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Just full of cum

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Tape fixes everything and I mean everything (also I highly recommend having sex with a animal it feels amazingly indescribable.

So let’s just get what I look like out of the way, I have long black hair, I have E cup sized breasts and I’m 25 I live my self not including my dogs.
This story begins when I was curious about beastality and decided to try it had to look after our 3 dogs are first dog’s name is Titan he’s a purebred husky, our second dog his name is sumo and he is a great Dane and our last dogs name is Max and he’s a golden retriever.

I decided to have a shower when I was in the shower i decided to leave the door open because no one was home but in the shower I masturbated as a virgin (yes I was a virgin at 18) after my shower I saw max come into the bathroom but I didn’t bother because he does this when I shower because I live alone . I was drying my hair when Max started to lick at my pussy lips and I swatted at him to get off but he didn’t, he started to lick in my pussy this made my legs weak and I slightly fell on the ground as he continued I looked at him and saw his penis start growing from his sheath so I decided to get on my hands and knees. After a few more licks from him he mounts me and rams his cock in me, I screeched when he did but then he started going faster and faster and his penis started to hit my cervix when it was I had the biggest orgasm I ever experienced, after my orgasm I felt something big enter me I look down and I see my pussy expand then I feel hot spurts of his cum flow into me this sets off another orgasm when this was happening I see Titan enter the bathroom I see his penis also growing but then Max started to pull and this hurt so I tell him to stop and he does after about 10 minutes his cock shrinks enough to come out but I say to Titan “no not you right now” he obviously has much different plans and hops right on my back, I thought “alrighty then nevermind” Titan had some trouble finding my entirence so I help him and he thrusted so hard it entered my womb and i orgasm to that he didn’t last as long as Max did but he got his knot in me and cums directly into my womb witch feels amazing I had another orgasm. I feel my womb getting filled from his cum and then I saw Sumo enter, Titans knot finally deflates after about 13 minutes then out of no where Sumo mounts me and rams his dick as hard as he can directly into my womb it was so awesome I almost faint he keeps thrusting his cock into me I can’t count how much orgasms I had at this point he finally got his knot in me when I look down I see a grapefruit size knot in me and where my womb is there’s a big bulge then Sumo cums in me and I feel my womb expand so much It was the size of a cantolup when he was done sumos knot lasted around 26 mins but then I remembered that my dad had fixed my sink recently so I grab the tape that was on the counter and riped off a piece of tape and put it over my vigina to keep the cum In me and after that I got them food and sat on the couch caressing my bulge in my womb knowing there little puppy’s are swimming in my like a pool and can’t escape, I drift asleep without a care in the world and I wake up to a cramp and then I realised more than 50 sperm cells hit my eggs and im sitting here with a bulging womp “ah shit I’m pregnant with there dogs”. The next morning I decided to fuck my dogs agian so I remove the piece of tape and let them fuck me a cups worth of there cum gushes out of me when I remove the piece of tape and thankfully I new this would happen so I got a cup Titan fucked me first then Max and the biggest one out of then Sumo fuck me in my ass I was hurting yes but when his knot entered he started cumming in my stomach which felt really weird yet amazing when he was done I had a about 3 cups worth of cum on the floor and in a cup so I thought what’s so bad about trying it. I lift the cup to my mouth and drank it and it tasted so good indescribable but good a few months past and I wake up one morning to throw up and I felt a contraction so I called my breeding masters in and tell them it’s time so I get into position to give birth and one puppy came out she looked like Max and Titan a little bit the second came out he looked just like Sumo and the last one came out and she looked like me and Titan. I was so happy I gave birth to these adorable little ones, after I put them to sleep I decided to have sex with my masters agian and well a year passes of just fucking them and I woke up one night and threw up agian.

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  • Reply Cumgulper

    That was a pretty good story. I enjoyed it but it went a little to far when you had the puppies, but still enjoyable. I do believe you have had sex with dogs and dearly enjoys it(so do I). Cum from a dog and woman is delicious. That much I do know. And a knot in the ass does starts out with excruciating pain, but later becomes fantastic. Keep it up love .
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  • Reply Mikeyt

    ok, i can deal with the fucking, but the birth of puppies from a human female is so ridiculous it ruins the story which obviously is fictional.

  • Reply Ashamed of you

    you are one sick slut

  • Reply var

    Mmmmm~ looks like you enjoyed fucking them…although the end is bs..you can’t give birth to puppies

    • Summer

      Pretty sure they forgot to add something