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My wife likes incest

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I discover my wife is not as bland as I thought

I married Tina when I was 26 she was 32. She has a son who is 12 at time. Tina is dishwater blonde hair. She was hot,she stands 5 feet tall with shoes on has a tight round ass. Freckles that go down over her sky sloped tits that pointed up. She has this cute child like smile that can seduce anyone.
Shortly after we were married is when I found out Tina was a lot kinkier than I realized.
I am a computer geek. I also like voyeur so I had set up hidden cameras in house that I had never told Tina about before we were married. So I got to watch her shower and masturbating which she did often.
By the first week of being married I discovered something else. I was at work and I pulled up my home cameras and found Tina and her son Tim in kitchen. Tina was at counter
Looks like she was making breakfast. She was still in her silk robe. Tim was on his boxers. Nothing exciting going on and I was about to click off and get back to work when she turned around. Her robe was untied, I could see her black lace panties and it was open enough to see most of her titsYou could get flashes of nipple when she would turn a certain way.
This got my attention because her being that way in front of her son, was not normal. They sat and ate and she put dishes in sink and then she said do you want to play this morning?
He didn’t answer but she opened her robe up showing him her tits. She walked up to him took his hand letting her robe fall back close and tugging on him he got up and she led him out of kitchen.
I switched to living room and they walked through and go down hall to his room. I had no camera in there but they were gone for about 20 minutes.
Next time I see her she was in bathroom getting in shower. He son nowhere in sight.
That evening I pulled the camera from basement and placed it in his room. I had my mind racing on what she was doing. I know I am overreacting but it looked bad.
So it was 3 days of nothing and one day she got up and was drinking coffee. Tim came in and got him a pop tart and milk.
Tina was doing dishes she had her robe on but it was tied .
When Tom was done with his milk he handed her his glass and went to watch tv. Tina came in a few minutes later smiling at him asked if he would help his mom out again. He just got this embarrassed smile and nodded. She took his hand again and pulled him up off couch and leads him down hallway again to his bedroom.
I flip cameras just as I hear door clicks shut. She untied her robe and let it fall off shoulders she wearing pink panties today. She says. “How’s my little boy doing this morning?”
He just grins at her sitting on the edge of his bed.
I am on edge of my seat watching on my computer screen.
Luckily for me no one comes in my office.
She get on her knees in front of him and kissed him on his forehead. Then like a game she takes his hands and he lays back slowly on his bed. She runs her hands over his chest down to his underwear and pulled them down and off his feet.
Tina then runs both her hands up his legs and takes him into her hands lowering her mouth over him. He was already half hard watching him lay while his mom sucked him harder
She stood letting her panties slide off her hips .
Her clean shaven lips glistening with moisture and she climbed on bed spreading her legs says your turn. Tim gets up and goes straight between her legs licking her like a ice cream cone. She sucked in a breath as he started in then she took hold of his head and held him over her clit and and started rocking her hips. Soon she was having a orgasm squirting into his mouth shaking and trembling in her voice as she said that s it lick mommy.
She relaxed a second and pulled him up and he knew what to do and was shoving into her like a pro. She wrapped her legs around his sides and he was pumping into her she was thrusting her hips up to meet him grunting with each slap of there pelvic bones. She held him to her tits and said yes fuck mommy don’t stop losing her voice and moaned out as she came again. They were done quickly and she got up and went to shower Tim went to his shower. And the rest of day was normal mom and son stuff. Nothing was said about it.

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  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Ermutigte die zwie es öfters zu tun vielleicht sogar vor dir so könntet er sie zu zwei ficken

  • Reply Aguy ID:8b9dmj9hr9

    Would love to see that!

    • Dave ID:7zv2u2dm99

      Trust me it very.. exciting to watch.

  • Reply Lucien ID:3zxjfle2fia

    I have been friends with a couple in another state for a few years. Starting in 2020 we started streaming on cam. Last night I watched as she sucked her 10 yo son while dad used the boys mouth, Watching their son expertly using his mouth and tongue, then his dad flooding him to overflowing made me want to be there. Can’t wait another year or so until the boys nuts start developing cum. I want to see him fill his mom and then watch dad enjoy his cream.

    This is not a fantasy to entertain you. Things have slowed down significantly since 2020 and I am always looking for new friends into both live and cam fun.

    • Rex ID:1ek2lmmoii

      Would loveto cam with you.

    • Lucien ID:7zv2v6y20c

      @Rex … and other than wanting to watch, what can you bring to the show?

    • Eddie ID:135zg02im2

      Would love to watch real incest

    • Topdawg ID:5u1d7c3t0a

      Damn dude that is amazingly hot. I would kiss you only if you had all that jizz in your mouth!

  • Reply Mark ID:bo2qeoyql

    Good mommy and son mmmm love mom and son action it’s so hot 🔥
    [email protected]

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Omg you are going to fuck them both