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Cheating on my bf – 1

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We have been together for 2 years now and he’s 18 and I am 20 now. But…

So one day my bf ( my sister ex bf * go read the other story to understand* and btw his name is Kanaiya ) told me that he told one of his friend about me and I freaked out, but he said like: but he has promised not to tell anyone and said will help us when we will be in any trouble.. and with that he sent me his number and later after few mins his friend ( Aayush ) i know quite elder than both of us,
Texted me.. and then from there we kept texting.

We became quite close as he was his friend so he didn’t mind too coz he thought that Aayush isn’t gay. But he was. Since Aayush became really close to me, I revealed him the secret places we go to make out. So from there whenever he would see us go somewhere or whenever I would tell him I am going out, he would secretly follow us and hidingly watch us fuck, he would jerk off and make videos of us. And this kept going on and on for like 6 months and then one day he called me and said like hey lets go somewhere to roam and said like I wanna show you something, so I went with him and he took me to the place, the secret place me and Kanaiya would fuck each other and it made me quite shock that why he has taken me there, then he showed me the videos he had of me and kanaiya fucking and I was like: wtf! I am telling kanaiya! How can u be like this, that also to your friend and I really trusted you.. ( I knew he was pervert coz he had fucked some few girls and some women too, but didn’t thought he would be like this to us ) and then he goes: if u told him, I’ll viral it and it to your family and specially your sister.. and then I got kind of afraid… And pleaded him not to send to anyone. So he said like, then lets fuck..at first I refused for couple of times but I got annoyed and agreed..
Well he had a cock larger than Kanaiya’s and quite more muscular body, coz I heard he sometimes work in construction. Then he started fucking me hard alot and made videos of us while fucking….
He made my ass bleed! Because his size was larger than kanaiya’s. He than made me swallow his cum….

Then from there our story started… Whenever Kanhaiya wasn’t there at home, or had gone some where far, he would take advantage and fuck me…
This kept going on and on.. he would ask my nudes and he too would send me his ones. Since worked in construction site, he sometimes used to drive pickup trucks, so once he took me along with him, even asking my mom dad permission to let me stay with him since we will be late… And they agreed …he lied saying he is going to the nearby town to bring stuff and needed someone companion since it was around 7 or 8 pm already…
But he had a different plan! When we reached highway, he took his cock out and let me suck him while he was driving… He said he saw a porn where someone fucked while driving and he wanted to try that out… I was kind of horny and afraid as well. Then he made his seat little behind and made me sit on him facing towards his face and I looked and faced towards the right side so that I didn’t blocked the road and then from there I started humping on him… And since it was night so no one could see us.. he kept driving and driving and the time was already around 9 or 10pm and my mom dad called and we lied them saying that we are sleeping already and had dinner … But then he kept on driving and then he stopped in the middle of the road and saw that no one wasn’t coming…so he opened the door and lifted me up out of the car while his cock was still in my ass.
It was quite cold… Outside… Then he put me down and put a towel in the middle side ( the middle part where they plant things and put up signs) .. he then started fucking me… In the cold open air in the public… I felt super horny too …..
Even some huge trucks passed by us but couldn’t notice us… He got more hornier seeing that they couldn’t notice us and me more harder …we kept changing positions etc… Just to make it go longer…
Then when the time got really late around 1am or 2am he carried me and put me in the middle of the highway and fucked me there, was really risky but worth fun …
Getting fucked in the open sky under the beautiful stars..

Then after finishing up we came back at around 3am and he got horny in the way fucked me on the way putting me on he road again… Some dogs came nearby us barking too…
So we couldn’t finish it up … Then we saw a small tea stall, it didn’t had doors or windows coz it was rural area so he took me there and and put me on the table and fucked me there……

We reached his home at 7am coz we kept stopping on the way and fucked more and more ….

In the morning I couldn’t walk properly and I had to lie to parents saying… because I helped him out too in his work I had body pain and slept the whole day giving my ass and body rest…

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