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Daddy and Jasmine 1

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Jasmine and daddy first encounter while in bed

|Jasmine is a very petite small girl with a cute butt soft skin a cunt that will never grow hair similar to a young girl with her short blonde hair|

|Jake aka daddy is a tall muscular man with a brown beard and brown wavy shirt hair with one sleeved tattoo and a deep gruff voice that is soft and gentle when talking to Jasmin|

|there relationship is close even though her being 18 he sometimes carries her in the house gives her baths and dresses her in the morning|

Part 1

Jasmine pov

Jasmine jumped and ran to her daddys room not caring if she was only in thin white cotton panties a shear night gown.

She jumped on her daddy’s lap making in wake up and groan when she sat right in his thick cock contained by the tight briefs.

whats wrong princess’ she tightened arm around his neck whimpering.He was getting hard and he knew it was wrong when he got hard seeing her like this.

He fought against his needs and lays down pulling the covers over them while she slowly felt asleep.He just couldn’t sleep and slipped his bug hands up her nightie rubbing her now.hard nipples gripping her small tits making her gasp and whimper.

He kept groping her no know she was awake closing her eyes letting out small noises as he worked her nightie off hovering over her.

She whimpered feeling his tongue lick her nipples sucking and nipping taking turns in both she got wet her panties were ruined feeling daddy’s thick cock grind Against her small frame.

‘d-daddy’ he froze and bit his lip as she opened her eyes cheeks red and eyes hoodies.

‘daddy my princess parts are tingling’ she smiled and pulled the cotton panties off sniffing her arousal.

‘daddys gonna take care of you just relax’ she moaned loudly as he licked through her folds his nose nuzzling her clit.

‘oh daddy’ she screamed out arching her back arching as she squirted and blushed as he sat up locking his lips positioning the tip pushing it in kissing her.

He pushed all the way in breaking her hymen and holding it as he wipes her tears he smiles. ‘your such a good girl for taking daddy’s cock aren’t you little girl’ she bites her lip.

‘you can move daddy’ he did slowly pounding her moans and his grunts and the wet sloshes along with his balls slapping against her were the only things heard I the room.

He stopped pushing himself in her womb cumming filling it up to the brim pulling out as he quickly grabbed a towel wiping them down laying down as she cuddling into him.

‘ I love you daddy thank you for fucking me’

‘your welcome little girl’

~hi I’m Jasmine I’m 15 and this is my first story(:

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    What are your bra and panty sizes and do you save your nether region?

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    Such a good girl

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    Nice job,keep it up.

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    Hi im 14 and that was a pretty good story. Pretty sure you gonna get a whole lot other comments asking to can’t cause you said you were 15, but I truly am 14. Idk, just add me on snap @brianmcentee21 or Instagram @meme.sfunnyaf

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    Amazing story, I can’t wait for more. Add kalebt04 on snap and maybe we can talk.

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      she’s 15 bro. WTF…