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There she was, 1 week later

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Well, its been a week since my 10 yr old has had that pussy licked sore, she made me stop after i slow danced my tongue over and thru her tight pussy for 2 hours..and she blacked out as i ate her ass..she said when she woke that that took her breath as she was cumming in my mouth,and she never thought anything was that good ,as i started to eat her tonight she moaned,omg daddy fucking is better then this?? Yes baby i said..omg she shook..please daddy lick my cum from my tight asshole then..please ease your big cock in me..please i so badly want you to fuck me..as a man never asked twice for anything from my baby,i licked that tight ass as she went limp and her legs dropped open..there it was shinny wet with that sweet baby cum,as she regained herself she raised on her elbows and smiled as i swipped my cock head thru her soaked lips,,slowly my head entered her awsome tight babby pussy..yes..yes yes she moaned..inch by inch i fead that cock into her little sexy pussy,another orgasm hit her as i sunk it thru her cherry and balls deep into her wet tight hole..omg daddy she whippered its fucking great daddy ,im cumming and cumming..please daddy,,fuck my pussy..fuck me hard and fast daddy..show me how much you want and need my babby pussy ..her words sent me to hell and heaven at the same time,,my hands under her back..i lifted her off the bed and power fucked her thru three orgasms before burrying my cock balls deep in her and flooding that tight wet pussy..she blacked out again as i pumped more cum in her then i ever beat from my cock as a preteen..over and over my cock blasted her baby cunt full,down her ass crack and onto the floor more and more cum..i shook unable to hold her as i eased her onto the bed my legs buckeled..omg..omg i said as i eased my cock out still fuckin rock hard my head poped back out,,i never seen a pussy retract that fast as it ate my cum..i knew from then on i only wanted one pussy..that one…

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2c3w1pct0d

    You are a sick fuck writing a pedo story like this. Get some mental health treatment and castration.

  • Reply dll ID:2c3g7uer8l

    some people think little children can’t come in here write stories that they have be fake but it is easy to enter here no age check and most your young children know more then some adult when comes to using computers think most schools use them teach the children.

  • Reply Danny ID:3057hz2fii


    • Maxwell ID:21z0lwqhrb

      Wow, yes

  • Reply JimJam ID:21cbnno6ia

    Yet another would be author who does not use any punctuation, and can’t spell!

  • Reply JimJam ID:42onbbchm

    Why do people think that a story idea automatically means a published story? This entire story is written in one humongous sentence, spelling is terrible, and sentence structure is poor at best!

  • Reply Unknown ID:3zxjngw5qrk

    This story makes me hard

  • Reply anomalously ID:bpcjnotv3

    Is the 10 year old girl in a training bra yet my niece is and she is 11 year’s old.

    • Donald ID:7ylrencfib

      If it was me girls wouldn’t have to wear bras or underwear girls to wear shot dresses for their dads and all men. All you have to do sit on a male cock and your dress will cover you and your daddy when he fucking you..

    • Glicksit1011 ID:vuf1n0m4

      Yes do u have pics of them I

  • Reply Ree Ree ID:15qcje3dk09

    Daddy’s dick was my first. He couldn’t get enough of me. We did it in every room in our house. Even the closets. He used to like to play hide and go seek with me.

    • WOODY ID:7ylg5nr6ii

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    • Bernard Koundry ID:bo201mkfh

      Hi ree ree my name is bernard if you would like to hear about my incest story text me back at 2034944923

    • James ID:2px1ogolldh

      Would love to hear more about you and your daddy. [email protected]

  • Reply Stoner ID:42ohosn8k

    Hotter than hell

    • Glicksit1011 ID:vuf1n0zm

      Um going to text u Bebe girl