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Dukes legend continues – Part 3

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Duke dominates both mother and Cheryl. The finale of this series.

By the time dad returned home from his 2 month consult I had witnessed mom Grace had fuck and sucked Duke a half dozen more times. Each time the two used one another and went their separate ways satisfied.

Cheryl stood her fans up and began moping around the house to moms dismay. There I stood in the middle aware of what was happening and uncertain how to make the announcement. Yet Duke and Cheryl had an odd bond now. It was as if she wanted to hate him, but couldnt and he wanted more of what he was getting from mom. Mom chalked her depression up to breaking up with her latest boyfriend and just made it clear when she was ready to talk she was there for her.

While my father Brent was home nothing more happened to my surprise. In fact as per normal Duke remained outside in the living room only getting up when Cheryl went out late at night to get a drink of water. I continued to record everything and ended up filling 6 tb’s of hard drive space while building up a significant collection of homemade porn.

Mom was getting fucked for a week straight. Once I had gotten turned on by it, but now it seemed off for some reason. For all the grunting and moaning it was lifeless, void of a taboo thrill I had come to enjoy.

The night before dad had to leave on another 2 month offshore site he fucked mom hard from behind, loud enough for both me and Cheryl to hear. After they finished she cuddled him and got up to head to the bathroom as she normally did.

Early the next morning after dad left I leaned in closer to the recording and studied them. Dad laid panting on the bed exhausted from his efforts, yet mom got up and headed to the washroom to clean herself. Everytime after Duke took her she laid exhausted and not once over the course of the month did Duke join in or was even allowed on the bed. Which was one of dads major rules about Duke and the furniture. While he was home he would explode if he caught Duke on the leather couch.

I couldn’t help but wonder what he would say if he knew Duke was mounting on his wife and daughter.

“Holy shit he doesn’t know,” I whispered.

On the live feed Cheryl left her bedroom with a messy bun, short cropped shirt and striped baggy pjs.

Mom was in the kitchen preparing toast and eggs. She wore a pink satin robe that stopped at her knees and showed her feminine form off. Not wanting to miss the show I headed down to greet them.

Mom gave me a giant smile and said, “Good morning. Did you have a good sleep?”

Cheryl looked up at me with puppy dog eyes and gave me a familiar smirk. Long before I installed the cameras we both knew not to disturb mom and dad the night before leaving. But maybe if sex was openly discussed she could move on.

I nodded my head and said, “I think better than you and dad.”

Both mom and Cheryl looked at me in shock. Moms face turned red and she tried to laugh it off.
Cheryl sensed blood in the water and joined in, It began as a smirk followed by a giggle then she said. “And the first night.”

Mom smirked to herself and shook her head. She flipped and prodded the eggs faster in the pan. Any faster and her breasts were at risk of falling out of her robes.

I stepped behind her and put my hand on the small of her back just above her glute where the thong should have come up to. But she had no bra or thong. “Its okay, we know about you and dad”

“Yeah for years.” Cheryl said.

Mom dished out a small plate for Cheryl and set it in front of her. “Oh you did, well don’t think you two have gone unnoticed.”

Both Cheryl and my smile vanished, replaced with knotted stomachs. I had my cameras and she had Dukes 1 minute. The look on both of our faces must have been the same because mom looked between the two of us and laughed.

“I know about the girlfriends and boyfriends you two bring over. Hey I’m not judging, I trust you two and I know you’re acting safe, judging by the garbage. But if you need to talk, I’m here for you two.”

We had breakfast as a family for the first time in a long while. That wasn’t a holiday, well minus dad but that was normal for us.

Sometimes all that is needed for a dam to burst is a small crack and a sharp hit at the right time. I started touching mom more often and she responded in kind. So I started with Cheryl. Both were hungry for attention and enjoyed my sudden change of affection being the only man in their lives. Without school sports anymore I took up running and lifting weights after my job at the electronic store.

A plan formed in my head that I would fuck one or the other, maybe even both. But I had to figure out how. I continued to monitor the house and as per usual Duke was performing 2 to three times a week.

Until a month later when I thought I had my sister. She wore a short dress in the warm day, with no bra and no panties. It was enough to make me want to call into work sick. She was throwing herself at me, jokes, giggles and touching. But I decided to play it cool and deny her a few hours. I would be home before mom anyways and could resume then.

By the time I got home she was normal again and back to making her first makeup tutorial in a long time. She paused her recording and gave me a smile before returning back to her camera.

Inside my room I watched my own recording, curious of the change. An hour after I left she was sitting on the sofa when Duke joined her. He whimpered and nudged her hand. Over the weeks the two seemed to forgive each other. I had known she was horny and so did Duke.

He tried to sniff her several times but she pushed his nose away. Eventually his cock hung low and she took notice of him. I got up and locked my door and resumed play on the recording. My heart thumped as I watched her staring. Duke, being persistent nudged her again.

Mom had been denying him recently for the past week and now he saw Cheryl as another mate. Duke tried to mount her from the front and pushed her back into the couch.

“Hey no, down.” she said. She pushed him down but struggled to get up. Before she could sit up he pushed his snout between her legs. She yelped and arched her back.

I checked my door and turned up the sound to my headphones.

“Duke!” she tried to close her legs and push his head away. His cock was extended out and hung far down his belly. His tongue was out and now more determined to mount her.

Cheryl got to the edge of the couch and closed her legs. She looked around the house and rubbed his giant head. She looked over him and looked him in the eyes. He whimpered and whined and tried to nudge her back with his big snout.

“You really want this?” she whispered. She looked around the house once more and leaned back and spread her legs.

