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I love you baby boy

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At a young age 12 to be specific i was always a cutie with soft little pink lips and soft caramel skin and curls with light brown eyes my mom called honey globes.

When my mom was in the hospital for breast cancer I lived with my second week there he sat me on his bed and pulls my socks on and kisses my toes next was pants kissed my legs and thighs and my Thomas the train boxers on the floor he licks and sucked my tiny pens about 5 inches long and I came for the first time he took off my shirt and kisses me it was sloppy and wet and along with my nipples he bent me over I was sweaty and blushing in pleasure while his finger worked my butt with lube.

After his fingering my young butt I was being railed into the bed by my over dads cock after my sore gaping asshole was filled with cum and it happened everyday when I turned 13 my uncle joined in and I learned to take 2 dicks and suck really good.

My mother got better and I told her I was a man and told.her what we did she never let me see him again but when I was 16 or 15 her new boyfriend and I began a sexual relationship and every time.my mom wasn’t looking he grope my ass or cup my dick i did it to him.to.

My mom caught us and sent me away, all boys school my teacher who was the priest everyday fucked me along with other school boys.

Im.now 18 and vay I participate in glory holes and other stuff.

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    Great story dude

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    Excellent story. You are one lucky boy by the way

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