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Rape my cuz part 1

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Raping someone is great and rapeing yor cousin is really something you gotta do

Yeah bro best day of my life……I and my cuz did not meet very often but 1 day she and her parents came to visit us . My parents and hers were out and wouldn’t be home before late night. Luckily my bro was out with his friends which left us alone. I am really a guy who always dreams of fuck I was 19 and she was 27. She was gorgeous and slim body. I always imagined her naked. That day as it was morning when everyone left I sneaked into her room and fit my brand new hd video camera in her bathroom which was connected to my laptop. I watched her have shover which gave me a huge erection. I liked her perfect body, her boobs her armpits and her pussy. I had a huge cock. Just before she could finish I went into her room and hid inside her dresser I could see every thing from a tiny gap . I waited till she had dressed. I didn’t see what she wore for innerwear as I wanted it for suspense. Just as she got dressed I sneaked behind her and suddenly hugged her from the back … I was so happy she asked what was I doing and I licked her neck from back and moved my hand to her boobs. She gave a sudden shierk and started to slam against me I playfully grabbed her both arms in one hand and pulled her to the bed she lying her back against me . She started to slam and I got angry and pressed her nipples hard she moaned and I said her about the video……

This was just beginning introduction mor like prelouge comment and read and stay tuned for this T.B.C (to be continued….) Story belive me it’s something you would like to read

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  • Reply Ben ID:bpcjnotv3

    You are lucky to have a camera on you to cach that once in a lifetime moment. I seen my little sister’s boobs when she was 12 years old and I did not have a smartphone because they didn’t come out yet.

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    super short

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  • Reply 13 year old ID:1i2l1j55zrb

    Bad grammar. I know this is a sex story, but even a 7 year old can write better than you

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      U worst mannerless mf I will beat the hell out of you bitch you just don’t know my wrath and definitely not my ability jerk what do you think you are I was in grave urgency while typeing the story to end it in half so I didn’t care about the grammar. I read a lot I’m the best student in my collage and definately way way better than you. Never dare to comment again

  • Reply Dan ID:z350ywn49c

    1. choose a way to write a word and stick to it
    2. if you try to make things shorter „TBC“ then don’t explain it afterwards or you can just stick to the full outwritten words
    3. if you want to write a story try to write much more than you could put into a tweet