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Boyfriend’s Brother fingered me

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My boyfriend was such a wimp. No wonder he couldn’t get me off.

Ryan,my boyfriend, and me were in my bedroom. Mom and dad had decided to go for a date night so I had the house to myself for a while. Of course the first thing I did was called up Ryan to come over. He was a good for nothing nerd whom I kept around for my own selfish reasons such as getting steller grades. Even though he was a nerd, he had a hot bod. However,that did nothing to hide that he was a complete amateur in bed and could never get me off. The only reason I called him home was because I was specifically horny that night.

And surprise, surprise. He was trying to push his tiny dick inside me to no effect. He just couldn’t get it in. No doubt doubt it was because my pussy had gone dry because of his less than manly efforts to seduce me. The guy couldn’t even lick my pussy! The sloppy asshole. Soon enough,I kicked him off of me.

“Ryan,” I began, “honey, do you think my ass is in any way imperfect? Or that my tits are too small? Or maybe that me face isn’t pretty?”

Ryan gulped hard while raking his gaze down my body. “Catelyn,Babe, you’re perfect. Your hair is so soft and long. Your ass could rival Kim Kardashian’s. Your tits are beautifully enormous and your face is like Gigi Hadid for goodness sake! You know I love Gigi’s face.” He answered in an exasperated voice all the while stroking his 5.5 inches.

I got off the bed and put on my bitch face. I flipped my black curls back and gesturing towards my naked sun-kissed body said, ” Because you sure as hell don’t act like it! Get out of here right now Ryan! ”
Ryan looked ready to cry. The man-pussy that he was. He didn’t even bother to plead,but left after pulling his pants on. I heard him shut the front door and again walked back to my bed. I didn’t even bother to masturbate. I was that dry.

The next day I woke up for school and headed out of the house early for cheer practise. I had on my black uniform consisting of my tank top,out which my double D’s practically spilled out and my short skirt which just covered my pussy. I jogged all the way to the school campus to warm-up for practise a bit. On reaching, I was already sweaty and panting hard. I put my bag in the girl’s locker room and ran towards the field. I wasn’t cheer captain. Not yet. But it was one of my goals. Anyhow,as soon as I reached, I noticed that a few guys from the soccer team were standing around our captain, Natasha.
Natasha nodded at me as soon as she saw me and said, “So these guys have agreed to help with practise today because the guys from the team have something else going on.”

I glanced over at the guys and noticed Zander. He was oddly enough one of Ryan’s friends. Friend was too strong a word because I was pretty sure he was using Ryan for the same reasons I was. We hung out a but from time to time and we’re pretty flirty.He had dirty blonde hair with this super buff body. He was atleast a head taller than me and rumor had it that his cock made you scream like a banshee.

I smiled at him. He lifted an eyebrow and smirked back. Just then, Natasha called is up to do some exercises. I swayed over to Zander and put my hands on his chest and stood on my tip toes.
“Could you help me with practise and warm-up today?” I whispered into his ear. His hand instantly shit out and grabbed my ass. “Somehow,I don’t think Ryan would like that vey much” he said, literally mauling me in front of the whole cheer team. I tapped his chin with my finger and replied,” I don’t care what he’s gonna like sweety. I care much more about what we both would like to do with eachother.”

He stilled for a moment, obviously not expecting such an invitation. Then he smirked and the hand on my ass went under my skirt to tug at my panties, ” I bet you’re already wet thinking about that. You slutty ass bitch”.
I pulled him closer as I moaned, wanting his hands all over me. Then I tugged his hand and took him to a corner of the field where Natasha was already telling us to form the pyramid. Had they already warmed up?

Natasha called me and told Zander to lift me up by the waist where I would balance on him. He swiftly did so and practise continued. However,slowly,I noticed,that one of the hands at my waist,was slowly inching down to pull up the hem of my skirt. I tried to compose myself,put I could already feel my panties getting soaked. Ever so slowly he reached my crotch and pushed aside my panty to slowly insert a thick finger inside me. I gasped so hard just then. Everyone started staring at me at which Zander laughed out loud and simply said “Looks like this position isn’t too good for catelyn”.
Everyone else laughed too and soon started practising again. All the while, Sanders finger was inside my pussy. My juices were gushing out and I could feel them running down my legs. Slowly he added another finger and started gyrating it in my pussy. I then gasped again at which he pulled my back onto the ground again and said to Natasha,” I think she’s sprained something, we’ll be back”.

With this he pulled me away and we headed towards the boys locker room. As soon as we went inside. He slammed me against a wall running his hands down my body kissing me furiously. Our tongues battled inside each other’s mouths for dominance.
Then he stepped back and looking at me, started pulling down his pants and said “Do you know how fucking hard you made me you whore?can’t even fucking finger your pussy without hearing those sexy moans. Get in your knees bitch. I’m gonna cum inside your mouth today!” I was so horny beacuse of his words. I got down on my knees like the slut I was and instantly took out his throbbing 10 inch cock.


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