should tell me so i will i guess ill start from beginning

When i say groomed i mean he’d get me ice cream from the ice cream trucks and candy from this store next to this small diner he’d be nice and bring me little toys from the antique shop and talk to me and play with me since i was the only one my age everybody was 15 and up.

I began to trust him and i ignored when he press against me in bed or grope me and after a while i thought it was normal because he was my bestfriend.

(i had to sleep in the queen sized bed with him because mrs.mary didnt want me i the room with 2 other boy and she trusted james).

Now fast forward he has all my trust im willing to do anything and if i do he pulls the ‘after all ive done for you ‘ card and make me feel bad so when we played house and when it was time for the husband and wife to sleep i got naked and let him lock the door and he suck on my nipples I’d suck his cock and he cum in my mouth or on my shaved cunt

And im ashamed but i was so brainwashed i looked forward to sucking him off after and id let him lay his cock against my cunt at night it was warm and i liked it when he’d tell me he’d love me afterwards.

But when he took my virginity i wanted to tell somebody but it i didnt it was late maybe in the ams and i got naked and we kissed and i was so into it i sucked him off and swallowed his jizz which i remember being farley sweet thats why i enjoyed it so much

Back to it he stuck it in he was about 6 or 7 inches and he pushed in it hurt but after a while it felt good o whimpered and after an hour of him working his cock in me i was exhausted and my cunt hurted.

After that he did alot and i got used to it by the time i was 13 i began to enjoy i had hit puberty and my boobs were bigger and i shaved now and i enjoyed it alot lol i didn’t know what we were doing was wrong.

being 13 meant girls at school at boyfriends and james said to never speak on what we do so i never did

When i turned 14 i moved to a different house and my now best friend explained we weren’t in love he manipulated me and groomed and raped me which is why im here telling the story

Fuck you james you pervert

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  • Reply Not alone!

    santana socks, i was rape when i was 9, still affect me today in my 40s, i hope you are doing better then me and that you are stronger then me.

  • Reply Anonymous

    I was groomed and raped, but never liked using the rape word. Because, I was told that sex was normal as I was getting fucked by my grandpa. On the regular until he passed.

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    • Neesha

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  • Reply I want pussy

    I’m horrny as hell my ig is Stephenmcivorpriv I will send nudes btw I’m 14

  • Reply Uriel

    How old are now days Santana socks, how long did this go on for?

  • Reply Psiberzerker


    A fairly common step 1 in Brainwashing, and fostering Co-dependence is to take you away from your family, and loved ones. Orphans, especially living in an Orphanage pretty much takes care of that for him. It puts you in an emotionally needy position where you have to find someone to trust, and makes it easier for you to imprint on him.

    • Santana socks

      Thats is true o found my self sucking him off more letting him fuck me more because i just felt a need to make him proud and i didn’t want him to leave