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Raping my Aunt

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Deep desires for my Aunt. How I planned her rape.

From the time I discovered the female form I was in deep lust over my mother’s older sister.
Where my mother was 5’1 she was 5’7. My mother was curvy with hips and breasts that drew attention. My aunt was slim, smaller breasts, nice hips, very long legs, but it was the shape of her ass that just caught my attention. When she would bend over it formed a perfect heart shape. She always wore either knee length dresses or skirt and blouse. When she would sit her hem would go up showing off her long legs. When I was 10 her husband died of cancer. Leaving her alone with my cousin who was 2 years older than me. I would spend my summers over their house. Just about the time I was 12 I discovered the scent of women smelling my mother’s panties. From there I smelled every woman’s panties I could get my hands on. I smelled the panties from all my friend’s mothers. On visits to my aunt’s I was able to dig around in the clothes hamper in the rest room and get my hands on hers. The scent was so sweet, and they had yellow stains on them. I remember licking them, sucking on the gusset trying to get the taste from them. They were silk with long leg with lace on the ends. I knew that summer was 2 months ahead and I would be spending part of it over there. So that summer I enjoyed myself every time I took a shower, I had the hamper all to myself smelling her fresh panties daily. I also found that her bra would have a nice scent also. I kept looking for ways to see into her tops, trying to catch a glimpse of her breasts. On a few occasions I did secede in looking up her skirt and seeing the panties. Finally, midway through my stay I got lucky and saw her breasts completely. She was working on her garden outside in the morning. I had gotten up first before my cousin. I found her with her head in the flowers on the back side of the house. I was able to walk up behind her seeing that lovely ass sticking out. As I stood next to her she turned and when she did the blouse gave me the view, inside the bra. Her nipples were long pointed bright red. The skin around the breasts was like milk. Dam I wanted to touch them. She noticed I was looking down her top and shifted just enough to take away my view. She did not say anything. She got up and said let me go in and make breakfast. Told me to go wash up. I went straight to the bathroom opened the hamper pulled out her panties and found myself oh so hard. I dropped my PJ shorts and stroked myself. And for the first time I shot my load right into her panties. It felt so good; from then on, I would Jack Off using women’s panties. I must have used every pair she had leaving them sticking together from my cum. By the time came around for me to go home, I was in heaven with her panties, smelling them then shooting my load into them. My mother’s panties went through the same treatment upon my return. And of course, my friend’s mother’s panties did also. There was this lady who worked with my mother who lived down the street from us who I would take over to her dishes my mother would fix and have extras for her. I had been smelling hers too. But after discovering the pleasure from Jacking Off with them I did hers too. On the next trip I did just as before while she put up the dish in one of her pans I slipped into the bathroom and found her used panties. And I did the next step which was to shoot my load into her panties. I threw them back in the hamper and left. The following week when I went over to deliver another dish, I was going to slip into the bathroom again, when she turned and said don’t use my panties again please. I froze. I turned around and looked like my hand was still in the hamper, caught red handed. She walked over placed her hand on my shoulder and looked into my eyes and said “I know you were smelling my panties for some time, but last week you left your sperm stains in them too”. I do not mind you smelling them but no more stains. She then kissed my cheek and told me that a fresh pair she had just taken off from work were on top of the hamper. I did not move; she said its ok. I like the fact you like my panties; it is sexy to be admired. Now she was about 10 years older than my mother. So, I guess that made her around 52. And she had big tits, a little chunky, long black hair. Then she said do not be embarrassed. I slowly walked in the bathroom; there on top were her light blue panties just like she said. I picked them up they were still moist. I smelled them and had the normal effect I was hard as a rock. I started to stroke myself when I felt the need to let loose, I pointed in the toilet and shot my load. When I came out, she was sitting on the sofa. She smiled and said did you like those? I said Oh yes. Good I will have some for you every time you come over. From that day on and for the next 5 years she did just that always leaving me a nice fresh pair of panties to enjoy. One occasion she was walking in from work when I was riding by, she waved me over, and told to come in. I was 16 at the time. She said I do not want you to miss these I have been all so hot today at work. She told me to follow her into the bedroom, she un-zippered her skirt then dropped it to the floor. Then stepped out of her half slip. She was wearing these sexy black lace panties. She just pulled then off, standing there half naked and showing me her full bush. She picked the panties off the floor and tossed them to me. Dam they were sweaty. The scent hit me even before I lifted them up to my nose. She then sat down on the bed facing me. She asked how I would like to smell the source of the smell she open her legs wide, exposing her pussy to me, there was plenty of hair but I could see some pink behind the hair. She told me to get on my knees. I do so right away, then she said get closer then her right hand reached out pulled my head between her legs the scent was so strong, then she reached in with her left hand and separated her hair and finally her lips. Now smell me, my nose hit her lips and the smell was like nothing I had experienced. She rubbed my face into her lips. Lick me please I want you to lick me I stuck out my tongue. The taste was salty