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My name is Tyler and I’m 21.its just me and a good buddy sharing a house together to cut down on expenses.i live about 20 minutes away from my parents in a different city.my mom Linda is 42 and married to my step dad Ken which is 54.ever since I was like 15 I started having sexual fantasy’s about my mom,wanting to fuck her silly.to tell you the truth I think it was meant for a son to fuck his mom,I really do.look at how many son’s want to ball their moms,and vice versa.mom and son porn is the most viewed porn on porn hub,you can look it up your selves.its in the millions.people would rather watch and beat off to incest porn than to a story.that is why you don’t see to many mom and son stories written any more.but it is the most watched porn out of any incest,it beats dad and daughter and even brother and sister.well anyway I get a call from my mom on Wednesday asking me if I want to come spend the whole Saturday day with her because my dad was going up north fishing with his brother for the weekend.the governor said people could fish,I was tired of sitting around the house with this fucking virus.what do you think I was thinking,I was going to make a move and this seemed like a good time for it.my mom always had a great ass,especially in her work pants,she always had this black pair that was just tight on her gorgeous ass.when she ask me to come out Saturday I even ask her honestly,hey Mom do you still have those black slacks that you wear to work,yes I do why do you ask hon.i just thought you looked sharp in them mom that’s all and would wear them,oh ok was all she said.why don’t you make it over around 10:00 am Tyler Saturday,we can watch some movies and I’ll make dinner,sounds good mom see you then.my mind was thinking different,I wanted to spend the whole day nailing my mom’s cunt.i went to start my truck and it would not start,just fucking great I thought,my room mate was gone,I did not want to fuck with it right then,I called my mom and told her,I’ll just come and get you honey,I’ll be right their.i hurried back in the house and fired up a blunt and started smoking on it while waiting for mom.after taking a few big hits of it I put it out and put the rest of it in a zip lock to take with me to mom’s.mom showed up looking good as fuck,she put on make up,I opened the car door and she had on those black slacks,as we were going down the road I’m looking down at her feet,she was wearing red heels,she was wearing her brown pantyhose underneath,mom never wore stockings,just sheer hose,I know because I took many out of the hamper through the years to sniff and beat off over.feeling really daring and also very horny and high,looking over at my mom,God you look so good mother I said to her.well thank you Tyler she said,you know mom I’ve always had sexual thoughts about you,your not suppose to be having sexual thoughts like that about your own mother tyler.lets stop for a moment right their readers.this is the bull shit defense your mom will use or say but she wants to hear more for her assurance.come on mom every son wants to fuck his beautiful mother I said.i was really going to let her know how I felt,I wanted her pussy,her legs were even squirming,she was getting wet while driving.i know it’s none of my business mom but when was the last time dad actually threw you a good fuck,Tyler I’m your mother,my beautiful mother I said to her.thats why it’s so perfect mom who would ever suspect a thing or ever know what we did,come on mom just this once,just today.dad will never know or find out,he’s 4 hours away busy hunting.we get home mom pull the blinds and spend the whole day fucking mom,that sounds like alot more fun than movies don’t it mom.she was sitting their thinking,I got her now,my dirty lusty talk got to her female brain and pussy.you got my pussy so wet Tyler talking like that,ok just today though,and this stays between you and I only,no telling your room mate,knowbody tyler.just hearing my mom say yes had my cock already hard in the car,the anticipation was out of this world,my heart beating,I was horny as fuck for my mom,long last I was going to stick my cock in my own mother’s pussy.we pulled in the driveway and hurried in the house,once we got in mom pulled the blinds half way shut,is this why you wanted me to wear these slacks she said and turned around,oh God mom look at that ass,I went right over their and buried my nose right in their and took deep sniffs,oh mom,oh God mom and just inhaled.i started kissing her