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Raped by my son’s and freinds …day after

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Next day the real ordeal starts….. My complete ego and identity was broken. Even my daughter turned against me…

This is Salma and iam back with the second part.

Next morning i woke up as usual at 6.00 and started doing my morning chores. My body was still aching. Around 715 when I went to my daughter room she was not there. Then i heard her from Aftab room. When I went there i see her sucking his dick. I was shocked. Both of them were stark naked. When I shouted at her aftab came near me and gave a big slap on my face. I fell down and started crying. Sajna also came near me and kicked on my stomach. I lay down crying and holding my stomach in pain. Then he stood there and sajna can’t and tight infront of me finished him off and drank his cum. I noticed that sajna cunt was red and realised she was already fucked.

It was then sajna told that for last 6 months they both were having sex. Sajna had felt sorry for Aftab one day for being scolded for no reason. And she had come in the night and cudlled with him. From that day both would cuddle0 and one day it just happened and they both had sex.

I felt so betrayed. I never expected sajna to be against me. They tried my nightie apart. Then both of them took me to the bathroom and peed on me. They even made me lick this assess clean after shitting. I was made to cook naked. Around 8.30 Kumar came to house. He first made me suck him off. Then he put me in a black collar. It was a used dog collar. Any one who saw that would know what it was. I was then left to go to school.

Nothing special happened there. Any one who saw me either looked at me with surprise or disgust. Even some of my colleague teachers were the same. When I came back from school Kumar Prasad and Aftab were already in the house. Two more guys were there. Much older ones. I came to know that they were elder brothers of Kumar and Prasad.

No one said anything. I just went in and when I came out after changing into nightie, i saw sajna was sitting between Kumar and Pradeep(Prasad s 18 year brother) they were playing with her boobs. She was stroking thier dicks in both hands. I came near to them angrily trying to pull her out. Immediately Kapil that’s Kumar’s 17 year old brother stood and hit me. Aftab came from behind and held my hands in the back. I was not able to move. All the 4 boys and sajna checked me. Immediately sajna took a knife and cut all my clothes. While cutting the scissors my body got scratches. Then Aftab pushed making me fall on my knees. A long chain was attachd to the collar on my neck. Sajna started to tell the rules i was told yesterday again on my face as suggested by Kumar. Then she spit on my face. All laughed. This started a spitting spree. All started to spit on me. For the next 20 minutes everyone including Sajna spit and pissed on me in the living room. Then all my home dress and panties were brought by Sajna from my room.

I was made to wear all the 6 pairs of my panites. Then by using my butt was made to clean the room of the piss. Making me crawl on al 4 legss i was taken to the backyard, where all the dresses were burned. Then bringing me back to the living room, 1 panty soaked with piss was put inside my mouth. A broom stick was then i serted in my ass. Cloth clips were attached to my nipples and my pussy lips. Pain was unbearable.

Sajna was then made nude. She was then fucked by all 5 boys. I was made to stand like a dog next to the sofa. My face was inches away of my daughter’s body. I could see all the action right up close.

” Mom, you are there only reason i am getting this treatment. Only if you had been little gentle this would not have happened. See mom you are there only one who has made e into such a slut. You have ruined your own daughters life. Because of your actions and attitude i am being fucked. Look at your gentle 13 year daughter being ruined. ” Sajna kept on saying.

One by one all the 5 boys including Aftab had fucked. I kept on crying. More than the physical pain the mental agony was very humiliating. Whenever I tried to stand or even move someone would kick me or push the thick dick deeper in my ass leaving me wailing. 1 bboy would always sit on my back pulling my hair so that I would not down. For what I don’t know if send like eternity it was over. All the boys ensured 1 thing that all the cum was collected in a bowl. Whatever came in the pussy was made to me licked clean by me after each person finished. Finally 1.5 hours later everything was over. Sajna went to her room to fresh up.

All the cim in the bowl was then put on the floor. I was made to lick it. I was being treated like a bitch. Then the clothes pins were pulled off my body without opening it. It was so painful. They made me le down and without any time wasted Kapil put in my pussy and pradeep put his thing in my ass. For next 20 minutes they raped me very mercelessly. The piss filled panty stillinside my mouth made me silent. In between Kumar would come and pull by red abused nipple.

Meanwhile Sajna had come down and was smiling looking at my ordeal. She came and said something to Kumar. When the boys finished raping me I was made to beg to Kumar and Prasad to allow me to suck thier cock. This was captured on the mobile. Then after i finished with them, i was made to liye down and masterbate. Even though due to all the pain and humiliation i was not at all aroused, i somehow did.

All the boys then went to the bathroom and got fresh up. I was then made to cook food. All naked, with the stick still in my ass i cooked food. They all had food and left for home. I was served food in a bow. Actually it was what they spit out after they took bites and was told to eat without using hands. Piss was my drink.

Completely broken, humiliated and tired i retired to my room. Keeping the stick in my ass was the 7th new rule.

Do give your feedback. If you want i will post the next part very soon. Do email me at me.my.mine.mera at gmail.com

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