and sweet at the same time. My tongue sent shivers through her. Lick me harder she said. I did what I thought she wanted; her hips started to move from side to side. I could hear her moaning eat me baby; her hands were both on my head now pulling me into her crotch. She said let me lay back and she lifted her legs on the bed, now eat my pussy baby. She spread her legs wide for me. My tongue was running all over her pussy. Her hips were going up and down and from side to side. That is when she said lick my ass baby and lifted herself up high off the bed. When my tongue hit her rosebud she jumped and said OH GOD I’m Cumming. My face was covered in her juices. Which just seem to ooze out of her pussy. I found that I really liked the taste of her pussy and yes, her ass. It was musky but so good. My hard-on was straining in my shorts. I unbutton then pushed them down, rolled my underwear down too. I was stroking my cock, when her hands left my head, so I climbed up on her. My cock found its own way to her pussy I felt the wetness on my head, so I pushed in. And In it went right up to my pelvis bone it felt so hot and wet in her she grabbed my hips and started her hips in motion. I followed her lead and pumped my hips matching her rhythm. I could hear my balls slapping her ass. She then pulled her blouse up then un-cupped her bra from her tits and said sucked them hard for me. Her nipples were standing straight out a bark brown color, but they were at least ¾ of inch out. I sucked them and bit them a few times, but that only made her hotter. I felt the cum building up and I let loose in her pussy, yes baby shoot your lovely cum into my pussy. It was by far the hardest cum I had ever experienced. As I felt the last few drops shooting out, I rolled off her, she turned over curled up and took my cock into her mouth stroking and sucking it. I could see her really going after it. She got me hard again, but she didn’t stop, she just kept sucking me, it didn’t take long, I felt another wave building up and then it came right into her mouth. She squeezed my balls trying to get every drop. When done she rolled over on her back. She laid there with a smile on her face and me with a bigger one for I had just lost my virginity.
Once we both got our composure back, she got up and said let’s go take a shower. We kissed and made out in the shower which only caused me to get another hard-on. She bent over and said don’t waste it put it back in me. I did as I was told grabbed her hips and pounded her ass. Filling her pussy once again. We dried and got dressed up and she told me that I could fuck her anytime I wanted too. From that day on until I left for the Army, I fucked her about 4 times a week. Which is what got me thinking about my fucking my aunt with that sexy hot ass she had.
By now my cousin had left for college out of state, leaving my aunt to care for the yard. I offered to do all the yard work for her. She gladly accepted my offer and told me she would pay $15 to do it. I enjoyed doing the yard because it gave me access to her. When ever I went over, she either make lunch or dinner depending on when I finished up. After a couple of months of doing her yard I had been fucking my mother ‘s friend for 6 months now, so I was really into pussy now. About 5pm my aunt told me she was going to take a shower, then make dinner. I said Ok. I was cutting by the side of the house where the bathroom was in the house. The window was 9 ft off the ground; the window was open so I could hear the water running. I stopped the mower and grabbed a 6ft ladder from the back of the house. I climbed up slowly until I was under the windowsill. I looked in carefully, and there she was with her back to me rinsing off. I could see her back and ass. She turned off the water I ducked down. I heard the curtain open. I looked in and there she was now with her leg on the toilet drying her legs. I knew I had to have that ass. I could just see her tits from the side. I got down replaced the ladder and finished cutting the grass. But all I could think about was her body and how much I wanted it. It was 2 days later that I went to see my mother’s friend. I was in the middle of licking her pussy and ass, when I stopped and told her I wanted to fuck her ass. She told me to get the Vaseline from the bathroom. She had me lube her up using 2 fingers. Then she got on her stomach and invited me to mount her. I guided my cock into her. It felt so tight. I loved it. Once I finished Cumming, I pulled out of her. My cock was coated in shit. She looked at me and said see that is what you get for doing my ass. We laughed. Then she asked what had gotten me interested in fucking her ass. I told her about my aunt’s ass and how it turned me on. We talked about her at length and how I fantasized about her. She asked if she had even made any indication that she open to doing me. I told her no and that she did not see anyone. She told me to check her bedside drawers. That I should find some toys in there. That her pussy had to be driving her nuts. On my next trip while she watered her flowers I went inside and sure enough in the left side I found a dildo about 10” long and thick. I smelled it and it had pussy all over it. So now I knew she was getting off with it. But how do I get some? It was 3 weeks later that she came over for dinner. My mother and she were talking in the kitchen before dinner. They were talking about this woman who was a friend of my aunts from church who had been raped it was rumored. That was when I heard my aunt say that if she were ever raped that she would never report it. That she would be too embarrassed to tell any one how she was used. That was it, now how to pull it off. On my next trip over I started to study the house closer. How to get in? I found a window off the den was hidden from the street, and behind a large chair. So, no one would see me go in, she wouldn’t see me getting in either. I unlocked the window flipping the lock open and making sure to fix the blinds, and the cord so I could just reach in pull the binds up. I decided that Friday night was perfect since I was supposed to go out with some friends. I decided to use stockings to tie her up with and her pillow to cover her face. So, Friday night I went out with my friends, at about mid-night I told