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My dog raped me

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let’s get an image into your head of what i look like, I’m a 42 year old single mom, I have long blonde hair, blue eyes, i’m 5’4, 120 lbs, 32D tits and quite a large ass.

It all started 2 years ago when i was 40 years old, it was a month or two after I got divorced so I felt quite depressed at the time and hornier than usual since I had nobody to fuck. I was having a night at home alone, My 15 year old daughter was away to a concert and my 17 year old son was at a party in the town across. I was looking forward to it for a while.

I decided to change into nothing but my silk robe and poured myself a glass of wine and I brought out my vibrator cause i was wanting to have some fun since i hadn’t had the chance to in a while, I put on some music and threw some cushions on the floor to lay on. I had a few glasses of wine and by that time i thought it was a good time to have some fun with the vibrator. I undid my robe and threw it to the side, I then turned the vibrator on and stuck it between my legs, I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, it felt so good I had multiple orgasms and by that time I was feeling kind of tired so I set the vibrator to the side took one last sip of wine and spread out onto the cushions forgetting to put my robe back on and fell asleep.

I woke up an hour or two later, It was 3am i fell something between my legs and when i looked down my 4 year old Labrador Retriever Chase had his tongue inside my pussy! I tried get up but as I did he looked up at me and showed his teeth, He had never done that before I was pretty scared. I tried to get up again but then he bit my thigh and broke the skin it was really sore, I ness started to cry as he went back to licking my pussy. I reached for my vibrator and turned it on hoping it would scare him away but it didn’t he just kept licking, I hate to admit it but it felt really good but I couldn’t let him keep doing it, It was wrong. As i tried to get up for another time he bit my other thigh, This time is was deeper I started to cry even more as blood ran down my thigh, I was so scared but I knew i had to try and get away, I quickly turned over into my knees and tried to get up but chase jumped onto my back and knocked me onto my hands. I looked behind me and seen chases dick starting to get bigger I was amazed at the size of it, It actually got me pretty horny I knew i wasn’t getting away so i tried to accept what was happening, I reached back and grabbed chases dick it was warm and felt much nicer than a human dick, age then jumped up and put his front paws around my waist and started thrusting as his dick banged against my thigh after many attempts i felt something long enter my pussy his dick was in, It felt amazing his dick thrusting in and out slamming against my cervix there must have been about 9 inches of dog cock inside me. After a few minutes i felt something large enter my pussy lips, I started to moan even louder, and then all of a sudden I felt his warm cum gushing inside of me, I had the best orgasm of my life, We we’re stuck together for around 20 minutes, By the time he unstuck i felt the warm cum oozing out of me onto my cushions. It was the best fuck of my life, Once it was over i collapsed onto the cushions and fell asleep.

Thanks for reading, Hope you enjoyed, and i hope i made a few of yous cum : )

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:1eb5z42y4fwx

    Thanks Mommy, you wrote that well. Tell me another bedtime story, please. I’ve always wanted to have a dog fuck my sissy ass

  • Reply [email protected] ID:1darjpbt09

    Please email me would love to talk more.

  • Reply Devin ID:ffh2uw08j

    Dogs can rape it a lie you teach a dog stop these stupid stories and wanted to fuck a dog do have any idea how stupid u sound

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      Yo I back you a hundred % it is so stupid and childish get a life stupid ho

  • Reply ?cw? ID:fx7i93zra

    its been a few months since I’ve gotten into this stuff and have had my dogs lick my cock a few times. I’m starting to get into this type of thing a little more seriously and I love reading and watching how women get f by their dogs. If any girls or guys wanna talk about there experiences or send videos I’m up for it.
    This type of thing is something I lowkey feel ashamed about but I wanna know that I’m not the only that in to these type of things. If anyone wants to talk to send videos my snapchat is: dmz_cw

  • Reply Mommy ID:2dd0bs6v9b

    Thanks for all the support on the stories i am sharing, I’m thinking about posting another so stay tuned

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      What’s your snap or IG ?

    • Lack ID:200aa2fij

      How can I contact you ?

    • Lack. ID:200aa2fij

      How can I contact you ?

  • Reply bitch ID:5soye0ld4

    One day I came home from a beach day with my best friend and we went to have a shower together. Everytime me and her would rub each other’s clit until we we were shaking on the floor wi Th our wet bodies against each other and our tongues down each other’s pussies and mouths. One day when she was in the shower. I went out to go play with the dog but his huge dick was out and very hard. I was bored so I started to play with it and then suddenly I fell on the floor. Not even thinking the dog started to lick my clit and holding me down with his paws around my waist. His warm slobbery tongue felt so good against my little clit, I was such a dirty whore but oh it felt so good. He then mounted and I tried to get out of the sexual position but I couldn’t I screamed for help and my friend came in and saw the dog on top of me humping me. Instead of helping me she walked up to me and started calling me a dirty little slut who deserved this. The dogs cock got bigger bigger as we was thrusting his hips torwards mine and I was meaning he was panting over me. I quickly came letting out a moan and screamed for him to stop but he didn’t he kept going, until he came and it dripped everywhere

    • Thomas ID:2vn9krehk

      Omg that’s sounds so hot

    • Cumgulper ID:h48qotj8i

      Nice! I wish I could have been there to clean you up.

