Two Husbands

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This is my second story.. But unfortunately this one is not my story it’s my cousin’s story. Maybe being a slut runs in our family.

My cousin Leah got bored in their house that’s why she takes a visit on me. I’m 25 that time she is 32 and married in the age of 29 when we got carried away in our talking I kinda spit out on how I lost my virginity then she blurted out on how she fucks his brother in law while his husband is out.

Well it shocks me, his husband Arthur is a gorgeous man swear he is fuckable and his brother Cavin is not lacking also. She said she first fucked Cavin when Arthur is out of the country.

One afternoon maybe on the third day Arthur is out Cavin visits Leah to check if she is fine as Arthur requested. Cavin has his own key of the house, he knocks but no one respond so he just go in. That time my slutty cousin is in thrones of her orgasm as per she is mastubating with Arthur on can well Cavin heard it so he follow that erotic noise he saw Leah masturbating with her fingers and on screen his brother’s cock is also hard as rock getting aroused he slip his hands on his cock and visualize how nice it would be fucking his sister in law.

He waits until the two end their session when Leah close the laptop Cavin came in without his pants makes Leah surprised while leah is shocked Cavin takes the opportunity to out his cock on her mouth since she is still horny she suck it suck it dry. Again Cavin cums for the second time. He become beastly and roughly flips leah and put his hard cock on her pussy he fucks her hard Leah become drunk on the sensation because she is not used to this kind of fucking this hard and rough fuck but she likes it. She is moaning and moaning.. “More More” she gets out of control she wants to cum. “Slut, you want this do you” while slapping her but cheeks. Leah loves the sensation that’s why she moans loud. Cavin smirks and hit her again and roughly grab Leah’s breast. He pound after pound “who’s dick is better slut.. Say it…say it…” He said still hard fucking Leah. “Yours.. Yours is better… Fuck me harder” after hearing her he become more wild then fuck her more until they cum…

Cavin watched Leah’s pussy withdrawing the cum till her anus. He become hard again Leah didn’t notice it. Cavin use his fingers to push the cum on her anus leah was caught off guard cavin position his tongue to her anus and lick it Leah become mad on the sensation and she feels Cummings again. Cavin makes sure her anus is well lubricated. Because of her endless moans with out warning he enter on her anus. Leah cry because it is painful. “Bitch, I’ll take your anal virginity.”. After some seconds after some whimper he move leah feel the pain but after some couple of minutes she feels the pleasure and moans again. She cums after cums until she passed out.

It’s morning when she wakes up, and she notice a letter on the side table with a ring the letter says “Bitch you are mine my wife” she feels complicated because she knows she is cheating but that kind of fuck is what she wants. Every time Arthur is out Cavin fucks her so we can say she is satisfying his two husband because he fucks both equally.

Comment if you want part two of Leah’s fucking experiences..

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    This is a really good wank story
    Improve your grammar please! Maybe you are not an original English speaker,if so, get somebody else to proofread for you so that you don’t lack in that area. Good job though!