right on the lips,tongues in and out of each other’s mouth,grabbing her ass while we’re making out,I am going to fuck you all afternoon mom you can count on that I said to her,we went to the couch where we continued our make out session,my hands were all over her ass to,just let your self go mom I said,just let yourself go,still Frenching you see mom who would ever know mom what we’re doing,just a mom and son in the house together,mom then took off her slacks and left her hose on,I started rubbing her pussy through her pantyhose,oh God Tyler,oh god.you like this don’t you mom I said to her rubbing her pussy,her cunt was soaked to,the crotch of her pantyhose was all wet.does dad make you feel this good mom,you can tell me I know.i then spread her legs and ran my nose up and down her entire crotch,so lovely mother I said as I inhaled her cunt crack,my cock was hard as fucking steel,mom spread those legs wide and I stayed right in her crotch,looking into her eyes I said you like feeling my tongue on your cunt mom,I wonder if dad caught anything mom,I caught the best fish in the lake I said as I lapped at her cunt,she could not hold back from laughing at that one,your something else Tyler she said.this is so wrong honey but I love how your making my pussy feel,you ready to feel my cock in it mom,come on tell me mom,we got the blinds closed,we got dad gone until when tomorrow night,you ready to fuck mother.i need a good fuck Tyler she said.hold on mom let me smoke a little first I want this to be perfect,smoke your pot,you like smoking pot and having sex Tyler mom said,fuck yeah mom and with you,you better believe it.i took huge hits of that blunt.going back to the couch I pulled moms hose off and left her heels on,all the way I went up mom’s pussy,slow and deep I went,oh Tyler mom moaned,oh mother I said back,oh mother I said as I fucked her pussy.as I went in and out over and over I said I don’t know about you mom but I love it,I don’t feel no guilt at all mom,I just love it mom,I felt so dam good at that moment,so high,feeling my own mom’s cunt on my cock,the couch cushions were making noise as I just kept fucking my mom’s pussy.oh Tyler it’s so good,it’s so good Tyler getting fucked by you,so glad to hear it mom because I’m loving it,ain’t this so much funner mom than watching movies,just having my dick going in and out of your pussy is just so fucking awesome mom.im going to stay in your pussy all afternoon long to mom,I did not feel guilt at all,I wanted her for so long and I got her,skin to skin we were fucking away right on the living room couch,I loved having every inch of my cock buried in my own mother’s pussy hole.i was full of horny Ness,full of lust,I did not feel bad at all about us fucking behind my step dad’s back,right their in his own house I was fucking my mom and on the couch he purchased,while he was up north fishing I stayed fucking my mom’s juicy hole for hours and hours,I enjoyed every second,every minute of it.when we were leaving for Mom to take me back our neighbors even said hi to me and ask me how I was doing,just visiting Mom and having dinner I said to them.you see how easy that was,they had no idea we had the blinds half closed and mom and I just fucked for hours on our living room couch.i love what a mom and son can get away with behind closed doors.remember when mom said only this once we would fuck,all mom’s say that,she called me again when dad left for a hunting trip.if you fuck your mom real good like I did and for hours on end she will be back for more,that’s a promise.

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  • Reply David Kenya ID:mzgdgcd0

    Hot story Tyler

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    This story was fucking amazing Tyler, had my vibrator stuffing my pussy thinking of my son balling me.

  • Reply Billy Boy ID:pvlpkbghi

    Tyler that was the Hottest experience I ever read. Would love to fuck my mom. I peep on her in the shower jerking off looking at her Titties and Pussy. Should I just Barge in and tell her? I Hard as a rock Thanks. Want to hear more text me 9084484560

    • Smart Gyt ID:1ek2qoyxia

      tell her do it for the boys and tell the story and if you can maybe you could secretly record a vid

  • Reply Bernard ID:bo2qeo08i

    Tyler my name is bernard if you would like to hear about my sex story text me at 2034944923

  • Reply WARREN KEGLER ID:7zv3evjihj

    only mom and son, how about cousins neices aunt s and grandmas to join in?

    • Omer ID:1ah770lfxij

      Text me