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I’ve got my daughter pregnant

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freaking out as ive got my daughter pregnant. I’m no writer so please excuse the spelling and grammar, just looking g for advice.

4 weeks ago it was my birthday day, due to lockdown it was a quiet one, the wife was on the night shift at work so our daughter made us a nice meal and we watched a film in the evening.
Being my birthday id been drinking my daughter asked if she could join me, think she felt sorry for me drinking on my own, she’s only 14 but as the drink had started to hit me I said sure but don’t tell mum,
Not long after she was wasted, a right mess, there we were in the bathroom her on her knees head in the toilet being sick and in and out of consciousness, keeling behind her holding her hair back i could feel my cock pushed against her tight little butt , I started rubbing her back then slid my hand down further till id cupped her ass cheeks, the drink and hornyness had taken over and i pulled her trousers and panties down and lined my cock upto her hole, her face on the toilet seat she was out of it so just slowly pushed inside her, she was definitely a virgin as I felt the tell tale rip feeling of tearing her open, and tighter then any pussy before,
Wasn’t long and I was shooting deep inside her, guilt hit me as soon as id cum, I pulled the panties and trousers back up and and carried her and put her to bed and left a bucket next to her.
Fast forward to yesterday the wife tells me she has a appointment with the Dr for our daughter tomorrow just to check her over as she has tummy pains and hasn’t come on yet.
I know the dr will do a test and if she is pregnant it has to be mine because we have been in lockdown.
I’m shitting it.
Advice please.

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  • Reply Jossy

    I think you should just tell your wife the truth if your daughter is carrying your child please dnt abonden her

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