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Delilahs first lesbian experience

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Hi. Im Delilah, age 15. I live with my dad (chris) and my stepmom Sara. A couple of days ago my dad travelled to Germany, on a business trip with his work mates and me and my stepmom was left alone in the house for a week. Me and my stepmom were very comfortable with each other. We always have treated each other as if she was my mother, and as if I was her daughter. Especially since my mum passed away 9 years ago, ever since then I’ve been living with my dad and stepmom. I’ve always loved her. We have like this special connection i can’t explain.

“Delilah hunny, im going out now, I’ll be back around 2. Love you!” Sara shouted from her room. “love you too mum!”
About a minute later i was sat on my bed, watching Netflix. The movie had lots of sex scenes in it, and it was making me really horny. I started to put my hand down my shorts, into my thong and feeling how wet i was. “Fuck”. Now I was really horny. I switched off my tv and reached under my bed. I grabbed my big pink vibrator that my stepmom had given me. Like i said, we’re really close. She gave me this when we had the “sex” talk. She said she’d rather me use this than get pregnant.

Quickly I stated to take off all my clothes, feeling my body and I placed the vibrator on my clit. “Fuck” i moaned. I moved it up and down on my clit, making me breathe heavier and heavier. Suddenly my door opened. “SARA?!” “I thought you left!?” Shit. She had caught me. My faces turned a bright pink colour as i shoved the vibrator under my pillow. “Where you masturbating?” Sara said. “N-no” i replied to her, shaking with fear. “You won’t tell dad, will you?” I said to her, making puppy eyes as she walked over and came and sat on my bed. “I saw everything.. it’s okay, it’s normal darling” she said to me, in a calm way. I sat there shocked, just at the fact she didn’t tell me off. “while I was watching you.. you wasn’t moaning? Dose it not work sweetheart?” She stared at me confused. “Have you ever had an orgasm?” “N-no” i replied to her. “Well maybe I can show you? After all, you’re my stepdaughter and I want the best for you” I knew saying yes wasn’t the right thing to do, wasn’t it incest? But my horniness was making me crazy for her. I just wanted somebody to fuck me. I knew my stepmom, how much of a slut she is. It’s so fucking hot, especially hearing my dad and her having sex all the time. “Will you promise not to tell dad though?” “Of course hon, it can be our little secret, besides, i need a good fuck, since your dads gone I’ve been so lonley..” sara said as she smirked at me.

she pushed me down onto my bed, taking the vibrator and throwing it on the floor. “We don’t need this“ sara said. God she was so fucking hot. She undressed, her beautiful big tits popping out and her nicely shaved pussy made my wet pussy drip. She came and sat on the bed, kissing me and kissing every inch of my body, leading to my pussy. “So you’re wet, huh?” Sara started to suck my nipples and slowly placed her lips over my clit. “F-fuck mommy” I moaned. She made my clit tingle, I’d never had an orgasm before, but I think this will be the time I finally do.

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    This is so fucking hot , I need part 2

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