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Being trans and jerking off on ladies with ease

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I’m loving this woke culture. Now I can jerk off on girls in their own bathrooms and locker rooms. No one dares to speak out.

Hi I’m a 43 yr old man. Well, not anymore. Now I’m a “transwoman”. Not that I had to do anything much to pass as a transwoman, just wear loud makeup and dress occasionally. It all started a few months back when I saw that public governing bodies were allowing men to enter women’s spaces if they identified as women. Like that’s it.

I have being a pervert my whole like. I like voguer stuff and jerking off. I used to install camera’s in public bathrooms to watch women pee. So when I heard of this new development, I was so stoked. I wanted some of this trans-action. I tried by dressing up in a long dress and wearing a blonde wig. I went to a local bar and entered a women’s restroom. There were some women who where putting makeup and waiting for the stall. No one asked me to get out. I’m 6’2″ and huge. I weigh 240 pounds with huge belly. Still no objection. Cool. I took one of the stall and peed. Heard women talk among themselves. They just smiled when they saw me come out. I was like it is happening. So I wanted more.

I waited for this batch of women to leave. Then I just back in the stall. I waited to hear a group of women to enter. Nice. I came out the stall with my dick still hanging out and my dress held up under my chin. I just casually washed my hands while the ladies stared at me. No one said anything. They just continued to do there regular thing. My dick was getting hard due to all this women gaze.

I again waited for this batch to leave. With my dress still high up I welcomed the next batch of ladies. They just jolted for a second but gave an awkward smile to show they were ok with a “Transwoman” sharing their restroom. One of the ladies entered the stall and was about to close the door. I just held the door and said. “Hey, don’t be shy, we are all women here. Unless you are a transphobic. Are you?”
I said standing close to the door staring at the lady. She just said no by shaking her head. She just pulled down her jeans shots and her cotton white panties and sat on the pot. All the while looking me in my eyes. I was completely in her stall blocking the door and towering over her with a smile. She tried covering her pussy with her shirt. I just pushed her hand to the side with a smile. She was uncomfortable but didn’t protest. I watched as she peed, making splashing noises as her pee came in contact with the water in the pot. My dick already hard, was throbbing by this site. I started to stroke it. I didn’t care if she called cops on me. It was too hot. I started to jerk off fast as she trickled away. By the time she was pissing her last few drops, I shot a huge load of my warm cum, on her face, which was just at the height of my small 3 inch dick. She closed her eyes and tears rolled down her face. But she didn’t scream or protest. I wanked the last drop of cum on her lap and pulled down my dress. Came out and washed my hands casually and left. Didn’t even check on that bitch to see what see did to clean herself up.

It was so much fun. I will keep on doing this and see how far I can take this.

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    Should have pissed on her after cummin over her face

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

    I fantasize about being pissed on in a public women’s bathroom

  • Reply L ID:2zicu2a6v3

    Fuck you

  • Reply knifebutt ID:gmi750l43

    this is actually what yall think would happen huh? as if cis chicks just walk around with their pussies out in bathrooms. flashing is still illegal even if you’re in the bathroom lmfao