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Dogs tongue

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Like every boy I discovered masturbation and did it frequently. One day I was sitting on my bedroom floor with my hand running up and down the shaft of my young hairless cock with my back against the wall and my legs spread. My little dog walked up and started to stiff my ass. At first I pushed he away and then she hit her tongue to touch it and I felt this surge of pleasure. I instinctively spread my self further and that little dog bury her tongue deep in my ass wanting more. I can remember moaning with pleasure and I was breathing heavy and the pace of my cock stroking increased. It didn’t take long and I was shooting my hit sticky cum all over.

I kept doing this until one my German Shepard got curious as to what I was doing while I was stroking my boy cock and the little dog was eating my boy hole. The Shepard walls over and starts licking the lotion off the head of my cock. The sensation was insane. I took my hand off my cock and she began licking the shaft and my balls. The pleasure was beyond anything I had felt and my having a tongue eating my boy pussy and another licking my hard cock was more than I could take. I rubbed more lotion onto my cock and started to stroke it again. The Shepard began to lick the head again while to little dog buried her snout deeper into me. Soon my hips began to buck and I began to pump out spurts of cum that the Shepard happily licked up.

I am 48 now and still continue this to this day.

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  • Reply Richie Rich ID:2a7ln2vk0j

    Should have been a longer story.

  • Reply Human bitch ID:1ardd6ted3

    Hmmm. Yes. Dog tongue. That big flexible piece of warm , moist , rough muscle that gets all those nerve endings tingling at once.
    They definately are a girls best friend

    • Peter ID:4s0gukt0b

      Wow. If the dog was male you could have pumped his dick for him too. [email protected]

    • Human bitch ID:1ardd6ted3

      It was. It did.

  • Reply Varun ID:7ezgfrkhr9

    For real and help you out to get orgasm: snap me : varun4yu

  • Reply Cumgulper ID:muivmg0hl

    Don’t stop there go all the way and let him enter you completely. Once he enters you,knots you, and pumps you full of cum you will then know pleasure.

    • Princess ID:1ard998fi9

      That sounds like something I want to exprience