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I’ve been playing with myself since i was young..

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When i was young i used to always have an interest in my body and especially my cunt, id always play with it when crusty pieces of discharge would stick to my newly grown bush, eventually i worked up the courage to finger myself, i could only ever fight max 2 fingers in without hurting my hymen unless i was extremly wet from reading incest young porn, i’ve always wanted to be fucked by a family member, i’m still young and a family member and very horny.. i’ve always wanted to for my virginity and anal virginity to be taken but sadly i’m still a virgin..hopefully someday, comment down below if you’d like my snapchat? I’ve just always had a lust to have sex young but that will probably never happen since i can’t imagine any boy wanting me.. all i ever wanted was my pussy to be eaten so once i experimented with a dog, and it’s good but a human would be better that’s why i tried to get my young cousin to eat my pusey once but since it was hairy and she was grossed out she said no 🙁 but i always love spreading my juicy wet cunt for a dog, but dog dicks look so weird to me i would never consider putting one in me..

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