them I had to head home that I had work to do the next day at home. Instead I drove over to her house. I parked 3 blocks away from hers. Then walked down to her house. I slowly approached the house as I cut across her yard. I went to the side gate. The house was completely dark. I looked through every window I came too. Nothing inside moving perfectly quiet. I headed into the backyard and the den window. I pushed my way into the bushes. Then placed my hands on the window and pushed up nothing. I really pushed hard it moved about an inch. I wedged my fingers underneath it and pushed again it moved all so slowly. It took a lot to get it up high enough for me to get in. I reached in and pulled the blind cord raising the blind out of the way. I then hoisted myself up onto the window ledge. I looked around all quiet. I flipped myself in. Once inside I took my tennis shoes off. Then took off all my clothes. My cock was hard as a rock. I worked my way to her hallway. Then there was her room. She was laying on her stomach half covered her left leg was uncovered. I slowly walked up next to her. I went back to her bathroom and found the stockings hanging on the curtain rail like always. I gently pulled 2 of them off. I went back to her room. Still in the same position. I studied her position carefully. One arm was under the pillow the other to the side. I walked over to the other side and slowly and carefully wrapped one of the stockings around her wrist making it tight but not to tight. Just then she turned around getting on her back. Now both arms were on her side. The stocking I had I placed on her wrist which was now next to her ass. I went on and did the other one. I began to uncover her body from the sheets. Pulling away from the other leg all so slowly. She was wearing a silk baby doll. I could now see her panties. Knowing that the treasure was exactly right there. I knew it was now or never. I went to the foot of the bed. I climbed up gently laying my knee on the bed then the other. I started to move up; I was now between her legs. I reached up and grabbed the stocking that I had tightened last and guide it to the headboard. I very carefully tied it off. Then started to pull the other from her side. Once it was free, I did the same on the side of the headboard. All that remained was to grab the pillow from under her head and placed it on her face. I counted to 3 then yank it hard from under her. She startled awake. But could not move. I placed the pillow on her face and held it down. She kicked and struggled. I pushed down and said in a low voice do not fight me and I won’t hurt you. She stopped moving. I lifted my arm off the pillow and looked at her body now. I placed a hand on her left boob. She jumped as I did. I moved the baby doll out of my way exposing her tit. I bend down and sucked it. The nipple got hard in my mouth. I exposed the other and moved over to it and sucked on it the nipple it responded in kind. As I sucked her tits I reached down and let my finger slide under her panty. Finding her hair, it was thick and long. I played with it through my fingers. I reached lower until I found her clit. I rubbed the nub some, and then felt some moisture. I reached lower and found her honey hole. She was fully wet by now. I got off her tits and grabbed both sides of her panty then tore them off her. She gasped as I did. I placed my hands under her legs and forced her to open them wide. There in darkness was her pussy. I dropped down and started to eat her pussy out; she kicked at me with her legs and knees. I was not going to be denied. I knew her smell but this was better. I was tasting her cunt. But it was not enough. I reached under her ass cheeks and lifted her up. And there before me was her asshole beckoning me to suck on it. When my tongue reaches its goal, she jumped up. I could hear her complaining from under the pillow. This only made it better. I licked sucked kiss my way around her yummy ass. I bit her ass cheeks hard, something that had always been a fantasy. I decided enough of this I climbed up on her she knew what was coming when she felt my hard-on touch her lips. Her head was moving back and forth under the pillow begging me not to rape her. But my cock went right in. Oh, my she was tight. I pumped her pussy and started to suck her tits again making sure to leave her hickeys on her tits and chest. I could feel the cum building in me I let it go into her pussy. The fight just left her at that point. I just stayed on top of her. After a few minutes I could feel the hard-on coming back. It got hard in her. I pulled out then lifted her legs on my shoulders and pointed for her asshole. I rub it up and down on her with the cum leaking out of her pussy and her juices she got wet. I slipped a finger into her getting her lubed up for me. I then placed my cock head at her asshole and pushed in. The head popped in she yelled from under the pillow. I drove it home fully until my pelvis hit her cheeks. She was yelling loud under there. The feel on my cock was perfect all so tight. I started to pump her for all I was worth. I leaned into her pushing her legs up against her chest I wanted to kiss her. So, I lifted the pillow just enough to see her lips, she was crying and yelling at me calling me a bastard. I grabbed her face and held it still, then forced my mouth on to her mouth. My tongue went in, she tried to move away. I made our tongues touch. The cum came up again and shot my load into her. At that point she went still and got to kiss her fully. The resistance was gone. When my cock went soft it slipped out of her. I lowered her legs and lay on top of her. Kissing her neck and sucking on her tits. I moved off her and fell asleep next to her. I awoke at about 5 am, still next to her and with a hard-on. I climbed back up on her fucked her again. When I was done, I kissed her again. I then went and got my clothes and got dressed. Got everything ready to leave then untied one hand. Then ran for the window. I got out before she could free herself and down the road. Jumped into my car and drive off. True to her word she never told anyone not even my mother. And without a doubt she had the most wondrous ass I have ever seen and or fucked. This was more than 45 years ago.

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