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Grandaddy’s Gun

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I guess it’s a little weird, but the boys my age kinda like it. #Snuff

I had to go out, to get a signal, and finally hit send on my phone. “9-11, what’s your emergency?”

“Yeah, uhm.” Where do I start? “This’s Netty, Annette Moran, and I just killed a bunch of guys, but they’re bad guys, and did they just rob a bank’re somethin?” I hadn’t heard about that yet.

“Slow down, Netty is it?” The lady said. I could tell she was a lady from the sound of her voice.

“Uh huh? There’s this lady here, you better talk to her.” I waved her up the stairs, “Come on up.” I held out the phone, “She wants to talk to you.” She was naked, and her makeup ran down her face was crying, but she stopped trying to cover herself up, to take the phone, and walk out in the broad daylight.

“Huh, hello?” She sounded nervous, and hoarse, but. I didn’t just kill somebody. “Nadine Johnson.” She nodded, still curled up, with one leg crossed, and holding her boobs in the other arm, cradled like a baby. “I work at 1st National, and. Uh, these guys, they come in, and they had guns.” So, I got that right, but she was still upset, and I felt.

Weirdly cold, and the excitement was wearing off. I shivered for no good reason, and took a deep breath. Closed my eyes, with the warm sunshine on my face, and smelt the burnt powder still in the air. Tried to remember everything, to tell the police when they got back to me.

“They raped me!” She wailed, and broke down sobbing. I blinked, but she slid down the cement wall, and it was painted, but also chipped, with bubbles here, and there, rough patches from it peeling off, and I guess she just didn’t feel it, after what all happened to her. The dirt under her butt, and her heels up against her crotch. Her hairy crotch, where the men hurt her.

“Yuh think it’s that Hit, and Run gang?” I hadn’t hear of them. “Yes, a van.” She looked over, “A Chrysler Pacifica, it’s white.” She wiped her hair out of her face. “Yes, that’s the licence plate number.” Outta state, but he seemed to be calming down. So, I touched her shoulder. “Huh?” She looked scared again all a sudden.

“It’s okay, it’s all over.” I patted it. “I took care of them, they’re dead.”

“They’re all dead.” She got zombie eyed, and looked off, then she shook her head. “Uh, what?” She held my phone back up. “He wants to talk to you again.”

So, I took it back, and wandered off, so she couldn’t hear me.

“Okay, what happened?” They must’ve switched it over to some police man while they’re talking to her.

“Well, it was a nice day, still is. So, I decided to walk home from school, and took a shortcut, down the service road.”

“We got your phone on the GPS.”

“Good. See, there’s this little shack, underneath the powerlines.” I counted, “Three towers in from the road, and that’s where they took her.”

“And the money?”

“I bet. Honestly, I didn’t check, I had to come up from the basement to call you guys, but they had these big old duffel bags, so I assume that’s what they carried it in. I can go back, and check, but it’d take a minute, there’s no reception down there.” Guess they’re still too busy raping her to get it out, and count out their shares.

“No, stay out of the crime scene, there may be explosive dye packs, or other security devices in with the money.” Looking around, it was all crime scene, so I stepped back even further. “But you said you killed them?”

“Yessir, shot ’em.” I nodded, “They weren’t really good shots, they missed a lot, and it was pretty loud down there. They didn’t have no hearing protection on, and the flash hiders on their ARs. They pretty much flashbanged themselves.”

“Annie, where’d you get it?”

I giggled, “From my daddy’s safe. You know my daddy?”

“Of course, Annie. This is Sheriff Herdez.”

“Oh, hey Paul.” Didn’t have no Spanish accent, but his family was from here. “I mean Sheriff, you know grandaddy’s old High Power? The one in the wooden stock.”

He chuckled, “Yeah, you’re always pretty good with that,” It’s a lot easier to handle, even with the big grip, if I can just hold it back, in my shoulder. It don’t take no big strong man to pull a trigger, with a stock in your shoulder, to hold it steady. “You all right?”

“I don’t know, they roughed her up something fierce, and. Huh, I saw it.” I shook my head, trying to forget what I saw when I went down there. “Uh, this one man came up, to smoke a cigarette, and take a piss. I caught him with his pants down, but he left the door open, and I could hear her down there, screaming.”

I tried to take a breath, but it fluttered, and got caught in my throat. “I uh. I got mad. I hope I’m not in too much trouble for all this, but. I shot him in the back. A bunch of times, and I don’t want to go check, how many holes are in the back, but.

I killed him, first. Then, they stopped raping her, to run out to the stairs, and they all 3 had guns, but I ducked down as soon as I saw them. Then they started shooting, and I looked over my sites as soon as they stopped. The one in the middle, he dropped his gun, and he had his hands up over his ears, so he was unarmed when I shot him. In the head, there was blood, and brains everywhere, so it must’ve blown out the back. I didn’t even have hollow points loaded, just surplus copper jacket ball, since those feed better in the old magazines, but that made the other 2 look up, and start shooting again.

I don’t think they’re regular shooters, like Army regulars, or even National Guard. Maybe the Air Force, they don’t train them as good, or have to qualify like Army men, but they sure weren’t Marines. At least they all had masks on, so I didn’t see their faces. I don’t know if I could have shot him in the head, if I saw his face. So then, the shooting stopped again, and I looked back down over the sites, but they’re gone.

So, I pulled out the spares from the buttplate, and switched them out. I don’t know how many I shot from the first one, but I figured that was the best time to reload. Huh, but that gave them a chance to fall back, and regroup. I heard them yell something, so I pulled off my earmuff on one side, and yelled “WHAT?” Back down.

