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I lost my virginity to my dog

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a true story. I was 11 and didn’t know any better, it felt to good to stop.

I was 11 and it was summer. I was at my grandmas house sense my mom was working. That had this little orange mutt and he was so horny all the time. It was very hot and I was wearing a dress so I ended up taking my panties off while I watched cartoons in the living room alone, I was alone at least till the dog came in the room. My legs we’re spread apart, my pussy visible to anyone who looked at me and the door jumped up on the couch with me, I think nothing of it when he goes into my dress, I was too busy with my show, I just noticed when his cold, wet nose pressed against my clit, casing me to whine and giggle a little. I didn’t know what he was doing so I pet his head and said “silly dog” before going back to my show. But he didn’t stop, he kept sniffing my little cunt, pressing his nose nearing inside of me witch caused me to moan and start getting wet, I had never experienced getting wet before but it felt amazing. I pet his head again and whisper underneath my breath “oh wow boy, what are you doing?” Almost in response he licks at my clit, I moan and am panting immediately. He keeps going, licking up all my wetness as i whimper and moan, I try to keep my voice down, not wanting my grandmother to walk in and catch me. Eventually he licks my pussy dry and gets bored from it not tasting my anything and I whine in protest before reaching down and spreading my pussy lips open, he sniffs for a second, smelling my cum before he starts licking me again! His tongue is so deep inside my pussy this time I can’t help but moan and praise him, calling him a good boy while he eats me out super well. I cum right on his tongue and he licks it all up before he jumps back down off the couch. I was in shock about how good that felt. And after that day for the rest of the summer I always had a dress on with no panties.

This was a true story and happened about 3 years ago. I’m 14 now and still want it everyday but I don’t go to my grandparents house as often so I can’t get my pussy licked by that sweet little dog as much as I want.

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    That sounds like it must have been really fun lol, I have had my dog lick my dick when I was super horny before. I’m 15 but haven’t done that in a while lmao, but if you wanted, we could talk on discord or snapchat. Just let me know with a reply if you would be interested and ill drop either of them.

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    i may not be a dog but i can lick your pussy out like a dog

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