    • Lack ID:200aa2fij

      What’s your snap or IG ?

  • Reply My name is Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

    All the story’s I read about the lady’s and their Dogs it gets me excited and a little jealous because by the end of the story I am reading or by the end of the video I am watching the lady says the dog that she is with gave her the best fuck that she ever gotten in her life but if a lady needs a Good fucking or a Good pounding and she knows her Dog or a Dog give it to her well then maybe she should go to her Dog or a neighbor’s Dog or a Dog she knows of that she can get it from then maybe she should go get that Dog cock and I would like to know and read more story’s like these and if any lady’s out there you got any stories for me inbox me on Instagram or on Hangout my Gmail is [email protected] I will be waiting for you and your story lady’s

  • Reply My name is Carlito ID:5u0zlwr6i9

    I enjoyed reading this story of yours but I’m sorry that he bit you twice he was just trying to show dominance to let you know what he wanted from you and he got it and you got the best fuck of your life from him so the both of you enjoy each other by the end which was Good and I would like to know more stories about you and him if that’s all right with you and if so you could text me on my hangout or on my Instagram and tell me more stories about you and him and my Gmail is [email protected] and if any lady’sI barely got any stories about themselves and their Dogs I would like to know about it and read about it all so

  • Reply Tanner ID:2rv9jak0d

    amazing story five stars

  • Reply Ali ID:89zjga78rd

    Hi mommy text me on my WhatsApp i serious about you 00923339943335

  • Reply Lynette j. ID:7ylren4k0c

    Your the fucking moron shit for brains pussy gaper for believing this bull shit.look at what you call yourself.total dumb ass.a person don’t have to read the story in order to comment neither,they read the title.a normal good looking guy with a good career would not be on this site reading shit like this.your the fucking idiot and loser fuck head.shut the fuck up pussy ass hole instead of gaper.fag.

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    As I said before mommy ass hole,I don’t read the stupid ass fake stories,I read the title only,and then comment about the dumb shit.no hot normal lady would do this stupid shit.commen sense.

    • The Pussy Gaper ID:vuf1mnqi

      Again you are an idiot for your own stupidity. Why did you come here in the first place if you knew you fucking moron?

    • mommy ID:2rv9j9m9i

      First of all thanks for calling me hot, Second of all just because i may look pretty doesn’t mean I only have sex with men you don’t need to look bad to enjoy this kind of thing, as i said before if you don’t like it don’t click on the story.

    • Cumgulper ID:h48qotj8i

      That’s where you are wrong. I know a lot of women who loves a fucking by a dog, but not only them but men also and as a
      matter of fact I am a man and the first time I was fucked by a dog I was raped (unwillingly fucked). I started out hating it but ended up loving it. There’s nothing like a dog’s dick up your as unless I is a horse.

      If you do not enjoy it that is your prerogative but do not criticize those who do ASSHOLE.

    • Thomas ID:7zv2z4kbm3

      You are hott as hell. Made me cum like never before. Please text me on my phone the number is 406 200 3954

  • Reply Anonymous ID:7ylren4k0k

    Such lies,and if it is true,your a ? yourself.the people that are writing this bull shit get off on the responses from people.theirs no way that this many sick people are doing this shit.theirs more dog stories than incest fucking,and I don’t believe it.i don’t believe the description of the lady in the story neither,bull shit.people are just so full of it.i dont

    • mommy ID:ngwkn8k

      I’m sorry that you have such hard feeling for people like us, If you don’t like it then don’t read the story. Simple as.

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    • Anon ID:153kew3id9a

      Then why are you here reading this “shit” as you call it? You knew what the story was going to be about by the title. You’re one of those little pervs that read these stories, get off on it and then feel bad and want to tell everyone how superior you are.

  • Reply Wilma ID:28y2ilh8rk

    That was nice except for the biting. I had a little terrier that had a very big cock on him. We had a routine every Thursday night. I would come home from work take a shower and then lay around naked until he was ready to play. His fire play was to sniff me all over and lick me teasing me ever so sexy. Then I would roll onto my hands and knees when I saw his hard cock was ready and then he would fuck me until we knotted. The whole event would take sometimes 2 hours before he was satisfied. When he was done he would curl up in the corner of the room lick himself clean and then fall asleep.

    • Emily ID:153kew3id9a

      I would love to hear more about you and your adventures. You sound very open and fun.

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    Are you still fucking your dog?

    • mommy ID:ngwkn8k

      Im happy to say I am still fucking chase to this day.

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