I don’t think they heard me, but like I said. It was really loud down there, at the bottom of the stairs. Blasting away with 3 assault rifles, and flash hiders, and no ear protection. So then, they came out, holding the naked lady up, and trying to hide behind her, but the one yelled “We have a prisoner!” real loud, and “If you let us go, we’ll let her go.”

So, I held up my gun, and yelled “Deal,” then threw it aside, careful to aim for the grass next to the service road, so it didn’t get no dirt in the action. Then, I got behind the door, while they pushed her up, and grabbed the gun before they came out. So, I could get down behind them, and shoot them in the backs.” I tried that Kasarda drill, with a dumblee instead of the kettelbell, but all that up, and down really payed off! “It was kinda risky, but neither one of them had no pistols. So they couldn’t really hang onto the naked lady, and stick the muzzles in her back, but she ran back in, and I think she fell down the stairs.

I was out of ammo, so I had to switch back to the first one, before I could shoot them in the heads, to finish them off. I don’t know how to feel about that. I never shot any body before, let alone killed four of them in 1 sitting, but they’re raping her down there. Gang raping her, and I could hear it.”

“You said you saw it, too?”

“Uh, not in the act, thank God but just when they brought her out. With their guns, and I saw her face. The look on her face, and they beat her too.” She’d be pretty bruised up once that black eye filled in.

I looked back, but she had her head down, and her hands covering her face. “I think she’s got a broken nose, or maybe it was already crooked, but it’s bleeding, and they split her lip. Also, huh. In her… Up between her legs. That’s bleeding, too.”

“Well, we’ll get you trauma counciling as soon as we can.”

“Well, you want me to stay on the line? Because speaking of which, there’s still a naked lady here. She’s hurt, and scared, and naked so I better find her clothes before the Sheriffs show up.”

“All right, but the staters’ll probably get there first, and they’re claiming jurisdiction.”

“Highway robbers, from Oklahoma?” I guessed.

“Yeah, seems like, but Annie? I’m proud of you, and your father would be too.”

“Huh! Snh!” I just hung up, before I started crying, but I remember him holding me in the back seat, parked by the ditch with the lights flashing around, and round. I shook all that out of my head, and saw that she had the stock, cradled in her arms. Still curled up against the wall, but looking right at me.

“Nadine, is it?” I reached out my hand, “Let me have that back, it’s empty anyways, but. You don’t know how to use it?”

“Wha, how old are you, and where’d you learn to shoot likeat?”

“Eleven, and my daddy, and his daddy before him, they was both in the army. My grandaddy, he was from Canada.” I cleared the chamber, and locked the slide back, with the magazine out, and saw at least 2 sticking up at the top of the stacks. So, I didn’t need that extra one I loaded when I ran home to get get it. All of 29 rounds, with 1 in the pipe when I loaded up.

“He brought this with him, from the Inglis factory.” Looked at the Chinese lettering, to make sure I got the right one, instead of the newer one. Since technically, it’s illegal to put the stock on the wrong gun if’n the serial numbers don’t match. Don’t ask me why, ATF stuff, but the staters might check when they come to take it in evidence. “but do you know where your clothes are at?”

She shook her head, “They threw them out on the highway, so I wouldn’t try to run away. I didn’t even get a chance, until they turned off, we’re going so fast, and there was 2 of them on either side of me, in the back seat.

I looked back, at the dark tinted windows, and the clear ones up front. I nodded.

“Well, I don’t know if. Uh.” I looked down at my clothes, but even if they would fit her, that’s not a bright idea. That would leave me in my underwear, and just get them all bloody, so I changed my mind. “But the cops’re on their way.”

“It’s hard to believe you’re only eleven, the way you handle yourself, and.” Her eyes glanced over, at the 2 bodies by the open door, then she shut them, and shook her head. “Hhuh!”

“Oh, now. Settle down, it’s all over. They can’t hurt you no more.” I got down to hug her, and thought about maybe standing in front of her when the cops showed up. Until they could hand her a police blanket, or maybe loan her some sweats to wear.

“Huh, tell me how, you learned to shoot like that?”

“Well, there’s these boys, back in town, and they got these paintball guns, and this tactical course set up in the old abandoned Sutter farm. That’s 2 story, with a basement, so there’s stairs, and a landing on the way upstairs, to practice that situation.” I guessed. “They call me pinky, on accounta using only pink paintballs, so they know who got em, but they hurt worse, because of pride, I’magine. Also, my grandaddy, and daddy before they died. In an accident, huh. You’d think that after 3 wars between them, their luck finally run out, but. They used to take me out, hunting, and shooting.”

I looked over at the boots, still sticking out around the open door.

“Huh, I never shot nobody before, but it’s just like a deer, I guess. They’re bad men, and they deserved it, but still. You’d think I’d feel something. Scared, or ashamed, or proud, or something, but nope. Nothing.”

“SNGH!” She shot snot, and blood out, and wiped her nose, but she must’ve straightened it out, while I wasn’t looking. “Maybe you’re still in shock.”

“Maybe…” I did get that shiver, when it was all over, but you know what? I bet I must’ve been staring off, like my daddy used to do, when somebody asked him about Sarajevo. It was bad, real bad, and he was lucky that he didn’t get to see the mass graves, but he could smell them. All the way in the city, when the wind blowed the wrong way, only he didn’t know what that stink was, until they found them, later.

The thousand yard stare. I always wondered what they felt like, when they looked off, and remembered.

I never figured it’d feel like nothing at all.

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