Duke wasted no time and lapped at her with his wide long tongue. She arched her back and let out a moan. She covered her mouth and checked the windows then pushed him away. She got up and rushed out of view of the camera.

My cock was hard as I flipped through the other feeds. In her room she led Duke to her bed. It was her safe place to have sex as I could only assume since I only ever saw her bring her boyfriends upstairs.

Duke nearly pounced on her and knocked her into the bed. She laughed and tried to push him off. But he was ready to go. The two struggled like noobs. Duke was trained for a specific way and Cheryl had no clue.

Eventually she got the idea after he bowled her over on to her back. She rolled over onto her hands and knees and Duke mounted her. But her dress got in her way. It was interesting to see how much skill it took and how well mom did it, compared to Cheryl.

My cock was so hard with anticipation I had to pull down my pants and stroke it. It took Cheryl several minutes to position herself while Duke whined and bounced around on the bed trying to get into position.

But unlike humans he was ready to go instantly. She on the other hand thought foreplay was needed. When she finally clued in she lifted her dress, got into the doggy position and looked back.

Duke hit her face with his giant paw as he mounted her from behind. It was a shock to her and it nearly broke her from her lustful experiment. I started to wonder how mom ever started down the path and why she had mastered certain techniques.

“No Duke, wait stoooppp!” Cheryl called out. She tried to crawl away but Duke was on her with all his 180 lbs. Her mouth opened wide and she grabbed a hold of the headboard.

He had found his mark and she had no going back. Duke fucked her hard from behind. His weight and humping drove her face down into her pillow and she let out a scream.

He was merciless in fucking her. His muscles flexed as he drove his giant cock into her sopping wet pussy. She had no way of controlling him like mom did and now I understood why she did what she did.

He worked his knot into her and she let out a scream of panic and horror. It was something she hadn’t experienced the first time. In a desperate attempt to escape she pushed herself up and tried to crawl out from under him.

But his unique skill set kept him firmly mounted above her. He rested his head on her shoulder and head. His speed slowed down and became his long consistent strokes. Cheryl paused and caught her breath.

She let out a smile and laughed as the pleasure hit her body. The knot had stretched past her opening and was now giving her pleasure inside no human cock could. She moved her body with him bucking back into his long strokes.

An orgasm rocked her body and she let out a gasp before she fell forward onto her elbows. Just like with mom Duke began fucking her hard. She let out a long moan and gasped for air. But Duke was done. He started pumping faster and deeper. The sound of their soaking flesh slapped for the audio and Cheryl grunted.

Panic returned to her face as she began to fill with his semen. She tried to sit up but before she could Duke tore himself free of her. Sperm blew out across her bed and she let out a yelp. She rolled to her side and watched Duke lick his softening cock on the foot of her bed.

Cum shot from my cock while I filled a tissue. With my own lust satisfied I closed my recording and went down stairs. Cheryl talked away into her camera as if nothing had happened the past few months. She even apologized to her long term fans for not being present.

Down stairs I grabbed a glass of juice and looked at Duke. “You stole my opportunity, Duke.” I whispered. He got up and came over to me to get scratched on the ears. It was hard to stay mad at him.

“Is it a genetic thing?” I whispered to myself in thought. The thought of putting my cock into Duke’s ass sent a shiver up my spine. “Nope.” I looked down into his eyes and bit my lip, “So what is it?”

It was a question I couldnt solve but over the months Cheryl became more comfortable and skilled in fucking Duke. It wasn’t just lust that kept me recording, it was comedy. Cheryl fucked him in the day and mom did him at night. On the days they overlapped, Duke underperformed for the second woman.

Mom even took him to the vet to get him checked up in case he was getting sick. I couldn’t help but burst into laughter. Mom Cheryl and I never went further than touching and feeling each other. We became open with sex and eventually it was common talk.

Mom even caught me jerking off and the sight of my naked body did little more than an eyebrow raise. That night she fucked Duke twice.I was getting the least action in the house so I decided it was time to move on. Besides, Duke was servicing them more than I ever could while I provided the companionship. Not even dad held up to Duke.

Before I moved out on my own I removed the cameras and left knowing the three of them were clueless. It was best to leave it that way. Cheryl started dating again but stayed with mom and dad. I dated a few girls, if they had a Great Dane or other large dog it was a red flag for me to stay away.

Eventually Duke had to be put down while dad was overseas. Both Cheyl and Mom were heartbroken and my finance came for the funeral they held for him.

A month after Duke’s passing dad requested a BBQ for his homecoming. I felt safe to bring my fiance knowing Duke couldn’t steal her anymore. Plus that part of my life now seemed behind me.

Dad didn’t just come home though. He surprised the girls with a puppy. The breed and his choice of word confirmed my suspicions of him being oblivious. He brought a small fuzzy white poodle and presented it to mom and Cheryl.

The look on their faces said it all and I struggled not to laugh. The sights and sounds so many years ago returned to me.

“Too soon?” he said.

“Yes,” both mom and Cheryl exclaimed. The two looked at each other after announcing it in unison. They raised their eyebrows to one another and looked over one anothers faces.

Mom spoke up first saying, “Um maybe Bethanny would like him, for your guys new place.”

I sat up on my seat. “He’s not one of those large poodles is he?”

Dad twisted him around and looked the puppy in the face, “No, those little yappy ones, I figured they would shit less than the big dogs do.”

“Oh my god Brent.” Mom laughed and shook her head.

Dad handed him to Bethanny who took him with a smile and cuddled the little ball of fur. “We’ll have to get him neutered.”

“Yeah that’s okay me, we’ll check with the vet.”

Dad kissed mom on the top of her head and took a seat next to her on the picnic table.

“What about a Bull Mastiff?” Cheryl said.

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