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Raped by my dog, DANIFF breed – PART 1

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I always planned to lose my virginity to my brother but never thought I would be raped by my dog.

My name is Jessica and I am 13 years old. I have dog, his name is Rax. He is a mix between A Great Dane & English Mastiff (The Daniff) which are the tallest and heaviest dogs in the world respectively.
Thus, Rax is very tall and heavy.

He raped me a few months ago. Luckily he is not really old thus he is not 340 pounds like a general great Dane or an English mastiff but he is heavy enough to overpower me and fuck me.

I always wanted to fuck my brother and lose my virginity to him. I have had feelings for him since I was 10 and after getting to know about porn, sex, virginity etc. I wanted him to be my “man”. I will tell you guys about my brother in ??????? ?????.

Anyways to the story, It was a Sunday afternoon and my parents went out to watch my brothers football match. I was not allowed to come as I had an exam on Monday, the next day. I was really upset because my brother is really hot and handsome and even has abs. I really wanted to see sweat dripping through his body while he played. My friends loved him as well and wanted him to fuck them and so did I.

Anyways, I was home alone with my dog. I decided to make milkshake and drink it while studying. I went into the kitchen and made some. After I was done I turned around to go back to my room.
In just seconds I saw Rax run across and climb onto the kitchen counter. Even before I could turn around he jumped onto my back thus making me fall on the ground.

I fell on my knees and my hands and well in the correct position for my dog. Lucky for HIM I was wearing nothing as I was alone at home and I just took a bath so I came out wearing a shirt only.
I even observed his face very close to my ass and even felt his breath on my ass while I was roaming around without a pant but I did not care much about it before.

Now I was stuck. I tried my best to be free but as I said he was very heavy.
He started dry-humping me. I prayed and even begged god that he doesn’t find my vagina. He kept on dry humping for 5 minutes and well god did not listen to my prayers as he found my hole and he stuck his 9 inch penis inside my tight vagina.

I shockwave went through my body and I screamed in pain. Blood started coming out. He thrusted me really fast. The pain was unbearable. I started crying and begging my dog to get off. I felt like my body was being cut into two halves.

I looked at my vagina and saw blood all over the floor near my legs. I cried even more because I lost my virginity to my stupid dog and not my handsome, hot brother. I continued screaming for 10 minutes. He finally was done as he came inside me. I cried even more and I hit my head on the floor after I felt his cum flowing inside me.

I felt like I might become pregnant (later I got to know that was not possible). In a way I was relieved that he was done and that he finally would get off but boy was I wrong, as he was Cumming his dick started swelling inside me. I realized what was going to happen. Even before I could do something, I got Knotted…. (I think that’s a right sentence, I am not sure)

I felt like two hands were inside my vagina and they were pulling the two sides and stretching it. Now this was a whole new level of pain. This pain continued for almost 30 minutes. During this time I would just grab onto random things and started pulling them (something you do when you are in pain).

I cried and screamed. I cried so much the whole time that my tears would have filled an entire beer jug.

After 30 mins he was done. He removed his dick. I fell down on the floor on my tear-water and my blood near my legs.
My whole body was numb. I turned around and saw my whole body covered in my blood. I realized that I had to act fast and do something or else my dog would fuck me again. I dragged myself across the hall.
I started calling Rax and said, “Come with me, lets fuck in the room..”

He followed me inside. I immediately got up, ran out of the room and closed the door from outside. Rax started barking loudly.

I turned around and saw the entire floor was covered with blood as I was covered in blood and because I dragged myself across.
I fell on the floor realizing I was raped by my dog. I started crying again.

I called my parents and told them everything. I told them to come back home.
I fell unconscious as I cut the call.



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    R.I.P Rex he definitely got put down💀

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    Very good story I like to learn much

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    He was Hornly can wait for part 2

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    what happened, did you get rid of the dog or keep him

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    This is a little short but I can’t wait for part 2..

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      I have already posted it.. It will take a while for it to load

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      I really hope you are not the person who wrote “Raped by my brother (true story)”… If you are, I know its not possible but please delete your story..

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      How old are your daughters?

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