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I took his virginity

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I was 12 he was 6, we had some fun at the park…

I’m a 15 year old girl and I’m more mature about sex than i was back when I was 12.
To prove it, I’m going to tell you about how I fucked my 6 year old little brother.

My mom asked me to take Ash to the park. He was excited and was playing around on the slide. I was watching him when he came over to me and said ‘I need a wee, can you cover me up please?’
I took him round the back of a tree and stood in front of him as he pissed, blocking anyone else’s view of him. I saw his little cock out the corner of my eye, it made me horny…

I turned around and asked if he was done. He got angry and told me to turn away.
Long story short…

I didn’t.

I stroked his ass and asked him if he needed any help. He said no and tried to hit me. I grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the bushes.

He asked me what I was doing but i ignored him and started licking his wet with piss un-errected dick and, to my surprise, he started to have an errection; I didn’t know 6 year olds could have erections.
I grabbed his ass and started sucking his dick; I’d seen how to do it on a porn video.

I turned him around and stuck my finger in his ass. He said ow and was obvoisly in pain, but i was so horny i didn’t care.

I sat him down and told him to put his penis in my vagina. He was confused but did it anyway.
He clearly liked it.

I started rubbing my pussy and, after 10 minutes of sweet sex, I squirted.
He was discusted and told me off for pissing on him.

I smiled and kissed him and licked his ass.
I took him home and i played with him almost every night.

Mom never found out…

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